"Goodnight Sweetheart" my father whispered softly as he tucked me in. "Can't have you being tired for your birthday party tomorrow can we?"

I closed my eyes obediently and heard him leave the room.

It wasn't long after, when I heard the doorbell ring and my mothers voice call from the kitchen "Could you get that John, I'm busy".

The sound of the door opening reached my ears as did my fathers startled voice "What do you want, why have you come?"

All I could hear was a whispered response followed by a flash of red light that lite up the entire house.

I ran from my bed and down the stairs "Mummy, whats happ -

I stopped in my tracks looking at my father on the floor, my gaze drifted upwards to the three men standing around his body, they were hooded and cloaked wearing masks the first one sneered "Ah, this must be Carrie".

My mother began to cry "Don't touch her Lucius, don't harm her please".

He laughed softly "Why would I?" turning back to me he whispered "How old are you?"

I puffed out my chest proudly "Four going on Five"

"Well you may remeber this night".

He walked calmly over to my mother and pointed his wand at her throat "You should teach your husband to keep his rude remarks about the Dark Lord to himself, half of our friends are in Azkaban due to his meddling".

He looked at me and said "Watch carefully now"

"Avada Kedavra!"

The picture of the blinding green light and my mothers crumpled form never left me, I went numb and began to cry not truly understanding what had happened.

The same man said the same strange words at my father who stared at me wide eyed, even as life left his body he never stopped staring.

"Now come we may depart".

"But Lucius, if she remembers she may tell others who we were" one of the death eaters was trembling.

Lucius looked at me long and hard and then spoke quietly

"No Crabbe, she will not tell, we will not let her CRUCIO".

All I remember is never experiencing pain like that before, it made me scream and my body writhe.

He took the spell off and knelt down next to me "Keep your mouth shut" he then turned to the others "Don't worry Crabbe, Avery, she will be to scared to ever open her mouth and by morning she won't even remember our names".

With a swish of his cloak he was gone, then everything went black.

Six Years Later:

I awoke to a loud thud and a groan, "Melissa is that you again, how many times have you fallen out of the bed?" I asked sleepily.

I heard some muttering and then she prodded me in the ribs "It isn't my fault you have to take over the entire bed"

I got angry "And it isn't my fault we have to share".

She just glared and left the room , a difficult task for anyone seeing as there were 14 of us in this one room alone.

I rolled onto my back trying to rememer my dream, it had been the same one again, it was always the same one. Three men, one family, one house in the suburbs.

I knew the house and the family was mine but the three men , I could never recall their names no matter how hard I tried. Sometimes if I screwed up my face real tight and thought deeply, I could recall the voice of the murderer but I never had much time to think about it before being asked if I was in pain.

That night was so fresh in my mind and when you lived in an orphanage there wasn't a lot to think about.

Grove Manor was dingy and crowded, but it wasn't so bad, however sharing a bed with another person and a room with 13 other people had its downside, the only private room in the house was a cupboard that smelled oddly like the matron.

"Oh Shit" I muttered Matron would skin me alive if I was late for classes.

Stumbling round the room I pulled on the navy pinafore we had to wear with knee high navy socks and brown shoes, I know awful huh?

Taking one last look around the room I thought to myself "Well this is as good as its gonna get".

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