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Stuck With Me

November 5

“Why won’t you even consider it Ron?” Ginny asked as she followed him out into her living room, “I’m grown up now! I have my own apartment, job, life; I’m not a little girl anymore!”

“Grown up or not, you’re still my little sister and I’m not risking your life.” Ron said firmly as he put on his coat and gloves.

“This is a war Ron! Everyone’s life is at risk, you can’t protect me by telling me that everything will be okay! Besides, how am I supposed to help out if you won’t let me?” Ginny screeched as her temper began to flare and the tips of her ears turned crimson.

“Comfort Mom, take care of the house, if you hear any tips, tell us! That is how you help us.” Ron replied as he silently counted to 10 in his head.

“Harry and Hermione are my friends too. I can’t just leave them alone. If you haven’t realized Ron, we’re all in this together!”

“This is dangerous business,” Ron solemnly said as he faced the door, “I can’t help with the defeat of Voldemort and look after you.”

“I don’t need looking after.” Ginny responded, all traces of anger disappearing.

“You’re not coming, and that’s final.” Ron said firmly as he opened the door and left.”

“Fine. Try to be a stupid hero,” Ginny yelled at the retreating back of her brother. SLAM “I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!”

December 9

You know I don’t apologize much, so don’t even expect an eloquent letter that confesses how sorry I am, that just wouldn’t be my style. I have to make this quick, Pig is finally coming back from the last letters I sent. He keeps on getting lost in these mountains. It must be the fog or something. I bet you 5 sickles this letter will get lost.

Now, the real reason I wrote this letter was not to tell you how much I hate Pig. What I’m trying to say, little sis, is that I am indeed, sorry. Before you start smirking because I caved first, let me finish. I am sorry for treating you like you’re still 2, I am not sorry for trying to protect you though. You don’t seem to understand that my “Stupid-Protective-Brother Mentality” is really just me showing how much I love you and how much I need you alive and not taking stupid risks like I am right now.

All those times I scowled at you for tagging along or going out with a guy, like Dean or Seamus, it was because I knew that somehow you’d get hurt, either by me or someone else.. I don’t like seeing girls cry, especially if they’re my little sister. The whole war is a bigger case, your life would be in even more danger if you did come along with me, Harry, and Hermione. I guess I just have this thing where I need to have you safe and happy, even if I am hurting you in the process.

Do you remember that time, when we only had 6 brooms and we all wanted to play quidditch? Well, I remember very clearly that I pushed you really hard into the house and told you no, that the guys were going to play quidditch today. Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, and I all flew up and began the game. I was playing keeper, and I wasn’t doing a good job because I kept on staring at the house. Later, after letting a goal in, I remember seeing you, only a portion of your face showing, staring at us through the window. It broke my heart, but I knew I was doing the right thing. How was I being noble? Well you didn’t have to stay up all night with 5 other groaning guys because of broken bones, did you?

Okay, so maybe there were only one or two times where your actions worked out in my favor. It is now time to give you a big “I told you so” flashback, though. It was Christmas, and me, Fred, and George were going out to make snowmen and have snowball fights. I told you to stay in because frankly, your coat had 5 holes and you were still a little girl: you’d get destroyed by the wrath of the twins. Once our winter extravaganza ended, the three of us went inside to see mom crying her eyes out and dad wearing a hole through the ground from his pacing. They told us Bill and Charlie were out looking for you because you vanished from the house. We looked at the clock and saw that you were in ‘Mortal Peril’. Well, naturally, we all went and looked for you. It was past 9 and you were still not to be found.

You were eventually found though. By me. You were huddled over a small little snowman and you were nibbling his carrot nose for food. You were also a nice shade of blue. Well, I dragged you towards the burrow because you were basically passed out. I leaned over towards you and said in a very annoying, Ron voice “I told you not to go outside!”. You answered with a swift kick in my shin.

The bottom line is this though: I’m your brother, you’re stuck with me for life. If I hurt you, you still have to deal with me. If you hurt me, I still have to restrain myself from hitting you like a guy. It’s just how it works, no matter how much you hate me.

I better end this before I start wearing pink and have a high-pitched voice. Pig is back anyway. I’ll see you at Christmas

Your favorite brother,

P.S. Harry is laughing at me now because I wrote a sappy letter.

Ron’s prediction was right. Pig did deliver his letter late. It was now December 17th. Ginny had just returned. Ron’s funeral was a quick one that took place under a large willow tree near the lake. She was now in the kitchen of the Burrow, clutching the letter closly while she read it over and over again.

’The last thing I said to him was how I never wanted to see him again.’ Ginny thought as rain from her eyes fell upon the parchment.

She looked over to her family. Molly was walking around the living room, picking up random things and setting them back down, unsure of what to do. Arthur, Bill, and Charlie were sitting at the dining table with their mouths closed and eyes unfocused. Fred and George were, for the first time in their lives, sitting there, not knowing what to say. Percy was there, surprisingly. He had a book open in his lap, but his eyes remained focused on the window, not on the words. Then there was Ginny.

Ginny was crumbling inside. How was this possible? The one person that was the center of the most jokes and lectures, was what kept the Weasley family together. Deciding, that she would be the glue to make the family stick, Ginny put on a brave face and cleared her throat.

“Who wants dinner?” she asked in a hollow, but clear voice. The rest of her kin nodded in silence and began eating the dinner that Ginny conjured up. As she ate in silence with the rest of her family, she knew it was progress.

As she consumed the flavorless food in front of her, she realized something. Despite the months of time that would make her overcome her grief and the happy times that followed, Ginny would always wish that she was stuck with Ron.

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