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Chapter 2 - Good News or Bad Harry took his packages and went inside the house, as the door was closing he started up the stairs. “BOY!” Harry’s uncles beller could be heard throughout the house. Harry turned as his uncle entered the hall. “What have you got there? Been out stealing boy?!” yelled Uncle Vernon. “No, Uncle Vernon, I just needed to buy some clothes, so I went shopping.” Answered Harry. “SHOPPING! Where would you get the money to buy anything? You don’t have any money! First, you’re a freak like your parents, and now you’re a thief as well!” Uncle Vernon sneered. “I AM NOT a thief! I have some money that my parents left me for school, and for the things that I need!” Harry yelled back. He grabbed his things and headed for his room. Harry put his new clothes away and headed back downstairs for supper. Harry went to the kitchen and sat down at the table. “What do you think you’re doing BOY?” asked Uncle Vernon. “It’s time to eat isn’t it?” replied Harry. Uncle Vernon laughed. “If your parents left you money, you can buy your own food!” “Okay, FINE! Then.” Harry stated as he got up and left the kitchen. He went up to his room. Harry laid down on his bed and stared at the ceiling. He was trying to decide what he was now going to do. He had some money and he considered going down to the nearest restaurant or fast food place, but it was to long of a walk, especially after that long day of shopping. He was rather tired. He heard a tap, tap, tapping at his window. Harry looked to see what it was. It was Pig. Harry grabbed the little owl. He gently removed the letter from his leg. HARRY- THANKS AGAIN FOR THE DRESS IT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I HAD A VERY NICE TIME TODAY. MRS. FIG HAS AN APPOINTMENT IN THE MORNING AND WAS WONDERING IF I COULD COME OVER FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS. IT WILL BE ABOUT 10:00. LET ME KNOW IF IT WILL BE OK. GINNY Harry grabbed some parchment to write back. GINNY- I DON’T THINK IT WILL BE A PROBLEM. THE DURSLEY’S ARE USUALLY GONE AT THE TIME. IF NOT, WE’LL JUST GO FOR A WALK OR SOMETHING. I’LL MEET YOU AT THE FRONT DOOR JUST IN CASE THEY’RE HOME. HARRY Harry rolled the parchment up and attached it to Pig’s leg. He sent the little owl off on his errand. He proceeded to let Hedwig out of her cage for her evening hunt. Hedwig affectionately nipped Harry’s fingers before she flew off into the night. There was a knock at the door. Harry was startled from the quiet. No one ever made an attempt to call on him. “Come In.” Harry said uneasily. “I thought that you might be hungry.” Aunt Petunia said. She entered Harry’s room with a sandwich and a glass of milk. “Thanks, Aunt Petunia.” Harry took the plate from his Aunt, and wondered why she was being nice to him. He pondered for a moment before asking. “Aunt Petunia, a friend of mine is staying at Mrs. Fig’s for a couple of days, and Mrs. Fig has an appointment in the morning. I was wondering if she could come over for a bit.” “She?” “Yeah, it’s my best friends little sister.” “Your uncle will be at work, so I guess if you keep yourself scarce I think that it will be ok.” She replied. “Thanks Aunt Petunia.” Harry smiled. As she left the room he ate his sandwich, drank his milk, and returned his dishes to the kitchen. Harry went back to his room and retired for the evening. Harry awoke the next morning feeling refreshed and well rested. It was only eight o’clock. Harry realized that he didn’t have any dreams last night. Harry got dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and headed for the kitchen for a quick breakfast. When he finished his breakfast Harry decided to go outside and enjoy the nice weather. He rounded the house and saw a red headed figure in shorts and a t-shirt run by. “GINNY!” he yelled. Ginny stopped and looked back. “Hi, Harry. You want to come running with me?” Harry jogged out to meet her. “I didn’t know that you ran.” “There’s a lot you don’t know about me Mr. Potter. It helps me to keep in shape, and besides I was bored, there’s only so much that you can do at Mrs. Fig’s.” Ginny grinned. Harry and Ginny started jogging. They ran at a good steady pace for awhile and ended up in the park. Harry panted with his hands on his knees, while Ginny started stretching. Harry looked up to see Ginny in a standing position with Ginny putting her palms onto the grass between her toes. Harry gazed at her. From her smooth long legs, all the way up to where her shorts were riding up a little too high, in Harry’s opinion. He suddenly gasped and started choking. “Are you ok?” Ginny rushed over to him. “Yeah, I just swallowed wrong.” said, a red faced Harry. “Well, you need to stretch, so you don’t seize up.” She replied. After, they had rested and stretched out their used muscles they began to walk back. “I’m gonna go back and take a shower then I’ll be over. Do you want to play chess or something?” Ginny asked. “Sure, I’ll get it set up after I shower. Then I’ll meet you out front, Aunt Petunia said it was alright, but to be scarce!” Harry returned. They went their separate ways – Harry went up and showered and dressed, then set up his signal chess set that he got one Christmas at Hogwarts. He then went in search of Ginny. When Ginny arrived she and Harry went up to Harry’s room and set into a game of chess. There was a slamming of the door and they heard a bellowing voice. Harry and Ginny where so startled they forgot whose turn it was to move next. The bellowing voice was Harry’s Uncle. “PETUNIA!” Petunia Dursley came of the kitchen to see her husband purple faced and huffing. “What is it?!?! What’s wrong? What are you doing home?” asked a worried Petunia. “We have to talk!” He walked toward the kitchen and he sat down at the kitchen table with his head in his hands. Meanwhile, upstairs Harry looked at Ginny with worried eyes. “I wonder what’s going on?” “There’s one way to find out!” and with that Ginny reached into pocket and pulled an extendable ear courtiey of Weasly’s Wizarding Wheezes. Harry’s mouth gapped and looked at Ginny questioningly. “I’ve found that you never know when you might need one, so I carry one with me always. ” Ginny shrugged her shoulders as she turned to go for the stairs. Harry grabbed her hand and exclaimed “you’re brilliant!” Ginny and Harry headed up the stairs and tossed the end of the extendable ear towards the kitchen. “Can you hear?” Ginny whispered. “Yeah, Uncle Vernon has a real loud voice.” Harry replied. *** Back in the kitchen ** “Vernon please, tell me what’s wrong.” Begged Petunia. “Grunings is shutting down, I lost my job.” “Oh, NO! That’s terrible, but you’ll be able to find something else.” Petunia stated patting his hand. “NO, you don’t understand.” “Well, what is it?” “If I don’t have a steady income plus the bonus that I was counting on, we won’t have enough to get by.” Vernon sighed. “I had some investments that went sour, and I used all our savings, and well honey…. We’re broke! We’re going to have to sell the house.” “SELL THE HOUSE! We can’t. Where will we go?” exclaimed Petunia. “I will talk with Marge. She’ll take us in until we can find something else.” Vernon replied. “Live with Marge, you’ve got to be kidding?” “What do you expect? She’s the only one we can turn to!” “What about Harry?” asked Petunia. Vernon laughed. “He won’t be coming with us! He’ll have to find somewhere else to go.” ***Meanwhile, back upstairs*** Harry smiled and looked at Ginny. “Guess this means that I don’t have to live here anymore.” “You had better send a letter to Dumbledore to let him know. Maybe he’ll let you come stay with us, when Mom and Dad get back.” Ginny stated.

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