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Chapter 10: Diagon Alley: Part One

“Your taking her WHERE?!”

“Diagon Alley… I thought that-”

“Oh NO!” Tom said, taking the cloak you were about to throw on and throwing it on the table instead, “The only two places YOU are aloud is here, and your…. The Peter’s!”

“But Tom-”

“No! What if someone recognizes you? What if-”

“Tom…” You said, trying to lay a sympathetic hand on his elbow, “It will be fine. Everyone from our year is what… 50? And the teachers… well, it will just look like coincidence… and I won’t talk to anyone unless absolutely necessary-”

“Fine.” He snipped, “But someone is going with you-”

“WHAT!? No WAY!”


You wanted to say you wanted to spend time with your daughter, ALONE, but you held your tongue. How would that go over with Tom? Not very well, after you thought about it for a minute. He would think you were using him, or something twisted like that. Which you weren’t. You just wanted to spend some time with Sarah. Time that you had missed.

“Fine… but they can’t come NEAR us…. And no direct following… just… sneaking.”

Tom quirked an eyebrow, “Sneaking?”

You nodded, “Yes, sneaking.”

“How is sneaking different from following?”

“Um… no one has their hood drawn up, and looks suspicious, and stays behind us atleast-”

Tom sighed then, seeming to give up. You smiled in victory, “It’s settled then! I’ll see you later…”

You leaned up to give a peck on Tom’s rather tall cheek, and turned to go, but an arm stopped you. You sighed in frustration, intending to give Tom a piece of your mind, when you turned around, and saw his eyes. They were filled with concern, worry, and… fear.

“Tom-” You started, asking him why he was acting so… caring. In public! You knew Severus was just behind the-

“Just promise me you’ll be careful… will you, Charlie? Please?”

You smiled warmly, “Of course!” You pecked him on the cheek once again, and quickly disaperated.

“Severus, you can come out now!” Tom said, his demeanor changing as quickly as it had come.

“Yes, my lord?”

“You know what to do… go ahead.”

“Put, sir… I thought that Malfoy-”

“Well, Malfoy doesn’t feel the need to eavesdrop, now does he?”

Severus stayed silent.

“You’re the one who is going to do it… and that’s that. Now GO.”

You had apparated in the woods across the street, and silently made your way up the paved road. It was so peculiar, to be out in direct sunlight again. You sighed and breathed in the scent of daisies and sunflowers and wildflowers strewn about the quiet neighborhood.

You raised your hand out, paused to catch your breath, and knocked on the door.

It swung open almost immediately, revealing Jordan with a harried look on his face.

“Sorry, Charlie…” He said, sighing, “Sarah is proving rather-”

A door slammed upstairs, making the old house rattle with the amount of power behind it.

Jordan sighed again and finally finished his sentence, “Difficult. Come in, won’t you? Maybe some cofee or tea before you go?”

“Tea’s fine…” You answered, sitting down in the dinning room as Jordan went off to the kitchen. You could hear some stomping upstairs…

“So…” Jordan said, coming in a few minutes later with two cups of tea, “I wanted to talk to you about how we know each other, before you leave…”

You managed a thin smile, and tried to remember everything that you had told him when you were married, “Sure…”

“Okay, well… what school did your mother go to?”

“My… my mother?” You asked, trying to think why in the world he would ask about your-


“Yes.. I mean, you just look so… so familiar… and I thought-”

“My Mum went to an all-girls prepatory school in…” You wracked your brain for a place where Jordan had never been, “In Latvia. She met my father and moved here after they got married, and lived in a Wizarding community… so it is highly unlikely you have ever-”

“Oh… well, yes. So maybe not. I bet you just resemble someone I knew once, or something-”

You hated to lie, but when Jordan excepted in as fact, you couldn’t help but let out a deep breath, “I bet that’s It-”

“Okay…” Sara appeared in the doorway, a frown on her face, “I’m ready to go...”

You looked up and instantly scrunched your nose.

“You are not going out like that!” You said, almost disgusted. Another voice joined you.

“What is wrong with this, dad?” She asked, ignoring your side of the comment entirely.

“Your giving a bad name to muggles!” You said, biting your lip, “Couldn’t you… I don’t know…”

“What?” She asked, turning to you, “Do wizards dress in paper bags?”

“Merlin no!” You cried, “Wizards dress respectfully for their age!” Your mind wandered back to when you would wear practically the same thing during your break times. “At least where a jumper, and not a tank! As a general rule for fashion when going to a new place…” You continued, getting up and grabbing the lacy material of her barely-there shirt, “The fabric should at least go up to your clavicle.”

She tilted her head, “What?”

Here…” You grabbed her sash that she was using for a belt, and wrapped in around your wand, then flicked it twice and muttered something under your breath. Unwrapping the, ‘sash,’ it was then apparent that it had transfigured into a Tee-Shirt. Your quickly ironed out the wrinkle’s with your wand, and through it back to Sarah, “Throw that on, will you? I want to get moving…”

She started to put it on, somewhat skeptically, “I thought you weren’t aloud to do magic until your 17...”

You just smiled.

You had figured out, a few days after you, ‘woke up,’ that your magic was too old, so the laws about your age simply didn’t apply.

“Now…” You said, pulling some floo powder out of your pocket, “Hold your hands out.”

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