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(A/N While reading this chapter please keep in mind Draco's chains are now extended and no longer restricting him. Also the end of chapter 4 and the beginning of 5 are overlapping.)


Lupin, and Kingsley had been fighting with Tonks about Draco staying in the dark, small room. Tonks thought they should move him, but the other two knew that it wasn't safe to let Draco wander around the house, he might pick up on the Order's plans or something equally dangerous.

Their argument was interrupted as they heard a shout.

"OY! What are you staring at!"

As Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione appeared out of the shadows the three gasped. They had been trying to avoid anyone else from figuring out that they had a prisoner, otherwise they would be bombarded by demands that they question the prisoner about anything and everything. Everyone in the Order was scared for their lives and would jump at the chance to question a prisoner, and if they ran out of Veritaserum, they all knew some Order members would not hesitate to try other methods of questioning. They watched the fight for a while but was worried others would hear the shouts and come running down.

"What, you going to kill her Malfoy?"

After that Tonks finally shouted "Enough!"

Ron and Ginny turned towards her, but Harry and Draco were still staring at each other and Hermione was staring at Draco fighting an internal battle to slap Malfoy after his last comment, or to let Harry take care of Malfoy which she saw he did effectively, and without slaps.

Kingsley shouted "OY!" and Harry, Hermione, and Draco snapped towards him breaking the staring contest.

Now that the adults all had their attention Lupin stepped in. "You four! Go upstairs now and do NOT say anything to anybody!" Draco smirked, he loved it that Potter, the Weasels and the mudblood were in trouble, but before they could go upstairs they heard a voice from the top of the stairs.

"In the basement? Thanks Molly. KINGSLEY YOU DOWN THERE!" Lupin, Tonks, and Kingsley looked at each other in panic. If Moody found out about a prisoner he would be the worst one, not only questioning Malfoy every second of the day, but questioning how effective the Veritaserum was, if he was really Malfoy, if he really knew for sure someone was a death eater, the list went on and on and they did not want to deal with that.

"Get Malfoy out of sight!" Tonks said in a panicked whisper. Hermione who was closest to him, pulled Draco into the dark room and slammed the door.

"Lumos" suddenly there was light and Malfoy saw her pull disgusting flesh colored things out of her robes.

"Ugh! What are those!"

"Be quiet Malfoy, they are extendable ears." She started pushing them through the crack under the door when she was yanked by the arm away from the door.
"Hey!" she squeaked pulling her arm out of Malfoy's hand, which she couldn't help but notice was very big and strong.

Moody's a crackhead but he's observant. He would notice fleshy things sticking out from under a door, I thought you were smart Granger."

From her wand's light he could see a faint blush rising in her cheeks as she quickly snapped back. "Well I'm smarter than you!"

He scoffed and then an idea struck him and he tried to snatch her wand. Her hand and wand darted out of the way just in time though and now it was pointing at him.

"How dare you try and steal my wand!"

"Well your friends stole mine before they locked me up in here!"

"Because you're a dangerous death eater!"

"At least I deserve a wand, you are nothing but muggle scum!"

"I'm a witch and you know it! In fact I did better in classes about magic than you did!"

"Cause you have no life! You just read and read!"

"What's wrong with reading!"

"Nothing, for a mudbl.....what was that?!"

The door had just clicked, showing it had been locked.


Moody came down instantly peering at the door that he thought he heard slam shut from the stairs. "So! Uh Alastor, how nice to see you." Tonks said trying to make him forget about the door.

Moody was a very suspicious man and wouldn't be put off though. "What's behind that door there?" he questioned.

Harry jumped in realizing they didn't want Moody to find Malfoy, but not quite knowing why. "Not sure, it's been locked since we moved into the house."

Ginny caught on and continued. "Yah, been firing hexes at it to see if it will open all morning, but no luck, in fact we just fired another one a minute ago."

Lupin finished the story. "I swear that last one sounded like a door slam."

Moody grumbled and said, "well I might know a hex to unlock it, let me see it went something like..hold on let me think.." Tonks quickly shot a spell out of her wand to lock the door praying Moody wouldn't remember the unlocking spell.

"LETS GO!" came a cry from the top of the stairs.

This seemed to break Moody out of his thinking as he said "Almost forget, giants were spotted on the outskirts of a big muggle town, could only mean the death eaters have another attack planned. Kingsley, you, me and Huttle are going to try and trick a death eater into attacking one of them so they won't fight for the deatheaters anymore and hopefully we can save those poor muggles."

"Seems a bit mean that does." said Ron.

Moody stared at Ron and then his face became angry. "Can ya think of any other way boy! Talking to ‘em don't work." Snapped Moody.

Ron seemed to think before looking down at his shoes. "Didn' think so," growled Moody as he and Kingsley made their way up the stairs.

Harry hated this. Even the Order was being forced into causing pain to prevent more pain. He knew he couldn't put off Voldermort any longer and without a thought about his friends he raced to his room to pack his stuff. Wondering where Harry was going, and their thoughts on giants, everyone dashed upstairs to catch Harry, completely forgetting about Malfoy and Hermione.


Hermione and Draco were not facing each other in an argument as one would expect. In fact neither of them were saying anything, and neither of their eyes held anger. Rather they just seemed bored. .


After the door had locked Hermione stared at the door waiting for it to reopen, and Draco staring at her impatiently. After two minutes Draco rolled his eyes and said "Just open the bloody door!"

"NO!" she retorted. "It might be locked for a reason, they will unlock it when the danger is gone." she reasoned.

Draco gave a strangled cry, walked up to her, and tried to take her wand from her just to say "Alohomora" but as Malfoy's hand was gripping her wand, and his body was two inches away from hers, she swung back thinking he was trying to steal it from her again.

"Give me the damn wand Granger!"



Fighting for the wand they fell to the floor where they rolled around wrestling. Suddenly while Draco was tugging one end, and Hermione the other, the wand broke in half and the light it had been providing went out.

They both stared at it and then Draco leapt up. "See what you did Granger!"

"Me! It was your fault!" she retorted standing up also.

She threw her broken wand in her robe pocket and then they both argued and insulted each other for 10 whole minutes facing each other head on since it was the only way they could see each other in the now dark room.

"And you're... you're just a filthy mudblood!"

Hermione rolled her eyes and for the first time in ten minutes stopped shouting, but said in a normal voice, "Malfoy, you've used that 12 times now." He glared at her but didn't retort. They were both tired of arguing and silently agreed to drop the argument.

They both looked around the darkness at a loss of what to do. Finally Malfoy flickered his gaze to Hermione and sighed. "Hey Granger, give me your wand a second okay?"

Hermione stared at him in amazement that he could say something that sounded so civil. She hesitated not wanting to give up her wand, but deciding that giving him a broken wand could do no harm pulled it out and handed to him.

He stared at it than ripped his left cloak sleeve off, used it to tie her wand back together, and held the wand out as far as he could from himself. He squinted his eyes shut and grimaced. "Let's hope this works, LUMOS!"

Hermione stared in amazement once again as her wand sputtered light out, at first in little gasps, but eventually became a steady glow. Draco opened his eyes and glanced back cautiously at the wand. When he saw a glow coming from it he couldn't help but snicker. Hermione blinked back to her senses and grabbed the wand back out of Malfoy's hand.

"Thanks! Now I can get out of here and you can stay here and rot!"

Draco's eyes suddenly became full of anger again and he lunged at Hermione. Hermione gasped seeing Draco lunging at her and shouted in panic "Stupefy!" The spell shot out of the back of her wand though, and instead of hitting Draco, hit the wall behind her, which just happened to be where the door was.

The spell hit the door and the door knob exploded off spinning on the floor at Hermione's feet. Draco, who had not been able to stop mid-lunge jumped off Hermione wearing a look of triumph. "Ha! No doorknob! That means you can't get out, and if I rot, you rot!"

Hermione looked at the door and let out a cry of anger. Draco smirked as he saw Hermione's expression quite clearly as the wand was still emitting light all over the room. After Hermione's look of anger passed though they were very quiet. Neither of them felt like arguing with each other again and realized that other than argue they didn't know what to do around each other.

(End of flashback)

Draco plopped onto the floor and sighed at a loss of what to do. Hermione had stopped paying attention to Malfoy and had begun digging into her robe pockets.

She pulled out a circle that had two long wires with little circles on the end attached to it and stuck the little circles inside her ears, pressed little buttons on the big circle and broke into a grin. Draco glanced up at her as she did this and furrowed his brow in confusion.

"What is that thing?" Draco asked truly curious. Hermione was still grinning and instead of answering or even looking over towards him, she simply started to dance completely oblivious to the world.

Draco, hating being ignored tried again this time more loudly and a little angry. "GRANGER! I asked you a question!"

His yells seemed to have reached her because she stopped dancing and turned around towards him with a look of confusion on her face. She removed the circles from her ears and held them ready to put them right back in as soon as they would be done talking. "Did you say something?"

Draco raised an eyebrow and stared at her. "Have you gone deaf? I asked what is that thing." Hermione frowned when he asked if she was deaf, but it quickly turned into a smile amused at his curiosity about the muggle object.

"I haven't gone deaf, it's just a cd player." Seeing his look of complete confusion her smile became wider happy to explain what it was. She was always happy when she got to explain things to others, whether it was explaining an answer in class, or explaining homework to Ron and Harry.

"You see you put these circles in your ears and you can hear whatever music is inscribed on the disc you are playing inside this." she said pointing to the large circle.

Seeing that he was looking at her like she was completely mental she gave up trying to explain it. "Here, just put this in your ear and you'll see what I mean." she said offering one of the little circles on a wire to Draco.

His first reaction was to shout "I'm not going to take anything that's been in your mudblood ear!" but his curiosity won, and he didn't say anything. He glanced up at her, and back to the little circle on a wire before hesitantly taking it and poking it in his ear.

He saw Hermione put the other one in her ear and after her hitting something on the big circle, sound came blasting into his eardrum. His eyes widened and his left arm shot up to his left ear where the little circle was, pressing it tighter into his ear as he tried to hear the lyrics. Hermione who had never heard it before noticed it had an upbeat melody and smiled glad her cousin introduced her to it.

Her cousin had been at her house when she got off the train from Hogwarts and was constantly listening to music. She was a muggle and as she got Hermione to listen to some of her favorite bands, and realizing Hermione knew nothing about music, she freaked. She quickly bought Hermione a cd player and then her cousin had given her some of her cds telling Hermione to listen to them, and once she had, her cousin would take back her cds and give her new ones. She then gave it to Hermione insisting it was her early birthday present when Hermione tried to refuse, and demanded that Hermione listen to all the cds she had given her quickly so she could give her new ones. The morning after that Hermione had had to come here, and was planning on going back home to see her cousin and family off and on as she stayed here for the summer.

She glanced over at Malfoy to see him smirking at her with his eyebrows raised, who had been listening to the lyrics and realized what this song was talking about. Hermione stared at him confused while making an effort to hear the lyrics as well. She soon realized the guy was singing or rather rapping about sex and quickly hit the stop button wishing Malfoy wouldn't say anything.

Not all wishes come true. "What to much for your innocent ears Granger?" He said smirking.

Truthfully it wasn't. Even though she was of course a virgin she knew about sex and had read books where the characters had had sexual encounters. She liked her innocent reputation though and said "yes, yes it was."

"Then how did you know what the song was talking about, even though the song never directly said sex?" he challenged. He was pursuing this solely to see her squirm and it was working.

"I..I...didn't. I mean I did....but only because I saw you smirking. I knew if you were smirking it must be talking about something disgusting." She finished much more confident by the end of that sentence.

He frowned at this but wanting to get the last word smiled and leaned into her ear before saying "or maybe your not as innocent as everyone thinks." He said pulling his head back afterwards.

She bushed deep red even though his words weren't really true, but just talking about it made her wish she had Harry's invisibitlity cloak. Draco laughed at her blushing face before pulling out his earpiece.

His left forearm was bare since he ripped his cloak sleeve to fix the wand, and as he pulled out his ear piece Hermione noticed his arm for the first time and gasped.

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