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Chapter 2

“My Lord, he knows what he must do. He was informed of it just last night and says it will be done,” said a cold voice, in a long black robe that dragged behind him on the floor. The man was kneeling before a dark figure, with his head bent in respect.

“So, it shall be done. No mistakes will be made; everything is to be done just as I have commanded. If this fails you will be blamed, Lucius, as well as that insolent son of yours.” Voldemort waved his hand to signal Lucius could leave; he was tired as he drifted back into his seat. With his head on the back, Voldermont closed his eyes remembering just a measly few days ago…when everything in his plan changed.

Voldemort was sitting in his study when a knock came on the door. It was late and everyone knew not to bother him when in his study, for he was either reading or planning the next attack. Imagine his surprise when an extremely frail old woman marched right in, walking with a cane and took a seat across from him. Before he could open his mouth to scream, yell, or even hex her she raised her fragile hand and somehow his voice was gone.

“Be still, Tom, please don’t get dramatic and start sending curses every which way at me,” she said, smiling slightly at his angered face. He was the best damn Dark Lord and the old woman before him shut him up? With that plain thought his temper rose, as did his body as he lunged for the woman. Then the strangest thing happened he was frozen in place, his body literally not moving in a ‘pounce’ position. “What did I tell you? Hmm…you never did listen as a child.” Voldemort blinked in confusion…did he know her? “No, Tom, you have never met me, but I have watched you for a very long time. My superiors believe it is time you know a crucial piece of information concerning this ‘plan’ of yours.” She could tell she had his attention now as his eyes became wide with both anger and curiosity. “But, everything comes at a price, Tom, you know that as well as I do. What do you say?” Laughing silently to herself she realized that her spell had made him unable to talk. “Oh, excuse me,” and with a wave of her hand Voldemort nearly fell into a table, coming out of the spell.

Dusting himself off, Voldemort straightened up, looking closely at this elder before him. “Who are you, woman?”

“My name nor any information about myself concerns you, Tom. What concerns you is the one thing that will make you fail. Don’t you want to know what that one thing is?” The woman stood, walking slowly towards the fireplace. “Fate, Tom, is a very fragile thing to play around with…it only takes you so far, the rest is up to you. I’m standing before you with essential information and only want one thing in return.”

“What is it you want?” Voldemort raised his eyebrow, but he would be lying to himself if he didn’t say he was way beyond curious. Looking deeply into the woman’s eyes he tried to enter her mind, but was bumped out. He jumped back, with a startled expression; no one he had ever met had ever blocked him out completely…not even Dumbledore. “What are you exactly?”

The woman shook her head and sighed. “Tom, do we have a deal? I will tell you if you promise me one thing…” Stepping forward the woman held out her hand in the direction of Voldemort, her eyes dancing wildly, knowing full and well what his response would be.

“How do I know that whatever information you are giving me is worth whatever you will ask for?” Voldemort crossed his hands, sneering at the woman.

“Tom, you already know it is.”

After Potion Class

“Malfoy, you were supposed to add two drops of dragon blood…not four!” Hermione Granger moved frantically around the desk, looking through a book as she did trying to fix the mistake Malfoy had made. Professor Snape had left already and Draco and Hermione were trying to finish their potion before their next class. Everyone else would need to get together outside of class, but obviously that was something neither Draco nor Hermione wanted to do.

“It says right there, Mudblood, 4 drops,” he pointed to the page of the book that had the potion and as Hermione looked down her eyes came in contact with.

Dragon Blood- 2 drops

“Yes, Ferret, four drops, definitely. How is it that someone that can’t even read could possibly be made Head Boy?” Running her fingers through her hair Hermione looked down at the potion in front of her. It was suppose to be swirling crimson color that smelled like cucumbers, but instead was a pulsing slimy substance, scarlet, with silver flakes appearing. It most definitely did not smell like cucumbers.

“Shut up, Granger, honestly, I swear it said 4 drops!” Draco looked back down at the book and frowned. “Arghh…Granger….Granger!” He pushed her face down to the book. “Look at the lines after the instructions.”

(only 2 drops of Dragon Blood, if more potion will explode) Remember to wear eye protection at all time

“Malfoy!,” yelled Hermione, backing away from the potion. Quickly, both Hermoine and Malfoy moved behind another pair of desks as their potion began to boil. Looking over at Malfoy shocked face Hermione began to laugh.

“And what, per say, is so funny, Granger?” Draco Malfoy crossed his arms over his chest, frowning deeply at her. Had the girl finally lost her mind? Well, at least then he wouldn’t have to plan the Winter Ball with her.

“Nothing, Ferret, nothing,” she said, still laughing softly to herself. This whole situation in itself was just plain humorous to her. Maybe it was the stress of finding out all her responsibilities and then realizing she had no classes with her best friends, or maybe it was just the flabbergasted look on Malfoy’s face, but either way she fell into a fit of giggles again.

“Think you’re funny, Mudblood?,” with that he stood up, towering over her. “What is so funny too you? Have you finally realized what I have known all along?”

Bringing her eyebrows together and glaring at him, Hermione hissed, “and what is it you knew all along, you prat?”

“That you are a ruddy Mudblood, who has finally cracked. Any similarities between you and another wizard are purely coincidental.” Draco’s smirk grew with each word. As Hermione went to open her mouth, an angry retort ready, a loud explosion accord.

When Hermione looked back up at Draco her frown turned upright. There was Draco Malfoy, Sex God of Slytherin, completely soaked in a scarlet potion. His robes were stuck to his body, outlining every muscle that went from his arms down his chest. Hermione stood up cautiously, looking over at the potion, and finally turned back to Malfoy, smirking almost as well as he had been moments before. “I must say, Ferret, this is definitely a look I could get use to for you.”

Growling loudly under his breath, Malfoy glared at her. “You, me, Room of Requirements, tonight, 8 o’clock. We have to finish this ridiculous potion.” With those words Draco turned to walk out, but caught a piece of his robe that was dripping with the potion and slipped, falling forward into Hermione taking her down with him on the floor.

“Are you always so clumsy, Malfoy, or today just a special occasion for you?,” hissed Hermione from under him. “Either bloody way, get off of me, you’re getting me soaked!”

Draco’s face brightened up as he looked down at Hermione. “Am I? I hadn’t noticed…” Slowly he started to rub the slim that covered him down her face, making a path covering her hair down her cheek to her neck. Hermione’s face was set in shock at his actions and her mouth hung open. “Don’t worry, you look beautiful.” He stood, leaving Hermione on the ground, and attempted to walk out of the room…but was stopped by Hermione’s angry voice flowing through the classroom.

“Malfoy,” she screamed, standing up. Realizing sooner then later that her balance was off because of the fall she grabbed on a desk for support. “You will pay, Malfoy, mark my words.”

“Pardon me, Mudblood, but I think you have mistaken me with someone who gives a damn what you think.” Flashing one last smirk he strolled out of the room, leaving Hermione furiously hitting the desk beside her and looking at the mess they had created.

Later at Supper

“Hi guys,” said Hermione, sitting down in between Harry and Ron. “How was your first day of classes? I personally thought Advanced Divination was quite absurd.” Neither Ron nor Harry made a motion to answer, but instead looked at Hermione’s hair.

“ ‘Moine, now don’t take this personal, but did you put something in your hair,” asked Harry. Slowly, he reached out pulling out a small dried glob of potion that was left from the explosion. “A new gel maybe?”

Growling loudly, she looked over at the Slytherin table and met eyes with a smirking ferret.

Hermione 1- Draco 1

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