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Chapter 3 – Not What I Expected That night Harry went to bed with the biggest smile across his face. He was finally free of the Dursley’s! Harry earlier that night wrote to Dumbledore explaining what had happened earlier that evening, and what all he had overheard. Now, all Harry had to do was sit back and wait for someone to come and get him. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Harry rushed to the door, still in his pajamas, to find Dumbledore. “Hello, Harry.” Dumbledore greeted. “Hi Professor, please come in.” Harry moved from the doorway to let Dumbledore enter the house. Harry had never seen him in muggle clothes before, but today he was dressed in a dark suit complete with a bowler hat. “Are your Aunt and Uncle here, Harry?” asked Dumbledore. “I need to speak with them.” “Um.. They’re in the kitchen. Why would you want to speak with them?” Harry questioned. “All will be explained in due time Harry. Go wait upstairs for a bit, and then we’ll talk about going ok?” Dumbledore made his own way into the kitchen while Harry headed up the stairs. Harry walked up a few steps and heard a shriek followed by a huge CRASH. Harry thought to himself Aunt Petunia noticed Dumbledore is here. In the kitchen, Aunt Petunia had poured herself a cup of tea. She jumped with fright as she turned and saw Dumbledore coming through the doorway, and her teacup, forgotten, dropped onto the floor. “I apologize, madam, I did not mean to frighten you. REPARO!” stated Dumbledore as he quickly pointed his wand at the broken teacup and sent it back on the kitchen table. Meanwhile, Vernon was getting red faced by the interruption, not to mention the magic. Vernon stood and bellowed “I will not have abnormalities in my HOME!” “That is exactly why I am here.” Dumbledore stalled. “I came to talk to you about your living situation, and the safety of Harry.” “We have not done anything wrong to that good for nothing boy.” Vernon ranted. “Who by the way, is nothing but a thief!” “Why do you think he is a thief?” asked Dumbledore. “The boy came home yesterday with all sorts of packages. I had never given him any money, so he had to have stolen it.” Vernon began squirming in his chair seeming to admit they never gave Harry any money even though they normally doled it out to Dudley. “I assure you, Mr. Dursley that Harry indeed has money, and that is one of the reasons that I am here. Besides of the fact of your financial problems that is.” Dumbledore stated. “WHAT HARRY HAS MONEY? What do you mean of our finances?” (Vernon was a little slow on the uptake.) “I know that you plan on moving and selling your house. I also know that you don’t plan on taking Harry with you. Let’s leave it at that.” “What do you plan on doing about it? Harry can’t go to Marge’s. You heard about what he did to her last time.” Vernon was beginning to turn purple all over. He defiantly didn’t like this conversation. Dumbledore raised his hand. “I’m not suggesting that you take Harry with you.” “Then what do you want?” Vernon interrupted. “I am suggesting that you come with Harry.” This time Petunia interrupted, finally finding her voice. “Going with Harry where exactly?” “I will take Harry to his God Father’s house. He left it to the, um, group – a few of us belong to, to have our meetings.” Dumbledore said. Vernon narrowed his eyes. “If he was Harry’s God Father why would he leave his house to a group than to Harry?” “Sirius knew that Harry wouldn’t need it.” He answered. Vernon interrupted again. “Why wouldn’t Harry need a house? His parents blew up theirs.” “Mr. Dursley, sir, if you would stop interrupting, I will tell you.” Dumbledore scolded. Vernon started to turn purple all over again. “Harry has his own house that he would obtain when he became of legal age. It had been in the Potter family for generations.” “If Harry has a house then why take him to this other place?” asked Petunia. “Well, my dear woman, it will take a bit of time to get it ready, no one has lived there for awhile and we’ll have to get Ickus some help.” “Who is Ickus?” asked Petunia. “You might call him a caretaker who has been with the family for a long time.” Dumbledore told her. “That’s all good enough, but it will still take money, so thanks, but no thanks. We’re going to Marge’s and I will not live in a wiz..wizards house.” Vernon stuttered. “I know it would be an adjustment for you, but I assure you that every thing will be paid for, if you agree. You won’t have to worry about anything. I can get started on the protection of the house right away.” Dumbledore stated. “Protection? What do you mean protection?” asked Vernon. “Spells, to keep everyone safe.” Dumbledore said like it was a common thing to do. “I WILL NOT LIVE IN A PLACE THAT HAS SPELLS ON IT!!!” Vernon shouted. Dumbledore laughed. “Mr. Dursley, you already do. Why do you think your family has been safe all these years?” Vernon fumed. “I still say we go to Marge’s!” Petunia interjected. “No, I think we will take this man up on his offer. I won’t go out to Marge’s, and if this helps us get out of debt, then I think we can manage. So, if you go to your sister’s, it will be with out me.” Vernon’s face began to purple. “OK, so what do we have to do?” It was decided that they had one week to pack their things, and to make a list of all the items they wanted to take with them. Aunt Petunia could come back a couple of times to make sure they did not forget anything. In a weeks time someone would come and show them to the Potter house. Harry was waiting in his room, pacing back and forth for Professor Dumbledore to tell him what was going on. “Harry.” Dumbledore said. “Yes, Professor what is going on?” Harry asked. “Harry we have a lot to talk about, but first let’s get your things, and we’ll talk after we get you settled.” “Where are we going?” “Grimmauld Place for now, then I will explain everything alright?” Harry had already packed last night and was ready to go. He grabbed his trunk and Professor Dumbledore picked up Hedwig’s cage. He held out a piece of rope to Harry. Harry already guessed it must be a Port key, and when he grabbed a hold of it he felt the usual pull behind his navel.

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