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Chapter 3:
Trouble sleeping and annoying friends

When Hermione went inside the common room that night, she found Ginny sitting in one of the comfortable armchairs. "So, what was all of that about?" She asked

"What?" asked Hermione as if she didn't know even though she knew very well what.

"You and Ron! I saw you two down by the lake" Ginny teased.

"Oh, that? He-" Ginny cut her off

"He took you on a mini-date!" Ginny teased some more. Sometimes it didn't take too long for someone to get on Hermione's nerves, and this was one of those times.

"No, he-" again Ginny cut her off.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeees! He was taking you on a mini-date and you know it!" Ginny was really pushing Hermione over the edge!

"Ginny! Will you let me finish?" She was starting to get onto Hermione's nerves.



"Alright! Fine! As you were saying and arguing that it was not a mini-date." Ginny said as professionally as she could while still joking around.

"It was not a mini-date, he asked me on a date." Hermione explained.

"You mean that he finally asked you out?" Ginny asked with disbelief.

"What? Did you expect him to never ask?" Hermione said playfully.

Ginny had to think about this one. "Well, yeah!" she replied. "I meen, it's my brother here!"

"You have too many brothers! How can I be sure you aren't talking about one of them, hmm?" Hermione asked playfully.

"They all act the same!" Ginny said and started cracking up. This erned her a smack on the head from Hermione and her pillow! Ginny grabbed her own pillow and they had a big pillow fight like you see in the movies and there are feathers all over! and the thing was... by the time it ended, it was around dinner time!

That night, Hermione laid in bed thinking about what would happen at the ball. Would he change his mind about going as friends, or even going at all?

She stayed up all that night just wondering what the next few days would bring. What would she wear? It was only semi-dressy right? Didn't that mean just any ole skirt and a solid colored top? Well, that was what Hermione had in mind. She already mentally picked out her outfit. She had this cute denim skirt that looked like layers sowed together and a bit like the lining was coming out. That was how they were supposed to look anyway. Just a little crappy wasn't so bad. With that, Hermione remembered the deep magenta shoulder rider she had in her trunk. It was perfect. She would just wear a pair of silver flip-flops with that.

Ron was having the same trouble as Hermione in the boy's dormitory when he got back.

"So, Ron." said Harry slyly.

"What?" he said, trying to act as if he didn't know, even though it was completely oblivious he did!

"I saw you." Harry said playfully.

"Doing what?" asked Ron, trying to act as if he didn't know what was going on, and not really liking it either!

"You and Hermione!" Harry said. "It's about time you took her on a date! Why didn't you tell me?" Harry was ecstatic!

"It wasn't a date!" Ron mumbled to the bed.

"What was that?" Harry asked playfully, even though he already knew what Ron said.

"It wasn't at date!" Ron snapped at Harry!

"Well, then what was it?" Harry said more rudely than he wanted it to.

"Why don't you just shove off?" Ron was getting angrier by the second, yet not knowing why. He had to think of Hermione and what she would say if she saw him getting angry at Harry over nothing. With this in mind he cooled off.

"What was that for?" Harry asked. Now he was the confused one. Well, actually, they were both confused.

Ron couldn't sleep that night either. 'Why did I have to ad "Just as friends" to the end? I think that I would have rather heard a "No" to as a couple than a "yes" to just as friends and not even knowing still if she would rather be a couple too! Man I'm such a git!' Ron thought.

Since Ron couldn't sleep, he decided to go down into the common room to sit by the fire and work on a bit of homework due in a week. This was so unlike Ron. Well, not really because he would go down and say that he was going to work on homework, but he would usually sit down, stare into the fire and daydream until he drifted to sleep. Tonight was different though. Someone else was down there already. He could barely make out an outline of a girl with big bushy hair.

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