Hogwarts: The Marauder Years
Year 1
The Beginning

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I've also edited this chapter so that it fits canon shown in Chapter 33 of DH. Therefore contains minor DH spoilers.

Wow, was the first thought that sped through his mind as he took in the sight before him.
A great scarlet steam engine with the words ‘Hogwarts Express’ emblazoned sharply on its side. The young boy tightened the grip round the handle of his trunk and made to dash towards it.

“Hold it right there, Sirius Black.” Came the stern voice of his mother, he groaned as she put a cold hand on his shoulder.
“Let him go Walburga.” The man next to her said sternly,
“Remember, you are a Black, Sirius. Listen to me.” She demanded at her son who was now animatedly watching the other children saying goodbye to their parents and siblings. In a snap his mother had grabbed her son’s head and twisted it round to face her,
“Ouch.” He barked and the old woman smiled.

“You know we count on you to uphold the family name Sirius. Just remember that you can always go to one of your cousins if you need anything. Isn’t that right Bella?”
Her face twitched into a smile and the tall dark haired girl next to her smiled sweetly before answering,
“But of course Aunty Wal, we will take the best care of your little darling won‘t we ‘Cissy?”
She nudged the blonde girl next to her who snapped out of staring longingly at a boy with white blonde hair named Lucius Malfoy who was stood a few feet away with a black haired girl called Romana.

The blonde girl turned around and nodded, Bellatrix beamed and batted her long eyelashes at her aunt, then the two girls pulled their little cousin into a hug, causing Mrs. Black to beam with pride, Sirius however scowled angrily.

He had never been fond of his cousins, mainly because his childhood had consisted of being endlessly taunted by them, them being the nauseating Black sisters, Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda.. His only ally had been his younger brother Regulus.

“How come I can’t go to Hogwarts?” Whined the little boy who was tightly pinned at the woman’s side, his mother looked down at her second son, as if she had only just remembered he was there.

“You’re not old enough.” She muttered.
Sirius grinned and ruffled his hair in a caring, brotherly way,
“Yeah, soon Reg, then…” He was cut off by a whistle blowing,.
His father smiled proudly at his son,
“I just know you’re going to love Hogwarts.” Sirius beamed back at him
“You better do us proud Sirius, and whatever you do I better not hear that my son is communicating with mud bloods or muggle-lovers, there’s nothing I hate more than filthy blood-traitors.” He said the last bit loudly and proudly hoping that anyone passing would overhear.
Sirius nodded dully, he had no intention of even giving anyone like that the time of day even if they said please.
His mother pulled him into a last bone shattering hug and his father practically had to pry her off him,
“Wal, you’ll make the poor boy late. I’ll hold her back you make a run for it.” His father laughed as he received an evil look from his wife,
“Bye.” Sirius yelled behind him as he dashed off and jumped on the train, dragging his trunk behind him and nearly knocking over some third year girls who scowled at him and one reached for her wand.

He didn’t have to apologise he was a Black, pure-blood, he was practically royalty in the Wizarding world, smiling to himself as he imagined everyone fighting to be his best friend he made his way down the train looking for somewhere to sit, every compartment he passed appeared to be full.

He was about to give up and ask someone if he could sit with them when he spotted an empty compartment at the end of the train. Pulling his trunk along he slid open the door.
He heaved his trunk onto his shoulders and attempted to put it in the overhead luggage rack but to no avail it slipped down,
“Here, let me help.” Came a boy’s voice behind him, Sirius felt someone lift the trunk out of his hands and as easily as anything push it up onto the luggage rack. He turned round in annoyance and found himself face to face with a boy about his own height with a mass of messy jet black hair and hazel brown eyes that blinked at him from behind a pair of round glasses.

“Erm, thanks.” He muttered, “I could have done it myself.” He scowled inwardly at the thought of him accepting help, what would his mother say,? Black’s were meant to be strong and never accept help.
“You looked like you were struggling.” The boy who looked no older than himself raised an eyebrow, “I’m James, James Potter.” He held out his hand, Sirius hesitated he recognised that name, Potter but couldn’t quite think where from.

“Black, Sirius Black.” He took the boy’s hand lightly and shook it quickly before pulling it away. He closed his eyes hoping that when he opened them the boy would be gone, but when he opened them there he was still standing there,
“Can I sit here? Everywhere else is full.” He smiled, Sirius paused, he had no reason to say no, after all this James as he had introduced himself had helped him, if he hadn’t have came along he would probably still be struggling with his trunk. He nodded and sighed as the boy flopped down onto the seat opposite him.

Both sat there quietly not knowing exactly what to say, after several minutes of awkward silence James broke the ice,
“You’re a first year too I suppose?” He asked and Sirius nodded,, “Cool.” He smiled nervously at Sirius who smiled back, he supposed he should get to know someone his own age, he couldn’t expect to hang around with his vain female cousins who would probably make him try out the latest hair products.
Suddenly it clicked, Potter.

“Your dad works at the ministry?” He heard himself ask before he could stop it. James nodded,
“Yep, the famous William Potter.” He rolled his eyes and Sirius laughed,
“So a Black huh?” James asked leaning back in the seat and Sirius nodded, just like the Potters the Blacks were an old and famous wizard family. Sirius relaxed now able to enjoy a conversation, now that he was sure that James wasn’t some half-blood or muggle-born.

The city vanished and its place hills, mountains and fields begun to spring up. The compartment door was flung open and a small redheaded girl stood there, heaving her trunk behind her, she looked like she ahd been crying, her eyes were slightly swollen and bloodshot. She cast a glance over the two boys and without saying a word to either of them she hoisted her trunk into the luggage rack and flopped down into the seat in the corner furthest from where James and Sirius were sat. The two boys eyed her curiously before deciding to leave her be.

What seemed like a quarter of an hour passed and the two boys were in deep conversation when the compartment door opened again and a boy, no older than themselves, slightly long, lank hair hung around his shoulders, he looked around the compartment, until his eyes fell upon the girl huddled beside the window. Without even a glance at the other two he slid into the seat opposite her, she looked up and then turned her gaze back out the window.

“I don’t want to talk to you.” She muttered and the boy blinked,
“Why not?” He asked carefully,
“Tuney h-hates me. Because we saw that letter from Dumbledore.” She replied her gaze still fixed out the window.
“So what?” They heard the greasy haired boy say rather harshly. Neither were surprised when she throw him a glare of dislike.
“So she’s my sister.” She said her voice growing now,
“She’s only a…” He broke off, it appeared that the girl however had not heard him as she had been wiping her eyes.

“But we’re going!” He said excitedly, “This is it, we’re off to Hogwarts!” The girl nodded, wiping at her eyes with her sleeve, but there was a ghost of a smile upon her face.
“You’d better be in Slytherin.” The boy said and James, who had been pretending not to listen in order to give the two a bit of privacy could not help turning to look.
“Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I’d leave, wouldn’t you?” He asked turning to face Sirius, Sirius however had no reaction.
“My whole family have been in Slytherin.” He said but there was a flicker of resentment in his voice.

James blinked rather taken aback before smiling, “Blimey, and I thought you seemed all right!”
Sirius grinned at him, “Maybe I’ll break the tradition. Where are you heading, if you’ve got the choice?” He asked curiously, James smiled raising his hand in the air as if raising an imaginary sword.
“’Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!’ Like my dad.” He answered and Sirius nodded whilst Snape made a small, disapproving noise. James turned to face him.
“Got a problem with that?” He asked and the boy sneered.

“No, if you’d rather be brawny than brainy-” He was cut off by Sirius, whose eyes ran over him with a look of dislike,
“Where’re you hoping to go, seeing as you’re neither?” He jeered and James began to roar with laughter, the girl sat up, her face flushed and ran her gaze over James and Sirius with sheer dislike.
“Come on, Severus, let’s find another compartment.” She said and James and Sirius mimicked her,
“Oooooo…” James stuck out his foot to try and trip up the boy as he walked past,
“See ya, Snivellus .” Sirius called just as the door slammed shut.
“Well that was interesting.” James said his smile widening.

As the train ride progressed the two boys were so absorbed in a long conversation about Quidditch that they didn’t notice a small, chubby blonde boy enter the compartment nervously.
It wasn’t until he coughed that they looked up.
“Can we help you?” Asked Sirius rudely, eager to get back to his conversation about the new broomstick he had been given for his eleventh birthday.

“Err.” He paused nervously, “I’ve been sent to tell you we’re nearly there.” He breathed with relief at finally saying what he had to and was about to leave when James spoke up,
“Another first year?” He asked the boy who nodded,
“I’m James Potter, this is Sirius Black.” He grinned and gestured towards Sirius who was still glancing over the podgy boy in front of them. The boy paused for a moment almost as though he had forgotten his own name which caused Sirius to snigger,
“P-p-Peter, Peter Pettigrew.” He managed finally and James nodded,
“Nice name.” He smiled and then shot a look at Sirius which said , ‘He’s going to get eaten alive’.
“T-thanks.” Peter mumbled as he made his way to the next compartment, obviously not hearing the jovial tone in James’s voice.

The two boys had just changed into their robes when the train began to screech to a halt before eventually stopping at Hogsmeade station.

The mass of students, clad in black pushed their way towards carriages that were stood a few feet away just outside the station, the two boys guessing this was how they would be getting to the castle began to make their way over, until a booming voice stopped them in their tracks,
“Firs’ years this way! Oi you two where yer’s think yer’s are headin’?” The two boys spun round to see all their fellow first years staring at them and a few were laughing, James and Sirius supposed they should have been embarrassed at not realising where to go, especially coming from pure-blood families, instead they just glanced at each other grinning madly before taking a small comical bow.
“Ok, that’s quite enough you two, now follow me, the boats are waitin’” The giant man bellowed.

The troop of first years anxiously followed him towards a vast lake, the moon reflecting off its gleaming smooth surface.
“Four ter a boat now, take it easy, there yer go.” They heard the man say to the small red haired girl, who blushed.
Sirius and James rushed over to the nearest boat and were shortly followed by the tubby boy from the train and another with sandy coloured hair.
He sighed and stared absently at the crescent moon before introducing himself.
“Remus Lupin.” He grinned and the other three nodded,
“James Potter.” The boy with messy black hair greeted and Remus nodded,
“Sirius Black.” The one with dark hair muttered absently, Remus then turned his attention to the third boy who murmured in a voice no louder than a whisper,
“Peter Pettigrew.” Remus darted a look at James and Sirius who nodded back, Sirius noticed it was the same look of amusement that James had given him on the train.

The boat ride seemed to take forever, due to the fact that it was freezing and the four boys were starving. As they made their way through the doors into the Entrance Hall they looked around in amazement, staircases headed off in every direction and far above them they could see portraits nudging each other and glancing down at the nervous first years.
The four boys exchanged excited glances, finally after eleven long years of waiting and hearing endless stories about this place they were finally there at Hogwarts.
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