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“The brat took my wand!”

“Lily did you find her?” Erin asked as Lily ran up the stairs to find James.

“Does it look like I found her?” Lily asked frustrated. Erin followed her up the stairs.

“No. Where are you going? Potter’s checking up here.” They reached the second floor and Lily called, “POTTER!”

James ran out of the library. “What happened?” he asked. “Did you find her?”

“Does it look like we found her?” Erin asked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Lily looked at her, shook her head as if to clear it and turned back to James.

“Jackie disappeared behind a door or something,” Lily said.

“What?” James asked. He looked a little confused.

Lily sighed. “There was a door in the kitchen. Jackie went through it and when I tried to follow, the door turned into a wall.”

“She couldn’t have gone through that door,” James said.

“Why?” Erin asked, “What is it?”

“It’s a deur,” James said. Lily was confused but Erin looked like she knew what he was talking about.

“A, what?” Lily asked.

“A deur,” Erin explained, “It’s a special door. It opens up to secret passages or secret rooms. Sometimes they can even open into whole other worlds. Those are very rare though. I think the only one ever recorded in history was in America.”

“Ours opens into passages that lead anywhere in the house. There are even some places where Jackie would be able to see us through the wall.” James said.

“How do we get in?” Lily asked.

“That’s what’s hard to understand. You need a wand to be able to open it,” James said. They were silent for a few seconds as they thought about it.

“The brat took my wand!” Lily exclaimed suddenly.

“What?” Erin asked.

“When I was in the kitchen, I reached in my pocket to pull out my wand so I could clean up the mess that brat made. My wand wasn’t in my pocket.”

“You lost your wand?” James echoed Lily from before. Lily glared at him.

“How do you open it?” Lily asked James, “Erin can get into it for us and-why are you shaking your head?”

“My parents put a spell on it so only someone in the family can open it. I’d have to use Erin’s wand but I’m not sure it would work. It’s very rare that a wand will work for a witch or wizard outside the family.”

“I know that Potter, but-as much as I hate to admit it- you are a very powerful wizard and could probably make it work.”

“She’s right,” Erin said. She reached into her pocket and held out her wand to James. James looked at it and then took it.

“Fine, but if the spell backfires and everyone in the house ends up with boils on their faces, then I don’t want to hear it,” James said, walking up to a section of the wall. James pointed the wand at the wall. Lily noticed that there were two vases about four feet apart. It looked like there should have been a door or window in the middle.

“Expositus,” James said.

At first nothing happened. Then, very faintly, a door started to appear. At first Lily thought she was seeing things. Then the door started becoming clearer. James opened it.

Lily was expecting to see a narrow passageway with cobwebs. Like the passages castles have in muggle movies. That’s not what she saw.

Behind the door, was a brick wall.

“This isn’t right,” James said.

“Really?” Erin said, her words dripping with sarcasm, “I never would have guessed.” James turned and glared at her.

“Just try again,” Lily told James, ignoring Erin. James faced the wall and said the charm again.

This time it worked. James opened the door and there was a passage that was just wide enough for two people to fit through if they were standing side by side. The hall was made completely out of stone but didn’t have cobwebs or anything. There were lit torches lining the walls.

Lily started down the hall. Erin followed Lily and James followed Erin.

They were walking around, following many different passages, going back, trying other passages, and getting lost. They couldn’t find Jackie and Lily was starting to get worried. Then they heard laughter.

“Where’s that coming from?” Lily asked. She turned to try and follow Jackie but the laughter was echoing off the walls, making it impossible to tell which direction it was coming from.

“That way,” Lily, Erin and James all said at once, pointing in different directions. “Let’s split up,” Lily said and started going where she thought she heard Jackie.

Lily went down several hallways. She passed a door that was slightly open. She decided to check it out since all the other doors were closed. She walked in, carrying a torch with her.

The room was full of mirrors. She saw herself with blue hair everywhere and it just made her want to find Jackie faster. Then she saw her. Jackie ran out from behind one wall and back behind another. Lily went to follow but ran into a mirror.

“Ouch!” Lily said and turned to try and chase after the little three-year old.


15 minutes and five times of bumping into mirrors later, Lily caught Jackie.

“Gotcha!” She said, grabbing onto the little terror. Jackie gasped and looked up at Lily. Then she did something Lily was not expecting.

She laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Lily asked. Jackie didn’t say anything. Lily rolled her eyes, figuring it was her hair that was making Jackie act like she was insane.

“Come on,” Lily said. She picked Jackie up and carried her out of the room-being very careful to not run into anything-and yelled, “I FOUND HER!”

“That’s great!” that was Erin. Lily looked around trying to figure out where she was.

“Where are you?” James yelled. Once again, it echoed.

“Meet me out the door!” Lily said and started towards what she hoped was the right direction out of there.

Lily finally found the door out and found James and Erin already waiting for her. Lily put Jackie down, still holding on to her arm.

“Jackie what did you do?” James asked. He had pimples all over his face. Lily bit her lip to keep from laughing.

“I didn’t do anything,” Jackie said with a laugh that made it obvious it was a lie.

“Don’t give me that crap.” Erin snapped. Lily gasped as she looked at her friend. Then started she started laughing. Erin’s clothes had been tuned hot pink. Erin hated pink.

“At least my hair isn’t blue,” Erin said. That shut Lily up.

“Jackie, why don’t you just give Lily back her wand?” James asked in a forced calm voice. Jackie shook her head, her pig-tails bouncing. James groaned and Erin and Lily sighed.

“How did you pull pranks on people without them seeing?” Erin asked.

“Well,” started Jackie, “I made it so Lily would fall through my doorway and when she did, her hair would change color.”

“Isn’t that complicated magic for you?” Lily asked.

“Jamie taught me how to do it.”

Lily turned to glare at James. “You taught your little sister how to pull pranks? She could have been a sweet little girl.”

“It was a long time ago. I didn’t think she would actually remember,” James defended himself. Jackie giggled.

“And then,” Jackie continued as if there were no interruption, “When you touched me, Lily, they changed.” She pointed to James and Erin.

“Okay,” Erin said, “Jackie, will you please give Lily back her wand so she can fix this and you don’t get in trouble?”

Jackie thought about it, and then pulled out not one wand but two.

“That’s my wand,” James said snatching his wand out of Jackie’s hand.

“That’s how you were able to open the deur,” Erin said. A wand that belonged to someone in the family usually meant that you could use it too.

“Jackie, how do change my hair color back and those two back to normal too?” Lily asked nicely.

“I don’t know,” Jackie said. She twirled a piece of her hair around one finger thinking. Then they heard a crack downstairs and Lily knew that Mr. and Mrs. Potter were home.

Lily looked at James and Erin, who were surprisingly back to normal. She guessed that she was too. When she looked back at Jackie, she was running down the hall to her bedroom. Lily couldn’t help but laugh. Three year olds were so cute at times.

Lily went downstairs to see the Potters.

“How was everything Lily?” Mr. Potter asked. “Did Jackie behave?”

Lily was about to tell them everything but Jackie’s cute little face popped into her head and she couldn’t.

“Everything was fine,” Lily said.

“Good,” Mr. Potter said.

“Whose this?” Mrs. Potter asked sweetly as Erin came down the stairs.

“Oh, this is my friend Erin. She surprised me by showing up. I hope you don’t mind,” Lily explained.

“It’s fine dear,” Mrs. Potter told her. Lily smiled.

“Well I’d better be off,” Lily said. Mr. Potter started heading towards the kitchen. Lily didn’t have time to clean it. He opened the door and Lily prepared herself for and explosion. It didn’t come.

“Let me pay you,” Mrs. Potter said. She pulled out 20 galleons from her purse and handed them to Lily. Lily gaped at the money.

“Thank you,” Lily said, “But this is too much.”

“Nonesense. We usually have babysitters who can’t handle Jackie. We would love it if you could come again next week. Erin, you can come also if you want.”

Lily smiled. “Alright.”

After thanking them, Lily and Erin left.

“What were you thinking?” Erin asked Lily once they had apperated to Lily’s house.

“I have no idea,” Lily admitted as she flopped down onto her bed.

A/n There’s not much of Lily and James in this one. There will be in the next one though. Sorry it took so long to update. Thanks to everyone who reviewed. I am really sorry for the delay. I was in Illinois and didn’t have enough internet time to post. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!! I'm posting the next one right after this one is validated.

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