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The first week of school was over and weekend had begun. A little too early in the morning in some opinions. Hermione stumbled out of bed with her eyes closed at 6:30 in the morning on Saturday. She tripped over a cord, then her duffle bag and fell forward into the door. It opened and she flipped over onto the floor. Hermione lay there with boxers and a long sleeved shirt on in the middle of the common room floor.

“Granger!” Draco howled from the other room. He stormed out of his room and stood over her. “What are you doing Granger?” He asked. She still had her eyes closed.

“I think I fell.” She groaned.

“Why were you out of bed at 6:30 in the morning?”

“I can’t remember”

“Get up”

“Too tired”  She waved her arm at him, indicating that he leave her alone.

Draco sighed and lifted her up. Once she was in a standing position he gave her a push towards her room. Hermione groaned. He pushed her again. She began walking and when he wasn’t looking she ran into a wall and fell back onto the floor.

Draco turned and looked at her. Hermione had already fallen back asleep and so he just left her there. It was early and he had already had enough of her.

Draco sat on the couch with the daily prophet in his hand. He had come out to check on Hermione earlier and found she had made her way back to her room. Even though he wasnt fond of her he didnt want her just laying in the middle of the floor like a drunk.
He heard a loud stomping noise coming from her room and turned his head. Hermione burst out of her room wearing a winter hat over her golden ringlets, a white tee shirt, tight blue jeans, converse, and a skateboard under her arm. She was out of breath and looked like she had just escaped from a monster. Hermione quickly shut the door and winced as something fell to the ground and made a crashing sound. 
"Damn it."

She rushed into the kitchen and made coffee. Hermione drank it so fast it burnt her throat. Draco came in behind her. “Where are you going so fast?”

“Meeting people”



“To do what?”


"It's september, why are you wearing a winter hat?"
She gave him a dirty look. " I like hats, Malfoy."

“What is skating?”

Hermione looked at him in astonishment and put her half empty cup of coffee down. “You’re kidding me right?” He shook his head no. Hermione held up her board. “This is skating.” She put the board on the kitchen floor and went around in a circle. “See?” He nodded.

“What’s the point?” He asked. “There is no point, its just fun.” Hermione said picking her board up and walking towards the door. ‘Idiot’ she thought and stepped out of the portrait. Draco stood in the kitchen still ‘Why do something with no point? Idiot’ He thought but he was curious, he went to get dressed.

Hermione pushed her board faster and faster through the halls. If she was caught by a teacher she knew she would be in so much trouble, being Head Girl,  but she was already late.

Draco followed her at a run. She stopped at the door and pushed them open. Hermione saw her friends in a distance waiting for her. Draco was so close to her when she did a board slide down the rail. Draco stopped to catch his breath and he watched her skate away with her friends. He saw a kid throw something at her when she arrived and she pushed him off of his board. Two others were with him and they laughed along with Hermione.

Draco liked how Hermione’s hair bounced behind her when she laughed. ‘Wow, she’s really pretty when she smiles.’ He thought to himself, smiling. Draco suddenly frowned. ‘Father would kill you if he found out you were thinking such thoughts about a mud-blood.’ As soon as the word ran through his thoughts he wished it hadn’t. Draco didn’t care about blood like his father did, but if Lucius ever found out he would be punished severely.

“Hey Mione,” Ginny said looking towards the door. “Why did Malfoy come out behind you?” Ginny asked again looking behind Hermione’s back. It was too early for anyone to be up and alive this early, which was why they had chosen to come out at this time.

Hermione turned and looked up at the steps. There stood Malfoy bending over. He seemed to be catching his breath. Hermione turned back around and shrugged. “I don’t know maybe we aren’t the only people crazy enough to wake up this early on a Saturday.” She emphasized on the words crazy and Saturday. Hermione had been one to protest about when they would meet, but in the end she was over-ruled. Brian laughed and Sasha smiled, she wasn’t fully awake either,

“Deal with it” Ginny said and skated off towards the waterfall. They all followed quickly. Over the summer was when skating had been introduced to Ginny and she got good fast. She was almost better then Sasha, who had been doing this all of her life.

Draco now followed them at a run, if anyone asked him why he was out he would tell them he had gotten up to run. He was wearing long shorts and a tight black tee shirt. His hair was down today and it was hanging in his eyes. He liked it like that. Draco looked ahead and saw the one that had thrown something at Granger, jump onto a bench with his board. He ran to catch up.

They stopped near the waterfall. Draco didn’t want to be seen, because he didn’t want them to think he was following them. He did the only thing he could think of. He climbed up a tree. After being struck numerous times by twigs and scratched by the bark he came into a comfortable position. Draco watched them from above.

‘Why the hell am I in a tree?’ The thought crossed him mind. He had followed Granger out of the school at an extremely early hour of the day and now he was hiding from her in a tree. He felt like a bloody idiot. Who cared about this?

Hours past and Draco remained in the tree watching the four talk and laugh together. Ginny sat down on a bench. “Come on guys, we’ve already missed lunch and I don’t want to be late for dinner” Her stomach growled. “I’m starving.” She looked up at them with pleading eyes. They all gave in and began to walk back to the castle. Hermione took one last look at the rushing water, before taking off behind her friends.

Draco followed behind her; this time took short cuts so that he arrived in the Common Room before her.

Hermione appeared in front of the portrait and the maid looked up “Oh it’s just you.” She said.

Hermione sighed “Fattore” She said.

“Very well” The old maid said and opened the portrait for her. When she walked into the common room she saw Malfoy lying face down on the couch breathing heavily, with his eyes closed. He was sweating and he smelled like he needed a shower.

Hermione walked up to him, she picked a leaf out of his hair. “Hey.” She said and dropped the leaf onto the ground. “Don't touch me, Granger.” He said into the couch but all that was heard was a groan.

Hermione stepped into her room. The door was still open when she dropped her skateboard and then tripped over it. Hermione landed on her arm and yelled out in pain.

Draco’s head shot up and he looked around. Hermione tried to get up but fell back onto an extra wheel for her skateboard heavily. She screamed louder this time and Draco jumped off of the couch.

He hurried to her open door. Draco saw her sprawled on the floor clutching her arm. Hermione pushed herself up the wall with one hand, whimpering all the way.

Draco hurried towards her. “Come on Granger I’ll take you to the Hospital Wing.” He made sure not to touch her arm when he put one hand behind her back and the other under her legs. Hermione immediantly grabbed for his shirt. She clung to it desperatly with her uninjured hand as if to ease some of the pain. Draco didnt notice as he carried her out of her room and kicked the portrait open. They made their way down the hall.

“Are you crying, Granger?”

“What do think Malfoy?”

“Ha I can’t believe your crying”

“You want me to break your arm and see if you don’t cry.”

Draco remembered the slight bruise under his eye. He shut up then thinking of what she would do if he didn’t. After a few minutes Malfoy spoke.

“You smell like sweat Granger”

“So do you Malfoy.”

There were a few more minuets of silence. Draco shifted Hermione and she let out a cry. “Sorry”

Draco pushed the doors to the Hospital Wing open. Madam Pomfery saw him holding Hermione and beckoned for him to put her in a bed. Draco walked to the nearest one and set her down.

“What do we have here?” The nurse asked. “I think just a broken arm.” Draco said.

“Ok, move back boy.” The nurse pushed him away with one hand and began waving her wand every which way. Draco watched from behind. After a few moments she stood and spoke.

“It should be alright now but I’m going to put a cast on it and have you take daily potion to stop the pain.” She said and conjured a cast and carefully wrapped it around her arm. The nurse then gave her a potion to drink to stop the pain.

She then walked over to Draco. “Miss Granger has broken her arm in two places, Mr. Malfoy. I know for a fact that she is not the most coordinated person and easily hurts herself. Since you are with her almost all of the time I am putting you in charge of her. I want you to make sure she takes her potion every day no matter what she says. I want you to make sure that she does not fall on or hurt that arm. Understood?” She then handed him about twelve bottles of a sparkly purple potion.

Hermione swallowed the last of the potion and cringed. “That’s disgusting” The two ignored her.

“Madam, I’m not her babysitter.”

“You are now, you can go now, doll and do be careful.” She said to Hermione. Hermione nodded and jumped off of her bed. She walked out the door and when Madam Pomfery gave Draco a dirty look, he followed her.

Once they were outside of the Hospital Wing Hermione sat down on the floor to examine her cast. “Get off of the floor Granger.”

“No Malfoy” She mocked his voice as she twisted her arm to look at the back. “Don’t do that Granger, your going hurt yourself again.” He sat down next to her.

“You’re so weird.” Draco said watching her.

“Thank you”

“Stop doing that” Said Malfoy suddenly angry.

“Stop doing what?” Hermione looked up at him.

“Stop brushing everything away, like its nothing.”

“Well it is nothing”

“No its not”


“Ok sorry.” She gave in so that he would stop being so angry for no reason.

Hermione stood and walked away.

Draco watched her walk away.

A/N: I didn't change much this chapter, just some spelling and grammer mistakes.

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