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I'm getting really angry. I've typed this chapter for the third time now. My computer keeps deleting my file and it's making my temper rise above breaking point. Anyways... continuing on with the third-time revised, long awaited Chapter Seven.
(Chapter Seven will consist of way more Romance then chapters 1-6 forewarned)

~~Moments After Tarot Card Incident~~

My stomach did a number of flip flops, I felt extremely annoyed that he would take advice from cardboard cards, proud that someone liked me that much, and upset over the whole thing. 'Well...' he said, his cheeks pink and his hands stuffed into his pockets. I was standing, my fists shaking, pacing about the room. 'I loved you even before that Lily Evans. And I go by the cards I've been dealt. I'm not giving up.'

And with those words, the bell on the grandfather clock in the corner announced we had three and a half hours to get our act...together.

I refused to talk to him. My heart was pounding way too fast and my head was spinning in circles. I was dreaming. Hell, I hoped I was dreaming. This couldn't be happening! was what my mind was screaming at me, wouldn't let me ignore the fact that maybe I could fancy him back. After all, he was fit. I mentally snorted...two weeks ago I would have been disgusted to hear me say that aloud, and now I'm thinking it. That's one step closer to destination, Love: James Potter.

~~Two and a Half Hours Until Task 24Hours is Completed~~

Internally, I was facing a battle. The day-prior-to-this-Lily and the Love-Sunken-Lily. Give him a chance. If he blows it, then he's outta luck. But Lily, he admits what he did for you. Isn't that not chivalrous? He lurrrves you Lily...give him a chance to show it...

No. Way. In. Hell.

You know what...I'm taking control of this battle..there's no use continuing on arguing with myself. I'm doing what my heart tells me and that's that! I'm giving him a chance. And damn me to hell if this is a joke...I ended the battle inside me ferociously, the love-sunken Lily winning easily. This time I was going to watch what my mouth did. My mouth sometimes had a mind and course of it's what I speak what I speak...'James?' I asked quietly, unburrowing my head out of my pillow.

James, who had lodged himself in a corner of his side of the room with his head up against the wall and in his hands, looked up and over his shoulder at me. His eyes were not sparkling, a sight one never sees, and he looked withdrawn and careworn. His hair, surprisingly, had forced itself semi-flat, also another unusual sight. He ranked of defeat. Or so he thought. 'What?' he asked blearily.

I half smiled. He looked so cute. Time to kiss and make up. Okay...maybe that's jumping the gun, just make up. Not kiss. We'll save that for later. Sorry. 'James, I'm really sorry for putting you down like I did, I should have caught the signs, stopped playing stupid and hard to get.'

James looked momentarily confused before the information seeped into his still bloated head. 'Oh. Is that all? No saying you despise my thickness and completely utter randomness of confessing true love?' He looked angry. 'Accusing me of this being all a joke?'

I seemed to shrink a bit. 'No. That's not all,' I struggled not to let my temper and mouth get the better of me. 'I really am sorry James. And if that's how you think. I just won't talk to you for the rest of the time we're in here and then leave as separate people. If that truly is how you think,' I said it sternly, yet softly, as not to get him angered. Now was not the time for anger.

He sat up straight. 'That's not how I think Lils- I mean Lily.' He stopped himself. I had to laugh...he was frightened of me!

I smiled. 'It's alright...continue. I wanna hear this...'

He sighed. 'You heard my views. I stand stronger on them than I did before all of this. You've seen how I've acted in here. I did this because it's amazing how people can change in the amount of time that's 24 hours, and I wanted to change. To make you see what's under this troublemaking skin. I. Love. You.' My eyes widened. I heard it before an hour ago...but it still shocked me to hear those words coming out of his mouth.

I smiled at him. My mouth was tangled. I wanted so bad to let the same words flow out of my own mouth, but something wouldn't let me. Something had to be done first... I looked down at the line separating us, then up at him with a smile. 'James watch this...' I said with a smile that could have matched his own.

James got up and stood as close to me as possible without crossing the line. I took out my wand, grinned at him, then looked at the line, swishing my wand over the line once, making it disappear. James looked at me with a cocked eyebrow. Why does he have to do that! It's tempting!!!!

'Why did you do that for?' he asked.

'What? You liked it there?' I replied sarcastically back, taking out my wand and pointing it back at the floor.

He shook his head. 'No! No...I like it this way better thanks.'

I smiled sweetly. 'I do to.'

Author's Notes: I know it's short. But You should love me anyways! Next Chapter coming soon to a monitor near you! Luv y'all!~Ginni~

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