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Chapter 4 – Unexpected News “Hello, Harry.” Professor Lupin greeted Harry and Professor Dumbledore when they arrived at: Number 12 Grimmauld Place. “Mooney, how are you doing?” Harry grinned. “Pretty well, my not so little Prongs.” Remus looked at Harry as he closed him into a tight hug, “I think you’re having a growth spurt.” “Why don’t you take your things up to your room, Harry? Then you can come to the kitchen and have some tea while we discuss matters.” Dumbledore interjected. Harry took up his things to the old bedroom that he and Ron had shared last year. When he had finished putting his things away he went down to the kitchen where Remus and Albus Dumbledore were waiting for him. Harry sat down at the table while Remus poured him a cup of tea. “So, are you going to tell me where I get to live now? Am I going to stay here or do I go to the Weasley’s when they get back?” Harry asked. “Harry we’re waiting for one more person to arrive that can help with some of the details, but I think we can begin by saying that you’ll be staying here for about a week before you can go to your new home. I’m afraid it won’t be the Weasley’s. I would still like to use the blood protection of your relatives.” Dumbledore said as Harry’s face dropped. “You’re NOT making me go to AUNT MARGE’S! I WON’T GO! Why can’t I stay here?” Harry exclaimed. “Calm down Harry.” Remus told him in a soothing voice. “You don’t have to go to Aunt Marge’s; we don’t want the ministry sending a letter for the use of underage magic.” Dumbledore laughed. “I also don’t think it will be appropriate for your Aunt and Uncle to live here. We have enough going on here without adding more complications.” “Then, where…?” Harry was interrupted by the doorbell. “AH! I think our guest has arrived.” Dumbledore stated as he went to answer the door. A few minutes later Dumbledore returned with a short balding man, carrying a briefcase. “Harry this is Mr. Long. He is the conservator who handled both your parents and Sirius’s wills.” Dumbledore introduced Harry to Mr. Long. “Okay, no offense, but why is he here?” Harry asked. “I can answer that.” Mr. Long stated. “I have been informed about your change in situations, and well, normally this wouldn’t happen until you become of age. So, we are making some changes and adjustments.” “Okay.” Harry stated obviously still confused. “Let’s sit down and get a little more comfortable. Can I offer you some tea, Mr. Long?” Remus asked. “Yes, please. Now let’s get down to business Harry. I see you already know about your trust funds.” “Trust fund?” Harry asked. “You know about your account at Gningots, which had been set up for you to get the things that you need while you are in school. Hmmm…. I see you have hardly made a dent in that and you are ready to start in…” “Sixth year.” Harry supplied. “Right, you also have your family vault that contains items from your parents. Then there is also the Potter family vault of items that have been handed down through the Potter line and the Potter inheritance.” Mr. Long continued on to say. Harry just sat there in shock. “You ok Harry?” Remus asked. “Um..Yeah, I just didn’t expect anything like this.” Harry muttered. Still reading Mr. Long continued to state, “then there’s the house.” “House? I thought that my parents’ house was destroyed.” Harry said. Harry thought to himself. Although he’d like to see his parents’ house, he was sure it would be too hard to live in. “No Harry, though you do own that property, I was referring to the Potter estate. That would be where your father grew up.” Mr. Long stated. “Okay.” Harry said while looking at Dumbledore and asked, “Is that where I’m going to live then?” Harry asked still confused as to where he was going to be living. “Yes Harry, I thought that would work best and we could bring your relatives there, and continue the protection that your mother started.” Dumbledore replied. “Yes.” Mr. Long interjected. “We also need to set up an executer to watch over your finances and other things that might pop up. Harry since you are at a fairly mature age, you can decide who to choose as the executer. The person must be a responsible someone that you trust, is available to take care of matters, and also available to keep close contact with you, preferably someone able to live with you. The person you pick will also have their own personal spending account. Do you have anyone in mind Harry?” “I guess I’d probably like Remus to take the job, if you would?” Harry looked at Remus. “OH, Harry I really would love to do that for you,” Remus smiled. “But, unfortunately I will be gone for a good portion of the year with different assignments for the Order. I don’t think that I would be a very good choice.” “Harry you can take some time to decide,” interrupted Mr. Long. “Next on the list is Sirius’s will. Sirius wanted to leave everything to be split between Harry and Remus. He said with knowing how you both are he decided that first: he would leave Black Manor to the Order, for as long as they see fit to use. When that time comes if they want to they can donate it to the charity of their choice. Second: the liquid portion of the estate, Sirius said that, half would still go to Remus with instructions to tell you that you were one of the best friends a marauder could have. He also said to take care of yourself and try to have a little fun. To Harry he left this note. Dear Harry: I want you to know that I am very proud of the way you’re turning out. I love you very much. I know you don’t need the money, so I thought of something else that I think that you would approve of. The rest of the money is to be split and placed in two separate accounts under the names: Hermione Gnanger and Ronald Weasly, for their help in the third year. You take care of yourself and remember you’re not responsible for all the things caused by Voldemort. Try your best at being happy and remember me always. Love, Sirius P.S. Keep up the marauder image. Harry bent his head to hide the tears forming in his eyes. “You ok?” Remus asked. “Yeah, it’s just a little hard. Ya know?” Harry shook his head. “I think that will be all for today. I need to get back to the office. Send word when you find someone you would like to be the executor. It was nice meeting you Harry.” Mr. Long nodded. They all shook hands and Mr. Long excused himself.

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