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Lily slumped into a chair in her and James' private common room. Who knew that helping five first year girls get settled could be so tiring? James didn't seem to be back from his duties yet. She let her feet dangle over the side of the chair and stared into the roaring fire.

How could Dumbledore have appointed James as Head Boy?! Did he not acknowledge the fact that James was Hogwarts biggest prankster, aside from perhaps, Sirius? She slid farther into her chair and pulled her feet onto the chair with her. She let her eyes close. Really, how could she survive a whole year with James?!


James approached the picture of Herbert the Hungry and scratched his large stomach. He gave a chuckle and swung open for James.

James entered the Common Room, feasting his eyes on a beautiful site. Lily was curled up in a chair by the fire. The dying embers shone on her face giving it a ghostly, angelic look. She was snoring softly, James noticed with a smile. He walked to a cupboard by the stairs and pulled a red and gold blanket out of it. He laid it across her gently and started for the stairs that led to his room. He gave her one last longing look. At least she didn't hate him when she was asleep.


Lily awoke with a start. The fire had just died and the sudden darkness had startled her awake. She threw the blanket onto the floor with a raised eyebrow. She didn't remember getting a blanket out. She trudged to the staircase on the left and glided up it. As drowsy as she was, the first look in her new dormitory was a shock. Her room was just as big as the one that she had shared with four other girls in her past six years at Hogwarts. She ran and jumped upon her four poster bed. It was softer, and more comfortable than her previous one.

She got up suddenly and entered the door that was labeled as the bathroom. Once in there, one look at a door opposite her told her that she and James shared a bathroom. She groaned. Could this day get any worse?


"Hey Evans...Are you awake?" A deep male's voice startled Lily awake in the morning through the bathroom door early that morning.

"Yeah..." she muttered, glancing at her watch. Oh no! It was 7:45. Classes began at eight. She hurriedly put on her robes and sped out her door, down the stairs, and through the portrait hole. She ran to the Great Hall as fast as she dared with teachers lurking about, grabbed a piece of toast, and rushed up to McGonagall's seat near the doorway to collect her schedule.

Lined up for that day was Potions with Slughorn, Care of Magical Creatures with Slovak, and Defense Against the Dark Arts with the new teacher of that year.
She bounded down the stairs to the dungeons where the Potions room was. Slughorn greeted her with a hearty smile and she took a seat at the table nearest to his desk. As late as she was running, she was the second person there.

Soon, Jade, Rose, and their fellow 7th year Gryffindor, Lydia Prewitt had taken seats next to Lily, and before she knew it, the Potions room was full.

"Welcome to your final year at Hogwarts!" Slughorn boomed. "Since I daresay you all know the basics by now, let's get started right away. We will start off with a project. You will be learning how to make Polyjuice Potion and you will need a partner to assist you and to switch bodies with after a month, when you have completed this highly complex potion." Automatically, students all around the room were whispering, trying to get a good partner so they wouldn't be stuck with someone they didn't like.

"I hate to tell you," Slughorn continued, "but I will be choosing your partners for you." Lily suppressed a groan and an eye roll. Hopefully Slughorn wouldn't be too hard on her; she was one of his favorite students.

"Ummm," Slughorn began, eyeing the room with an interested expression upon his wide face. "Black and Carpenter." Carpenter was Jade. She let out an excited squeal and blew a kiss at her boyfriend. Slughorn began naming off names until all that was left was Remus, Rose, James, and Lily. Lily prayed that Slughorn would pair her with Remus or Rose. "And at last, Lupin and Martin, and, Potter and Evans. You may begin." Slughorn waved his wand and instructions appeared on the board.

Lily swallowed a growl and stole a look at James. He was tilted back in his seat with his feet upon the table and wore a smug look on his face. She bit her lip in anger and gathered her supplies in her hands. She stomped toward him and pushed his feet off the desk. "You're going to pull your weight in this project," she growled, narrowing her eyes at his cocky expression.

"Don't I always, Evans?" he said softly, giving her a half-smile.

She shrugged and took a seat next to him. Her eyes scanned the board. It read:
Today you will speak with your partner about the instructions of the potion. You will make the potion and research it on your own time. There will be a 12 inch essay on the Polyjuice Potion due when you drink your potion in a month. Another 8 inch essay will be written afterward describing how it felt to transform.

Lily glowered at the board. In addition to sitting here and doing nothing with James for an hour, she had to do homework with him as well. To make matters worse, she'd have to spend in hour in his body in exactly one month. It was obviously going to be one long month.


"How was your morning?" Rose asked cheerfully once Lily entered the Great Hall for lunch. Her mouth was full of an unknown substance.

"Dreadful," she groaned. "Potter's my Potions partner. I almost got my hand bitten off in Care of Magical creatures, and the new Defense teacher hates me, I swear."

Rose gave Lily a consoling hug. "It'll get better," she promised.

"Well at least I have the rest of the afternoon off!" Lily sighed. Her NEWT schedule worked so that she had classes all morning and the rest of the day off. It would seem that the year would be more relaxing, but afternoons would be spent on homework and studying for the grueling NEWT exam at the end of the year. That particular afternoon, she had to meet with Potter in the Library so they could find out more about their potion and begin the essay.

Lily soon finished her lunch and headed to the Library. When she arrived, she was surprised to see that James had beaten her there. "Potter," she said as a cold greeting.

"Hello Evans," he said, grinning from ear to ear, oblivious to her cold manner.

"Let's just do this," she said gruffly, opening her brand new Potion's book.

James grabbed her hand that was flipping through pages and said with a grin, "Will you go out with me, Lily?"

Lily looked up with him, eyes and mouth wide open. It wasn't the fact that he'd asked her out that had shocked her. No, he'd done that everyday for as long as he'd known her. But... he'd called her Lily. She closed her open mouth and cleared her throat. "No."

James merely shrugged. He'd shocked her so badly that she hadn't even yelled at him. That must be an improvement!

{A/N} Thanks for the couple reviews on the last chapter! Tell me what you think of this one!!!

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