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In a dark small room a seventeen year old boy shifted in his sleep. He was sitting upright against a stone wall across from the only thing decorating the room, the door. Standing upright he would have been six feet tall, but now he was sitting slouched against the wall his head drooping down against his chest. His hands were pulled behind his back where the wrists were each bound by a metal circle that had a chain connecting the circle to the wall. His legs were laying straight in front of him and the boy on the whole looked awful.

He had limp blonde hair that feel into his face, each strand holding bits of dried gel and dried mud. Underneath his fluttering eyelids were silver blue eyes that once opened were used to being cold and piercing. His strong cut chin had stubble covering it showing he needed to shave. His full lips were chapped and his bottom one had cracked. His face was smeared with dirt and his body was covered in a mud caked black robe that almost blended perfectly into the blackness of the room.

Groggily he woke up blinking heavily several times. He made to rub his eyes, but found when he pulled his hands towards his face they were restrained. His hands could only move as far as his chest before they were tugged back. Furrowing his brow he tried to move his hands towards his face again, and was restrained again. What the hell? Why are my hands chained? Then his eyes started scanning the room he was in. He couldn't see anything but darkness. No wind, no birds chirping, I must be inside somewhere, but where, and WHY THE HELL AM I HERE?!

Suddenly he felt his head throb. His face grimaced waiting for the pain to pass. He realized his shoulders ached from being pulled back as well as his legs from being straight out in front of him. Actually, his entire body seemed sore. He groaned and tried to stretch out, arching his back out and pulling his neck up towards the ceiling. He pulled his legs towards him now sitting cross-legged, and rolled his shoulders hearing the pops his joints made as they were stretched out quite clearly in the silent room. He tried to flip strands of hair off his face by swinging his head around but they would just drop back into his face. He was also becoming aware that he needed to go to the bathroom.

He faintly thought about where he was, and assumed it was a prison cell of Voldermort's but didn't dwell on it too much. He was much more concerned about getting to a bathroom so he could pee and maybe take a long hot bath. Then the door swung open letting in what seemed like tons of light to him, but was only a faint light coming from the tips of two wands. The sudden light made him groan, and his eyes squinted shut then reopened and blinked a few times adjusting to the light as the door slammed shut.

After adjusting to the light his eyes widened as he saw three people standing in front of him. He blinked again to make sure he wasn't seeing things, and he wasn't. Standing right in front of him was that werewolf Lupin, along with two others he didn't know, but knew weren't death eaters. "Professor?" asked Draco half expecting a death eater to jump out and laugh at him, showing Lupin and the other two were only illusions made to give him false hope.

But no, it was Lupin and he answered "Yes, Mr. Malfoy?"

"Where am I?"

Lupin frowned slightly and said, "That is not important, but I can tell you that you are not by Voldermort or any of his followers." Draco frowned but found that panic he had not even realized was gripping at his chest went away after hearing this.

A second later his panic hurtled back as he realized that these three probably thought he killed Dumbledore and wanted revenge. His eyes went wide in fright and he thrashed about trying to free himself from the chains. He even tried apparating but couldn't. (You couldn't apparate in or out of anywhere in the basement, including this room, Lupin had made sure of that) The three order members glanced at each other before patiently standing still waiting for him to stop. Draco soon saw there was no hope of freeing himself of the chains and slumped back to the wall with no energy left. He stared at his feet hoping that they would at least just kill him without torture first. Instead of shooting a curse though, Lupin started talking in a soft voice.

"We are not going to kill you as you seem to think, we only want to have you answer some questions regarding your.......friends."

Draco's head suddenly shot up on the word friends. "You're really interested in Goyle, Crabbe, Pansy..?"

"Uh" Lupin interrupted. Draco knew full well he meant death eaters but he was going to see how much discomfort he could put Lupin through, and so with a sneer he continued.

"Of course Pansy so much isn't a friend unless you think of friends as someone who.." He was interrupted again this time by Tonks.

"Dear, maybe friends wasn't the right word." Who is she calling dear? Malfoy thought to himself. Then he saw the girl put a hand on Lupin's which he took and smiled at her. Malfoy suddenly wished he was somewhere else, he hated watching people in love.

Draco really needed to go to the bathroom at this point and kept shifting his legs in an attempt to hold it. Tonks noticed this out of the corner of her eye as she was pulling her gaze away from Lupin's eyes trying to keep focused on her job. She had seen plenty toddlers who needed to go when she used to babysit during the summers and realized the problem. "Draco? Do you need to use the restroom?" He shot her a dirty glare, thinking it embarrassing to have to say it out loud, but looked at his feet and nodded. Lupin and Kingsley shot worried glances at each other, they forget to anticipate this problem, and had no idea how to let him out of the room without giving him a chance to run away.

Tonks who took no notice of the guys simply waved her wand to extend the chains and Draco got up and started walking towards the door staring at the floor. Tonks who had explored the house, unlike Kingsley and Lupin, knew the second room in the basement was a small bathroom and directed Draco to it. The door closed all but an inch because of the chain, and Tonks without thinking put a silencing charm on the bathroom to give him some privacy.

Draco was relieved to get away from those three and kept standing there even after he was done. He had no desire to go back to that dark room and instead searched for his wand. He panicked when he didn't find it and then slumped in despair. Of course, they took it away when they first caught me. How could I think they would let me keep it? He sighed starting to think of false answers to give when he was asked questions, like where and who were death eaters, the fact that they were going to use Veritaserum never crossing his mind. He sneered liking the idea of saying Potter and the Weaseleys were death eaters, but knew they would never believe him. He looked around for a bath but found none. This was literally the smallest room he had ever been in, with only enough room for one sink and one toilet.

After coming up with believable but false answers for the questions he was sure he was going to be asked he left the bathroom. Outside of the bathroom he found his captors busy arguing quietly amongst themselves but more importantly he saw his least favorite people in the world crouching by the walls unnoticed by his captors, staring at him. "OY! What are you staring at!" he barked at them. At first they looked shocked, apparently not thinking he could see them, but quickly their expressions became hard.

They walked out of the shadows and stood closer to Draco and Ron snapped back at him. "What's wrong? They wouldn't let you in Azkaban? Thought you weren't worthy enough did they, or did they just not want your vile self contaminating their prison!"

"That's fine. I'm sure your just upset....BECAUSE YOUR BROTHER HAS EVOLVED INTO A WEREWOLF WHILE YOU'RE STILL A LITTLE WEASEL ALONG WITH THE REST OF YOUR DIRT POOR FAMILY!" Draco shouted knowing how Greybeck had attacked a red haired boy, and assumed it was one of those weasels. He was hoping it would get under Ron's skin as insulting his family usually did and smirked as he saw Ron's ears redden, but he was yelling right back at Malfoy.

"HAH! You don't know what you're talking about! He's just fine, your little friend didn't even do anything. He's getting married soon and is happier than you'll ever be! And as soon as you and your mother are arrested and thrown into Azkaban your money will be rotting away and you will be worth even less than you are now!"

"Which is hard, since in other than money you already are worth nothing!" Chimed in Ginny. They may not have been the best insults but they were in a fury and were tossing out anything that came to mind.

"Well you would know about being worth nothing wouldn't you!" He spat at both the Weasleys. "What's wrong! Nothing to say Potter!" He said turning towards Harry who seemed to be silently watching with... wait..was that pity in his eyes? When he didn't reply Malfoy sneered at him wanting to get Harry mad, and he knew exactly how. "So, you didn't commit suicide yet Granger? I would, as soon as a death eater gets hold of you they'll torture you to death just like you deserve you little mudblood!"

As soon as he said that last word he was hit by an unwanted memory. Dumbledore was facing death and instead of trying to bargain for his life he told him not to use the word mudblood in his presence. As he thought this Harry who had gotten mad finally, shouted "What, you going to kill her Malfoy?" Malfoy's face registered shock and defeat as he recalled how he couldn't kill Dumbledore. Harry smiled at himself as he saw that he had gotten to Malfoy. Malfoy suddenly glanced back at Harry as to see if Potter knew about him not being able to kill Dumbledore, which he thought would be impossible for him to know, but his face registered shock again as Harry stared at him smiling as if to say "I know your secret nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!"

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