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Harry and Lily had crept up the stairs to the dormitory. Hearing the muffled voices hissing, “Petrificus totalus!” they waited for the silence, before following them through the window they left.

They found themselves in a graveyard. Seeing Peter and Pettigrew tying James, Remus, Sirius and Ron to the gravestones, they had crouched behind a larger gravestone and watched, horrified, from a distance.

“What are they doing?” Lily asked of Harry, who had paled in realisation of what was happening.

“This is what happened to me last year,” he whispered tonelessly, images of the terrible night racing through his mind. Lily clutched his hand instinctively and the two watched as Peter and Pettigrew performed the ritual, both turning away in disgust when Pettigrew cut off Peter’s hand.

“We have to move, now!” Harry said urgently, trying to get to his feet as Pettigrew took James’ blood.

“Harry no!” Lily cried, jerking him back down, “it’s too dangerous!”

“Lily – mum – they’re bringing Lord Voldemort back! He’ll kill them, and us! There will be two Lord Voldemorts in the world, we can’t let that happen!”

But even has they argued, the potion was obviously wrong. It was an angry red, instead of a brilliant white, as Harry remembered.

“What’s happened?” he whispered, half to himself, “why isn’t it working?”

Remus’ voice could be heard saying,
“Could it be because you used Harry last time?” Harry blanched, falling backwards in horror, not again…

They heard Peter yell, “Oh no, I’m through with you all taking advantage of me James! And we can’t let them go, or they’ll tell someone… Kill him Peter!” he yelled at his adult self, who reached into his robes for his wand.

That was it. Harry threw himself out of the bushes, and flew over, wand raised.

“No! You’re not taking him away from me again!” He shouted angrily, standing between Pettigrew and his dad.

“You!” Pettigrew snapped, “There you are!”

“Yes, here I am! Leave my dad alone!” Harry yelled in anger, he couldn’t lose James again, not after everything…

Pettigrew shrugged, “It doesn’t bother me whether you live or not… well, actually Potter, with YOU, it does…”

He raised his arm again, and said, “Avada Kedavra!”

It happened almost in slow motion. The deadly green jet flashed out of the wand. Harry watched in horror as it came towards him, but before he could react, a hand shoved him from behind, throwing him to the floor…

“JAMES!” Lily screamed, hurtling out of the bushes, whipping out her wand and shouting in anger, “Stupefy!”

It hit both Pettigrews and the two flew several feet back, each hitting their heads hard and falling unconscious. James’ body was crumpled on the floor, where he had saved Harry in time, but not himself. Remus had, having kept his wand in hand when petrified, been working silently to free the four boys. James had saved Harry’s life, again. Harry scrambled over to James as well, Remus and Sirius was already there, shaking him.

“James? James, no!” Lily wept, grabbing his hands and kissing them, “please don’t be dead – wake up!”

“Please, Dad, wake up!” Harry said desperately, putting his ear to James’ chest, knowing there would be no heart beat. Remus, silent as ever, pulled Lily away and into a hug, feeling his own eyes well up, James was dead… Sirius put his arms around Harry, feeling the same anger and misery that his friend was dead. James, his friend, was gone…


They brought back James’ body to the dormitory and laid him on Harry’s bed.

“I should have saved him when I had the chance,” Harry said angrily. Lily hugged him harder,
“Harry, you went out and tried, I sat there because I was too scared.”

“Harry, I had my wand out, I could have stopped them,” Remus said miserably.

“Remus, you did it as fast as you could!” Harry said, “It’s all my fault. He died saving me…again…”

A silence greeted these words. They all knew it was true, but no one knew what to say.

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