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A/N-This is my first Draco/Ginny story and I really hope you like it. The beginning is just setting the stage for the real plot. PLEASE LEAVE FOR TIME TURNER TO REVIEW!.

“Oh no oh no” muttered Ginny. “What’s wrong Gin?” inquired Hermione” I just realized I completely forgot about my charms assignment!” Hermione gave Ginny one of her trademark looks. “What? I’ve had tons of homework! I still have time though! I’ll see you later.” Ginny grabbed her bag and dashed out of the Great Hall before Hermione could finish reprimanding her.

Far along the corridor and around the corner Draco Malfoy and a fellow Slytherin, Theodore Nott were talking. “I can get any girl I want.
Draco said confidently “Like I said, yeah right.” Nott countered.
“How about a bet?” asked Draco slyly.
“What kind of bet?” asked Theodore suspiciously.
“I have to get the first girl that comes around that corner.”
“What are the stakes then? “
“If I succeed,” said Draco “you have to admit that I can get any girl AND wear Witch robes on your next date”
“And if you lose the bet?”
“I have an idea” said Nott grinning “if you lose,you MUST ask out Eloise Midgen,you should be able to at least get her"
“It’s a deal” said Draco sticking out his hand.
Nott shook it firmly. They turned around and watched the corner. After a few minutes of silence they heard footsteps hurrying along the hallway.

As Ginny was walking down the hallway she took out her charms books, trying to get a head start. As she turned the corner, she glanced up. Doing a double take she saw a grinning Theodore Nott and an oddly green Draco Malfoy.
“What are you doing in the middle of the hallway during lunch?” she sneered
“I’ll see you around” said Theodore still smiling. Ginny glared at his retreating back. Then looking back at Draco, she noticed he seemed to have made some sort of decision. What that was, she didn’t know. Draco walked toward her and she backed up against the wall and raised her wand.
“What are you doing?” she asked nervously
He was inches from her faces. He slowly closed the gap and pressed his lips against hers, for one heart stopping moment she let him. Then when she realized what was happening she put her hands against his chest and pushed him away. He held on and she couldn't help but notice that he tasted like cinnamon. After that thought, she stopped struggling. He let her go but she didn't run away, she put her arms around his neck. Finally she was brought back to reality and realized she was kissing Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin, the boy that every day tortured her and her friends. This time she made him stop, she pushed past him and ran.

She had kissed Draco Malfoy, stranger still, he had kissed her. And the strangest thing of all, she had enjoyed it.

“Hello? Ginny I’m talking to you?!”
“Huh? What? Oh sorry Harry!”
Ginny hadn’t been able to keep her mind on things since “the incident” It had been one week , and she and Harry were walking back from the Quidditch Pitch
“Sorry, what were you saying?” Pushing the though of Draco…and the kiss out of her mind.
“Well, I was wondering if…uh…you would…well wanna go to Hogsmead…with me?”
“Really!!?? I mean, yeah, sure! Great!” She smiled.
Harry and Ginny walked the rest of the way to castle in silence where they parted. Ginny needed to finish some potions homework and Harry was going to catch up with Ron and tell him about the planned Hogsmead trip with his younger sister. Ginny headed to the library, but halfway there she changed course. She had left her bag up in the common room. So instead of going all the way back she decided to go to the Room of Requirement where she would find everything she needed.
I need a place to do Homework.
I need a place to do Homework.
I need a place to do Homework
After walking back and forth 3 times, she opened her eyes and saw an ornate door, she twisted the handle and as she entered, she gasped at the sight before her.

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