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Chapter 6- Feelings and Explanations ***Later that Day*** An owl arrived as lunch was being served. Molly retrieved the letter from the owl and she saw that it was addressed to Ron. Molly handed the letter to Ron. He then unrolled the parchment and began to read. “What?” he exclaimed right before he toppled over backwards in a dead faint. Ginny giggled in spite of her worry, but Ginny really let it go when she saw the grin on Harry’s face. “I think he got the letter from Sirius’s conservator.” Harry announced as Molly reached down to pick up the letter to see what had shocked Ron so. “Ten thousand galleons!” She exclaimed, almost falling herself. Lupin grinned and he pointed his wand at Ron. “Enervate.” Ron came around and his eyes widened. “Did I just get a letter?” Ron asked wondering if he had been dreaming. “Yes, Ron. Its true Sirius left both you and Hermione some money.” Harry answered. A second owl arrived for Ron after lunch. This time the letter was from Hermione. She told Ron about getting the letter from the conservator, and the things she had been up to, which wasn’t much. There wasn’t much for Hermione to be up to since their owl grades affected the classes that can be taken in their sixth year. She added that she hadn’t heard from Harry yet. She hoped that he wasn’t sulking or feeling guilty, and that everything wasn’t his fault. This made Harry realize that he hadn’t been in a bad mood or depressed since Ginny had contacted him. However, realizing this did make him feel guilty for not missing Sirius as much as he thought that he should, being that it was his fault. Ginny looked at Harry whom she could tell was in deep thought, after Ron read the last part of Hermione’s letter. He had his brow so furrowed in thought that she just didn’t know what was going on in Harry’s head. “Harry Potter.” She said forcefully, which pulled Harry’s thoughts back to reality. “Don’t start blaming yourself again. You have finally started being happy and you’re not going to close yourself up again.” “GINNY!” Ron snapped. “No Ron, she’s right.” Harry stated. He was shocked that Ginny could read him so well. “I do know of one thing. I had better write to Hermione and explain why I haven’t written her yet.” Ginny and Ron played a game of chess while Harry wrote and explained all of the happenings of the previous days to Hermione. Harry sent the completed letter off with Hedwig. Suppertime had arrived. The twins arrived after their day at the joke shop that they had opened in Hogsmede. The twins spent the evening filling Harry in on their latest inventions and jokes. Harry was so tired that he finally excused himself and went up to bed. He undressed and without bothering to find his pajamas fell into bed. He was fast asleep before his head hit the pillow. Thankfully, it was warm enough that covers weren’t necessary. A while later Ron crept into his room. As Ron was quickly and quietly trying to slip back out of the room, without waking Harry, Ron was trying to stifle his laughter. “Fred! George! You have got to see this.” Ron called. The twins came into the hall with curiosity. “What’s up?” Asked Fred. “Look.” Ron pointed as he opened the door to Harry’s room. The light from the hall splayed across Harry’s bed. “What?” George asked. Ron looked in at Harry. “Oh, turn out the light.” Ron told George. George turned. He extinguished the light in the hall and an eerie light began to shine from Harry’s bed. The three burst out with laughter, which woke up Harry. “What’s going on?” Harry asked sleepily. “Gee Harry; is there something that you would like to tell us?” Fred laughed. “Never would have thought it.” George added. “What are you talking about?” Harry asked them. “Look down Harry.” Ron said, covering his mouth trying to hold the laughter in. Harry looked down and he noticed the glowing was coming from him, well his boxes actually. One could plainly see the outline of flames and the words RED HOT LOVER coming from them. Before Harry could say anything, they all turned to the door when they heard “OH MY.” “Lumos.” Ron muttered, so the bedroom light came on. It took a second for everyone’s eyes to adjust. When their eyes finally adjusted, they were looking at a gaping Ginny. Her eyes were fixed on Harry. He was standing in nothing but the boxers she had picked out for him. Fred leapt at Ginny trying to cover her eyes with his hands. “Ginny!” They all cried when they came out of their trance. “I’m going.” She said, trying to pry Fred off of her. Harry quickly grabbed a blanket off the bed trying to wrap up. Fred let go of Ginny so she could leave. Ginny giggled when she saw how red Harry’s face was. Ginny hadn’t noticed his face before. “Harry?” Ginny giggled. “Um, don’t worry, they don’t make you look fat.” Ginny quickly hurried from the room. “What was that about?” Ron questioned. “Ginny picked out the clothes for me when she was staying at Mrs. Fig’s.” “Ginny picked those out?” George laughed. “Yeah, it was quite embarrassing. Then we ran into Tonks, who was on guard duty, and she saw all the things that Ginny had picked out. I was so embarrassed. She even made a comment about the dots being her favorite.” The three were bursting out in laughter while Harry stood there red faced and embarrassed. “Hey George,” Fred said. “Thinking the same.” George replied. “You two are scary when you two do that you know?” Ron said. Ignoring Ron, Fred told George, “Let’s get planning.” “Right, gotta go.” And with a pop they were gone. “Harry what all did you and Ginny do while she was staying at Mrs. Fig’s?” Ron asked. “We went clothes shopping, running, and played a couple games of chess. We were just having some fun. We are just friends.” “Relax Harry. I was just hoping that she’d like you again, so she doesn’t go out with Dean.” Harry had forgotten that she was interested in him. For some reason this made him feel deflated, kind of like a balloon that had lost too much air. Why would this upset him? He realized that it must be the protectiveness, like Ron felt for her since they were all friends. The problem was he never felt like that about Hermione. How did he feel? Did it even matter? She certainly doesn’t like him like that anyway.

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