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The entire student body began to migrate down the hall towards breakfast. Lily was the last Gryffindor to enter the hall, and she was not happy. Grumbling, Lily sat down and buttered her toast. Even though the Gryffindors all knew that Lily wasn’t a morning person and was dangerous before she had her three cups of coffee in the morning, they couldn’t help but stare at her. Her fiery hair was thick and puffy, much like her eyes which held large, purple bags under them. Since the first years were new, they were staring at the sight of Lily. Glaring at the table and the surprised first years, Lily growled, “What’re you lookin’ at, huh?” The first years squeaked apologetically and the rest of the table pretended that they had no idea what she was talking about. Soon after Lily was back to her usual self, Professor McGonagall passed out the schedules.

“Ugh!” James exclaimed, “Double Potions with Slytherin and then History of Magic- with Slytherin. Next we have Transfiguration with Ravenclaw, and after that, Herbology with Hufflepuff. Divination and then Arithmancy- lucky enough Gryffindors are taking it; we have it by ourselves; followed by Defense, with, you guessed it- Slytherin! I wonder who the new teacher is,” James mused. Breakfast went by much too fast for the students and they scurried off to their classes

Sitting down in Potions, James and Sirius were about to partner up, when Professor Slughorn waddled out from behind his desk and said, “Now, now, no need to partner up. I’ve a list of partners already. Well, it is the start of a brand new term. Those of you here obviously are serious about Potions, as this class is N.E.W.T. level. Now, I have already chosen partners for each of you: Lily Evans and Sirius Black; Theresa Fritsch and Remus Lupin.” As Slughorn read off the list of names, Lindsay found herself partnered with Peter Pettigrew. Gross! thought Lindsay, I have to be paired with Peter. Theresa is so lucky she is paired with Remus. Even Lily is luckier than me, she’s paired with Sirius! It’s not fair! The only person in this room I don’t envy is James. It was true, James was the unluckiest student in the room- he was paired with Severus Snape.

“Let’s get this straight, Potter,” sneered Snape, “I am the master of potions, one thing I beat you at; so no talking or anything that could possibly screw up this potion, alright?” James grunted as a reply and the pair set to work. Snape was pleased with himself. Earlier, during breakfast, he told Slughorn that he overheard James saying he was going to play a prank in Potions that day. Slughorn had believed him. While James was reading the ingredients, he added ten too many pickled frogs eyes to their potion. No immediate results, but Potter was going to pay. Oh, yes thought Snape, he is going to pay.

On the opposite side of the dungeon, Remus and Theresa were working together splendidly. Behind them, however, Lily and Sirius were biting each others heads off. Finally, Sirius gave up and took to staring at Theresa who was sitting in front of him. Look at the way her shiny, chestnut hair tumbles down her back like a waterfall. And her laugh- what a sweet sound- like the trickle of a brook when it falls over stones. But her eyes, like two clear, blue pools of- Merlin, Sirius! Get a hold of yourself! You’re comparing you’re best beater to water, do you have feelings for her?
“Sirius, NO!” screeched Lily, “No! don’t put the lacewing flies in yet!” but it was too late. Two potions exploded at the same time. The entire classroom floor was covered in an acidy, silver potion, dissolving all of the cauldrons.

Professor Slughorn scampered on top of his desk and the students followed suit. Slughorn shouted over the commotion, “Sirius, James and Lily! I will see you tonight at 7:30 sharp! Mr. Potter, I already knew that you were going to pull a prank, but I did not even stop to think that Mr. Black and Miss Evans- Miss Evans of all people- would also! Mr.’s Potter and Black, I would expect this type of thing from you, but Miss Evans? Surely you would be a better influence, but sinking to their level? I am ashamed.” Lily hung her head in embarrassment at his words. The rest of the day, classes seemed to fly by, and the three- Lily, James and Sirius, dreaded the oncoming detention.

At dinner, Sirius and James barely touched their food and the seven friends were all silent- well, almost all of them. Surprisingly, Lindsay and Remus were happily chatting together about a novel they both had read. Lindsay was so happy she was conversing with Remus again. Ever since last year, she never had time to talk with Remus anymore- maybe while the others were in detention, they could catch up with each other. Wow, giggled Lindsay, I never noticed how Remus’s hair falls into his chocolate eyes like that…so handsome. But he’ll never feel the same way about me. Little did she know, Remus was having similar thoughts about her.

As Lily and the two Marauders walked to Professor Slughorn’s office, Lily was wondering if the boys were sick. “Are you two going to be alright?” Lily asked, concerned.

“Yeah,” Sirius said solemnly, “But Slughorn comes up with awful detentions and I’m really sorry you got blamed for my screw up.” James nodded in agreement, as if that confirmed that Sirius was truly apologizing.

“It’s alright, I was due for a detention anyways,” Lily said smiling, “But you seemed preoccupied. You were staring at something…or someone. Sirius, were you staring at Theresa?” Sirius nodded guiltily. “Oh, that’s so perfect,” Lily squealed, clapping her hands, “Oh, yes. But how to…she’s waited so long…but stupid Quidditch pride- not wanting to ruin the team. Oh blast it all!” James stared worriedly at Lily, thinking the potion had muddled the brains of the girl he loved. Sirius merely stood, his face screwed up in concentration, trying to understand Lily’s gibberish.

“Wha?” Sirius asked, thoroughly confused.

“What I mean to say is, just bloody ask her out, you blundering idiot!” screamed Lily. Standing outside of Slughorn’s office, Lily, James and Sirius all heaved a sigh, and they officially began their detention. Professor Slughorn greeted them gruffly, and the trio set to their task-dicing and pickling caterpillar bodies. Once they completed their disgusting task, Lily, James and Sirius wrote I will never explode a potion in class again, no matter how funny it may seem to me.- fifty times, which was the amount of points Slughorn deducted from Gryffindor. Finally, the three handed in their lines and trudged back to the common room, only to find Remus and Lindsay curled up on the couch, sleeping in each other’s arms. “Let’s not say anything to them until they tell us, agreed?” asked Lily.

“Agreed,” James and Sirius said in unison as they headed up the stairs. Ah, Lily thought, as she looked at the sleeping Remus and Lindsay one last time, so sweet, so perfect. And she walked up the dormitory stairs.

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