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Chapter Seven


"Is it getting to the point where you have to stalk her, to get her to go out with you, James?"

Stupid Sirius.

"No. I was just. . .trying to find her, so I could. . .you know, ask her to Hogsmeade, Sirius." I started defensively,"And, of course, Lily will say yes and then I'll win the bet, you know." Damn. I looked back down at the Marauders' Map for The Name: Lily Evans.

"No, you're not, James." Sirius said with a smirk as he flipped through an old quidditch magizine. "You are horrible at lieing, you know?" Today is a rainy November twelveth. It's also Saturday.

I threw a nearby shoe at Sirius. It hit directly on target. Yes! James Potter doesn't miss. He never does. He gets a target and he hits directly.

If only asking Lily Evans for one measly date would be as simple as hitting a target. Unfortunately, things in life just aren't easy. I mean, really. Why couldn't I just walk up to Lily calmly and ask her, also calmly? For Merlin's sake, it was easier asking out a girl for the FIRST time, than it is asking Lily Evans out.

I remember asking a girl out for the first time. I was fifteen. Ahhhh, so long ago. The memories of boyhood, you know, since I'm a man now. So now, it's the memories of manhood, instead of boyhood.

Anyways, the first girl I ever asked out was. . .er, what was her name? Blimey, How could I forget the girl's name?

"Hey, Remus?" I asked said person as he dipped his quill into his inkwell and began an essay that was due Tuesday. Pfft. What is with him? Doing essay on a Saturday when you could be doing what I'm doing, which is. . .er, try to find a girl on the Marauders map. Yes, that is so much more productive.

"Hmmm?" He asked absentmindly.

"Do you remember the name of the girl I first asked out?"

Remus looked up from his essay, an eyebrow raised,"You don't remember? Didn't you asked her out in fifth year?"

"Yes. . ."

"That was only two years ago, James. How could you forget? Is your memory really that bad?" Remus asked in amusement.

I heard a snort from Sirius. "No, I don't think James' memory being bad has anything to do with it. If you remember correctly, James was rejected." Sirius laughed. "I suppose you wanted to block out that memory so it wouldn't hurt your delicate ego."

Another shoe was thrown. Honestly, if I ever lose a shoe, just look over by Sirius' bed and I'll find it.

"Shove off, Sirius." I replied moodily. That was why I didn't remember her name. Because I wanted to forget that most tramatizing event.

"Well, before I shove off, the name of the girl who rejected you was Elizabeth. You know, from Ravenclaw."

Oh, right- No. . .I really don't remember her. Huh. That must have been an even more tramatizing event than I originally thought.

Anyways, why can't I just walk up to Lily and ask her? I mean, it should be easy. She's alone more than half the time, so I wouldn't ever have to worry about trying to pry her away from her friends or anything. And Lily's completely nice. She would be nice about it. If she rejected me. Which she won't. But, wait. Why am I so worried then? Because I think she'd reject me? Lily Evans, reject me? That would be impossible, though. I mean, why would she? But then, why is it so hard to ask her? Is it guilt from the bet? Is is guilt from the way I've treated her through the years? No, because even though I sort of ignored her a lot and even played a few pranks on her, I've always been on "okay" terms with Lily Evans-. . .

Merlin. This is getting so confusing. I don't think asking a girl out has ever been more complicatingly confusing.


What does he think he's doing out there with her?- Well, I just assume it's Lily's precious Andrew, as she likes to call him. I like to call him arse-faced Ravendrew when Lily's not around though. I just assume it's him since I'm sitting in Mcgongall's classroom writing I will not transfigure Walter Georgetown's owl into a pile of dung again one hundred times while the two sit out by themselves- yes, by themselves- under a tree near the lake.

And considering Mcgongall's classroom is on the eighth floor of Hogwarts, it's a bit hard to see if it's him. I've never even met the conceited prat before, so how should I know what he looks like, especially from a hundred feet up in a stuffy, old classroom.

I just recognized Lily because of her red hair. And because she mentioned at lunch (I sat with her, alone this time and forever more. Never will I have my friends sit with me while I'm with her. I mean, considering last time they did, Lily probably got the impression they were a bunch of clowns) that she was going to tutor Andrew afterwards. And it was "afterward" now.

Speaking of eating lunch with her, from the fifteen sentences she said during the entire lunch period, four of them were about Andrew, her dreambloke, apparently. That means that almost one-third of what she talked about at lunch was Mr. I-like-to-ruin-James-Potter's-life-by-trying-to-make-him-lose-his-bet-and-sweep-Lily-off-her-feet-and-also-sweep-her-away-from-James-Potter.

Here are the ten sentences Lily said to me today at lunch (I remember quite a lot when I want to, just not tramatizing events such as getting rejected by the first girl I asked out. . .although, I would like to forget these ten sentences because they are quite depressing):

"Hello, James, how are you today?"

"Can you pass the potatoes?"

"Can you pass the salt?"

"Andrew's doing a lot better now in potions, but he's starting to slip some in transfigurations now. He really is a nice guy, James. It's a shame you two haven't really talked before, he likes quidditch too, though he's not on the Ravenclaw team." (Of course he's not on the quidditch team. He's a talentless git, why would he?)

"Can you pass the salt again?" (The potatoes really weren't that good today, I had to add salt about five times before they alright)

"Can you pass the pitcher of pumpkin juice?"

"Why did the chocolate frog cross the road, James?" (Well, I know it was lame to try and tell her a joke, but what else could I do? I didn't know what else to say. My mind sort of freeze up. On the plus side though, Lily laughed at the joke. And not in a Ha-ha-ha-I'm-just-trying-be-polite-and-laugh-at-your-pathetic-excuse-for-a-joke way. It was an amused laugh, a real laugh. Lily's just that way. That nice-to-everyone sort of way)

"Yes, I have to admit, the potatoes rather do taste like. . .crap."

"I'm staying here over the holidays, too. It's our last year at Hogwarts and I want to spend as much time here, as possible." (Me too, Lily)

"Thanks for offering a walk, James, but I already promised Andrew a tutoring session today after lunch." (Okay, I asked her to go on a walk with me outside. Of course, perfect Andrew already asked Lily to tutor him)

"My birthday's June 20th." (Another lame attempt to get a conversation going. Honestly, I just can't think of what to say around Lily)

"Well, see you later, James."

Right. I know, excruxiatingly lame lunch period. It's just, with Lily, I don't know what to say to her. I don't know why, so don't asked why. There's just something about her that makes me forget anything that might be even the slightest bit normal to say to her.

"Mr. Potter! What, may I ask, are you writing?" Mcgongall's voice asked, just beside me.

I snapped my head from the window overlooking Lily and Mr. Dreamboy, to my paper.

I will transfigure Walter Georgetown's arse-faced Ravendrew into a pile of dung again

"Crap!" I hissed to myself, even though transfiguring arse-faced Ravendrew into a pile of dung would be very nice. I then turned to Mcgongall with a sheepish grin,"Er, sorry, professor. My mind must be somewhere else today."

Mcgongall raised an eyebrow,"And I suppose, by the looks of it, your mind is on things much more important, I suppose."

"Er, is that a trick question?"

She sighed tiredly and walked back to her desk,"Just get back to writing, Potter."

I glanced out once more to Lily and him before scratching out my previous sentence and began my sixty-fourth sentence again.


It's raining. And I missed arse-faced Ravendrew. Lily still outside. In the rain. Dancing. Yes, dancing. Why she is dancing in the rain, I don't know. I decided to ask her that after standing under a tree for a few seconds watching her in bewilderment.

After finishing writing my I will not. . . detention, I made my way down towards the grounds, to, you know, just happen to run into Lily and her Dreamboat, Andrew.

Well, Andrew had apparently already went in, so, I didn't get to have the pleasure of meeting him. Right. Anyways, while arse-faced Ravendrew was off to conduct some other way to ruin my life, Lily was dancing in the rain. She was completely soaked. And I was getting completely soaked myself as I walked towards her.


Lily had obviously thought she was alone during her dancing ritual and was a bit flustered at being caught at it. "James!" She paused, her dancing finished, I guess. She was standing awkwardly, her bag laying forgotten on the ground. "Er, hello. I was just. . ."

"Dancing in the rain?"

"Um, well, yes. . ." She was obviously embarrassed. So, being the wonderful guy I am, and Lily being the ever-so-nice girl she is, I decided to act as cool about this as possible. I mean, everyone knew, including Lily Evans herself, that Lily Evans dancing in the rain was just something you didn't see.

I nodded my head as we both stood awkwardly in the rain. I'm sorry to say that the whole Lily-makes-me-unable-to-say-something-actually-normal thing came back to me right then.

"What are you doing out here?" Lily asked hastily as she quikcly went to get her bag, which was also completely soaked.

"Er. . .well, I just got out of detention and decided to come outside for a while. Didn't know it was raining."

Lily nodded.

I took a stab at asking a burning question. "Do you dance in the rain much, Lily?" I honestly wanted to know. I wasn't making fun of her or anything.

Lily bit her lip and flushed even deeper now. "Er. . .no. I, actually, never have before this."

Ah. That was. . .odd. I was amused now. "If you don't mind me asking then, why did you decide to dance in the rain just now?"

I could see that Lily was starting to find this situation a bit amusing also. A small smile spread across her face, making me grin,"Um, well, I guess it was just an impulse of the moment sort of thing."

"Do you have these impulse of the moment things often?" I inquired.

Lily looked me straight in the eye, still looking a bit embarrassed, though she looked ready to start laughing right there and then. "Not too often, I suppose. . .Do you ever have impulse of the moment things?"

I stared at Lily. She was completely soaked, her red hair darker than usual since it was wet, her teeth were beganning to chatter from the chilliness of the rain. Her green eyes were still on me.

Then there was me. Also soaked to the bone, hair probably matted down from being wet and staring at Lily Evans like an idiot probably.

I couldn't think of a funnier situation than this. Lily Evans, dancing in the rain. It seemed so unlike her. Although, I really couldn't think of anyone I knew that seemed like the person to dance in the rain.

I grinned at her,"I think I'm having an impulse of the moment right now, actually."

Lily looked at me curiously,"Really?"

"Yeah." With that, I scooped her up in my arms- okay, don't start thinking it was something romantic though. Although, that would be somewhat nice, since, if it was and Lily realized that it was, than she'd figure out that I wanted her to go to Hogsmeade with her and she'd asked me, instead of me asking her and this whole bet thing would be over.

Honestly, though. It wasn't that romantic. First of all, even though I don't go around reading those sappy, crappy love novels that girls somehow find wonderful for some absurd reason, I do know some of the overused lines in them, thanks to my mum saying them to my father a gazillion and one embarrassing times. . .

"Harold, why can't you "throw your arms around me and kiss me with a passion that burns likes the sun"?"

"What was that, dear? I was reading the Prophet-"

"Or why don't you ever say "My darling, my love, my dear, I am not worthy of your loveliness. Of your beauty. Of your charm. Of your talent-"

"Because I am worthy. In fact, my "loveliness", "beauty", "charm", and "talent" is just as good as yours- ah! Here's what I was looking for! Tomorrow's weather prediction."

That's just embarrassing. Plain and simple.

Anyways, back to scooping Lily into my arms.

You know how some of the mushy, gushy romance novels say something along the lines of,"She fit perfectly in his arms. It was like they became one" or something like that? Well, believe me. Lily didn't fit perfectly, and we didn't become one- that would be rather odd, actually, to just, you know, mold into one person. Kind of scary, actually- not that I'd be scared or anything. Lily's elbow was stabbing into my ribs, just about knocking the wind out of me. The whole way of holding her was rather awkward.

Here's another line: "He couldn't help but notice how feather light she was". Pfft. Okay, now, I'm not saying that Lily weighs three hundred pounds or anything, really, I'm not. Lily's a petite girl. She really doesn't weight much. Probably just the average weight of a seventeen year old girl. . .it's just, even though I'm strong, you know, picking up a hundred and ten pound girl really isn't the easiest thing in the world.

There you go. The next time you go around reading one of those sappy, crappy love, dovey novels, remember this: They are excruxiatingly fake.

Lily gave a yelp in surprise and grabbing onto the back of my neck for dear life, her eyes squeezed shut,"James! What are you doing?"

"What am I doing?" I repeated. I laughed and spun her around, trying to ignoring her elbow digging into my ribs, along with her fingernails now digging into the back of my neck. "I'm having an impulse of the moment!"

Lily heard my laughing and slowly opened her eyes. She blinked at me. Once. Twice. Three times before bursting out in laughter along with me. Her fingers hesitantly let go of their death grip on my neck, thankfully. "You know," She said, smiling at me,"I don't feel as entirely stupid for dancing in the rain now that you've gone and done this."

I didn't really know what to say, since I forgot, once again, what normal talking was in front of Lily. Instead, I just twirl her around again, grinning at her. Lily leaned her head back and stuck her tongue out.

"You know, you're suppose to stick your tongue out for snowflakes, not raindrops." I told her. I inwardly cursed. Was that something stupid to say or what?

Lily closed her mouth, saying,"I didn't know that." She said with a chuckle,"Could you keep from telling anyone that I did otherwise."

Her elbow was really starting to get me now. "Sure, I'll try."

Lily didn't reply this time, instead, she just turned her head away, still smiling.

I finally had let go of her, I felt as though her elbow had dug a hole right through my ribs. Lily stood still for a moment as the usually silence fell between us, before grabbing her bag once again, since it had fallen off her shoulder as I grabbed her.

I ran a hand through my sloshy hair anxiously as I absentmindly watched Lily put the bag on her should again. When she finished, Lily turned her eyes back to me. We stood silently for a few seconds. The silence between us had slowly become. . .I don't know the word for it. . .Comfortable? No. That couldn't be it, could it? Maybe normal. Yeah, normal. The silence had become normal. It wasn't as bad anymore, I suppose. Say something, James. . .

. . .Say anything, you imbecile!

"You're wet." I blurted out.

Lily looked amused. "You are too."

"I suppose that's what rain does to us. Get us wet, I mean." I replied back.

"Yes, I suppose so."

"We're still standing in the rain. Getting wet." Thanks, Mister James the Obvious.

Lily said in a startled voice, as though she just realized my piece of information,"Oh! Right." She began to hurriedly rush up to the castle entrance, myself following close behind.


It was empty as we stepped into the castle, closing the large doors behind us. The floor soon had a nice size water puddle from us, along with mud from our shoes.

The silence that was almost always around was still hanging over us, from me not being able to speak normally and from Lily, just, well, not speaking because that's what she does a lot. Not speak, I mean.

After a few moments of silence and drying charms being said, I spoke,"Well, that was. . .interesting."

Lily let out a small laugh,"Yes, it was."

"I didn't know impulses of the moment things could be so interesting." I continued.


I could ask her now. To Hogsmeade, I mean. We just had a, er, bonding moment back there, laughing and prancing around in the rain, she would have to say yes to me.

"Lily," I started quickly. Lily looked a bit startled as she pointed her wand at her hair. "Yes?" I ran a hand through my still wet hair. "I was wondering. . ."

I glance at her. Lily was completely dry now, excluding her bag. Her hair was tangled and messy from the rain; and her clothes were a bit muddy and wrinkled. She didn't look like the normal everyday Lily Evans. She made my stomach feel as though a snitch was fluttering around in my stomach; don't get me wrong though, she didn't look like a ugly hag or anything. Quite the opposite really.

I was beganing to have another impulse of the moment. And I wasn't liking it. It was a weird impulse. It was an impulse that I, thankfully, was able to control. It was an impulse to kiss Lily Evans.

"I was wondering if, you know, you wanted to maybe- if you wanted to, of course, go to. . ." trailed off,". . .to the library sometime next week and see if there was any, er, charms to help decorate the Great Hall for the winter ball."

The library? Where had that come from, James? Blimey! I meant to say Hosmeade, not the bloody library!

Lily didn't seem to notice since she just agreed, saying it was fine.

Oh, good God. I am really beganing to regret agreeing to this bet. It's making me go insane. No. Lily Evans is making me go insane. And not in a good way. . .of course, there is no good way of going insane, but, well, you know what I mean. . .don't you?


Author's Note: There it is. James is quite the confused bloke, isn't he?

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