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Welcome to Seventh Year

Start with the first night of seventh year, we - meaning myself, and my two friends Veronica Wu and Wendy Berry - are sitting on our beds in our Gryffindor dorm and discussing the summer. Veronica is complaining about the summer heat and the sunburn she got on her nose, which caused it to peel. Wendy brought up her freckles once again and how she has too many to count, and she would know too, she tried to count them three times.

"So Lily, Miss quiet over there, how was your summer?" Veronica inquired, wiggling her eyebrows.

I stopped my thoughts, and looked up from my nails which I had been carefully examining, "Uhh..." What a wonderful way to start a sentence, but I was really not excited about telling my two best friends that I was going out with the one guy I claimed to despise for the last six years.

"Come on, Lils, tell us what happened in muggle-ville." Wendy grinned.

I sighed heavily, and shook my head, "This will be better if I just get it out - I'mgoingoutwithJames."

"What was that? You were mumbling AND talking really fast," Veronica said, she had a worried look on her face.

"I think she said she was goi-"

"SHUT UP!" I couldn't have Wendy repeat it, it was almost too much to bear but I do suppose I was kind of harsh.

"Out with James?" Veronica asked, she didn't show any emotion whatsoever. "Well, its about time if she is."

"Yeah, she is, Remus already told me a couple weeks ago."

"Remus knows? Since when?" I jumped up off of my bed, hitting my head as I did so and stood there rubbing it angrily. "Ohh...I'm going to kill James Potter." I know I was getting kind of overly angry, but...I was mad! He promised me he wouldn't tell ANYONE until I'd told Ver and Wendy.

"You can't kill him, thats murder and you go to Azkaban for that." Veronica said calmly. "Anyway, its not like it really matters that much, everyone would find out eventually." Veronica's one of those carefree types about this kind of thing, she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her boyfriends or who knows about it. She expects me to be the same, but I can't do it.

Wendy just sat there, obviously feeling like she'd ruined my relationship - hah, I wish, nope she was probably thinking about her stupid freckles again. I wouldn't mind, but alot of the guys think shes really cute. "FINE! I won't kill him, I'll just strangle him until he turns purple and then let go." I stormed out after that, but I heard Veronica saying something about that being assault.

"JAMES SAMUEL POTTER!" I had gotten to the bottom of the stairs that led to the boys dorm and was yelling up them. "GET YOUR LYING ASS DOWN HERE!" Wendy walked past me and I glared at her, SHE MUST FEEL GUILTY.

"Did you know your nose flares when your thinking that people are guilty for ruining your relationship when they're really not - oh yeah, and when your angry." She started walking again, only to pause and look over my shoulder. "Hey James!"

I spun around, my nose still flaring and blushing like mad to face James. "Oh! Hi!"

"Why were you yelling my name up the stairs? You know I don't go to the dorm this early." He's such a smart ass - okay, a cute smart ass, but still a smart ass. I was rather lost for words at the time and stood there with my nose flaring. "You seem angry about something."

"No! Not at all, I'm not angry!" I laughed hysterically, the moment I saw him I couldn't stay mad at him. Him with his jet black hair and big hazel eyes, they were more green than brown at that moment. I still hadn't moved and was just staring at him, feeling my cheeks stop burning and my nose stop flaring.

"Well thats wonderful, now come here!" He grinned, and walked over, wrapping his arms around me in a large hug. As if I hadn't only seen him yesterday! I looked over his shoulder and saw Sirius talking to Veronica who was smiling like crazy, I don't think she could have smiled anymore if she tried. What she saw in that boy, I don't know.

Wendy had disappeared, and Remus was no where to be seen, they were probably off "catching up" or something. Peter Pettigrew, I knew, was upstairs being his little ratty self, I never have trusted him. He kind of scared me, being all rat-like and timid.

"So, uhmm, how was your day?" I asked for I had nothing else to say.

"Lame, I missed the train."


"Of course, it was Sirius's fault, he wouldn't hurry up. You know what hes like." I nodded, I knew all too well what Sirius was like. "How was your day?" I contemplated what to tell, and what to not tell about my day, whether or not I should make up something stupid or just tell the truth. Either way, it didn't matter that much.

"It was okay, I think Petunia wet herself though..." Petunia, my older sister, shes always been so jealous of me and the respect and attention I get from our parents that she treats me like shit. She appears to hate me, and probably does, but thats alright, it entertains me that she tries so hard to annoy me all the time. "It was rather disgusting."

"Ah, Petunia, how is the old hag?" Sirius asked walking over, Veronica hooked onto his arm.

"The same really, but I think shes getting more immature everyday now. What are you feeding her?" I grinned.

"What am I feeding her? You're the one that lives with the girl." Sirius looked shocked, as if I'd said something atrocious.

"You're the one that continued to follow James to my house every day, and you aren't the one forced to live with 'the old hag'." I laughed, this was how my so-called friendship with Sirius went. "Anyway, I'm going to bed, its been a long day and I'm about to pass out. Night."

I quickly brushed my lips against James' cheek and ran up the stairs to my dorm to get ready for bed. Wendy didn't come back until at least an hour later but Veronica was quick to follow. I fell asleep quickly after I heard Wendy come in, and drifted in and out of sleep for the remainder of the night. Morning couldn't have come any slower.

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