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Chapter 5 – Answers Will Be Provided Harry lay awake that night thinking about all the things that have happened. He wondered what his house will be like, and what his dad’s childhood must have been like there. Harry was very excited to see the house. The only thing bad about this situation was that he would still be with the Dursley’s, although it might be interesting being that they would have to live in a wizards’ house. This made him wonder even more about his home. What would it be like? Would it be like the Black house? Probably not, since it had owners who were in the dark arts. How about the Burrows? He loved the way the Burrow just didn’t look at all normal, but couldn’t imagine his Aunt Petunia living there at all. What were average witches and wizard’s houses like? He had only ever visited two of them, and both were so very different. He also worried about the whole executer that he had to name. He didn’t know a whole lot of adults very well, and most of them had things to do of their own, and families to take care of. So, he couldn’t ask any of them to just drop everything for him to look after things. Would he have to let the Dursley’s take control of everything? He defiantly didn’t trust them, but who else was there? With these thoughts Harry drifted into a restless sleep. Harry………Harry………. Harry was shook awake. “What?!?!” Shaken Harry opened his eyes in the still dark room. “Ron?” he asked groggily. “What are you doing here?” “There was an attack at the Burrow.” “What? Was anyone hurt? Where’s Ginny?” Harry interrupted. “Harry relax, Mom and Dad were just getting home so they apparated out right away. They came and got me. The twins went with Mom and Dad to get Ginny at Mrs. Fig’s.” “I hope she’s ok!” Harry stated worriedly. Harry and Ron decided to wait in the kitchen for the rest of the Weasley’s to arrive. It was about two in the morning when they finally got there. By this time the boys in their worry, had gotten Remus out of bed. He was the only other person staying at the house. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, with Ginny in tow, came into the kitchen to find the three sitting there quietly. All seemed to be in thought. “Ginny!” Harry shouted when he had seen them arrive. He shot out from his chair and rushed up to give Ginny an enormous hug. This surprised everyone, even Ginny, who blushed. Ginny tried to hide that she wished that the hug wasn’t over so quickly. Harry didn’t know what had come over him. He made a quick decision to try and salvage the situation by quickly going over to Molly and giving her a hug. That way no one would get the wrong impression. Harry nodded to Arthur. “I’m so glad that you are all ok.” Harry looked back at Ron who was giving him a puzzled look, but before Ron could comment there were two pops which announced the arrival of the twins. “Hi ya Harry!” they said in sync. “Would you like a cup of tea?” Remus interjected. “Just one, then we must get to bed. It is really late. Kids, why don’t you take your things up to your rooms, and head to bed? We can talk in the morning.” Molly said. Harry, Ginny, and Ron went upstairs. “Harry is everything ok?” asked Ginny. “You left without a word. I didn’t know where you had gone to.” “I’m alright. I’ve had a lot to think about.” Harry proceeded to tell them about all of the things he had found out. Harry left out portions which had to do with the sum of his inheritance, and what Ron and Hermione were receiving. He didn’t feel it was his place to talk about that part of it all and didn’t want Ron to get the wrong idea. Especially the way that Harry knew how Ron felt about charity. He explained how he had to find someone to act as executer of his estate until he was of majority. The next morning Harry woke up when Ginny pounded on the door. “Harry, Ron, Mom says to come down for breakfast.” “Be down in a bit.” Harry hollered back. Ron just kept on snoring. “RON!” Harry threw his pillow at Ron. “Time to get up.” “Alright, Alright.” Ron said sleepily. Harry grabbed some clothes. He hurried to the shower. After dressing Harry went back to the room. Ron was sitting up, but still hadn’t got up out of bed yet. “You coming?” asked Harry. “Yeah, I’ll go shower, maybe that’ll wake me up.” Ron yawned. “You go on down. I’ll catch up.” Harry left the room to find Ginny heading up the stairs. “Morning, Gin.” “Morning, Harry.” Ginny stopped at the top to wait for him. “You know Harry I was really worried when you just disappeared like that. I stopped by your Aunt’s house and your Aunt wouldn’t tell me anything. I’m really glad that you are ok.” Ginny went up on her tip toes and gave Harry a quick peck on the cheek before turning and going to her room. Harry couldn’t move. All he could do was stand there for the next few minutes in a daze. His cheek felt warm where her lips had touched and he was sure that his face was red as her hair. Why did she do that anyway? Harry thought to himself. She didn’t have that crush anymore. They were just friends. When Harry finally regained his composure he finished his way to the kitchen. He was pleasantly surprised to find Dumbledore at the table talking with Arthur and Molly. “Harry dear, come get breakfast.” Molly told Harry as he came in to sit down at the table. She sounded tired or like she was unhappy about something. Molly immediately got up, grabbed Harry a plate and began filling it with eggs, sausage, and toast. She placed it in front of Harry. “That’s it tuck in.” She gave him a weak smile. “Mrs. Weasley is something wrong?” Harry asked quietly. “Oh no, not really, I was just trying to figure some things out after the attack.” “It will work out Molly dear.” Arthur told her. “It’s just going to take awhile to come up with the right spells to make it safe enough to go back again.” “I’m just glad that none of the kids were home especially Ron and Ginny. It would have taken us longer to get out since they can’t apparate.” Molly sniffed. “What would have happened?” “Now, Molly don’t go getting yourself all worked up over what if.” Arthur said sympathetically patting her hand. “Harry have you thought of anyone who you would like to act as executer?” asked Dumbledore. “I have been thinking about it, but I haven’t come up with anything yet. I just don’t know that many adults and everyone has their own things to do, and their own families to take care of.” Harry looked at Dumbledore. “I’m not going to have to ask the Dursley’s am I? I certainly don’t trust them.” “The Dursley’s!” exclaimed Molly. “You can’t let them take over Harry’s things. There’ll be nothing left for him. I just don’t understand why you won’t let Harry come live with us. He’s more apart of our family than he’s ever been of theirs! The way that they treat that poor boy.” She huffed. Harry suddenly grinned. He looked over at Dumbledore whose eyes were twinkling with amusement. “Professor, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Harry asked. “I believe I am. Not to worry Harry, it’s big enough for all of them.” Dumbledore smiled. “Mrs. Weasley?” “Yes, Harry.” She replied. “Would you like to be executer for me?” Harry asked of her. “Harry surely there is someone else more suitable then me?” “You said it yourself, Mrs. Weasley, you’re more my family then the Dursley’s so who better to take the role then you? You won’t have to do much for me. I don’t need much at all. You all can live in the Potter house, at least until you get the spells worked up and want to go back to the Burrow. I haven’t seen the house yet, but Dumbledore just said that there’s room. Please, Mrs. Weasley.” Harry pleaded. Molly pulled Harry into a tight hug. “Harry you couldn’t make me prouder if you were one of my own.” As she let go of Harry she said as she was wiping tears from her eyes, “At least this way I can make sure the Dursley’s are treating you right.” “What’s going on?” Ron asked as he entered the kitchen. Harry’s face just beamed. “You’re gonna come live with me.”

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