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Disclaimer-> Anything familiar, or even remotly ringing any bells in your head, is property of J. K. Rowling's and I am not taking any credit, nor am I making any profit out of it.

A/N-> Woot. Here is another chapter. Dedicated to the reviewers. I didn't expect to get so many reviews within the first day of posting after months and months of being away. I'm a little speechless. So this is for you. Thank you for reading!

Chapter19 – The Words of Lily and Sirius, (With The Occasional Marauder Here and There).

“Sirius, we’ve walked past this spot a grand total of three times. If you don’t know where we’re going, then this is just pointless,” Lily said, starting to get frustrated with the boy attached to her right arm.

But Sirius ignored her completely, even going as far as to close his eyes. He had now stopped them in the middle of the hallway, his eyes still firmly shut.

The corridor they were in was currently abandoned, but Lily recognized it as the seventh floor right away. Mainly because she had been down it many times in search of Dumbledore’s office, but also because the enormous tapestry depicting Barnabas the Barmy's attempt at teaching trolls how to dance ballet was something that was not easily forgotten. Not to mention the fact that her and Sirius had now officially walked past it three times.

Lily pulled her favorite lipgloss out of her robe pocket. It was the only tube she had ever bought from the magical world, and applying it was always a fun experience since you never knew what flavour it was going to be until it touched your lips.

Touching the brush to her mouth, Lily smiled as the scent of bananas filled her nose.

Just as she was about to attempt to pull away from Sirius’ grasp while he stood looking like an idiot with his eyes closed, Lily had to do a double take as something caught her eye on the wall opposite the tapestry. By the time of her double take, Sirius had now opened his eyes, a huge grin etched across his face as he too stared at the lines that seemed to be forming in the shape of a door in front of them.

Once the handle was clearly visable, Sirius reached for it, not even phased a little bit as if he had opened walls a hundred times before by his mere mind power. Grabbing the now grabbable handle, he turned it and opened the door to what looked like a cozy red room, equiped with, (what Lily could see from the corridor), a regular sized window, a messy desk with Quidditch magazines covering its surface, a large fireplace with pictures sitting on top its mantel, and a bunk bed that looked like it had had it’s fair shair of occupants over the years.

Just as Lily was about to open her mouth to ask where in the castle Sirius had taken her, he unlinked their arms, gently placing one hand on her back, pushing her towards the room.

“After you, Evans,” he said as Lily stepped cautiously into the room before her.

Sirius soon followed and the door shut quickly behind him.

Lily watched as Sirius ran and jumped onto the top unmade bunk bed, curling himself under the black sheets.

On further glance, Lily noticed various old spellbooks from previous years at Hogwarts piled on the floor, along with what looked like ‘The Ultimate Book of Pranking’, and ‘How To Better Werewolf Rights In Our Society Today’. There were also many letters scattered across the floor that looked like they had been read over many times, a clearly visable spot on a side table where an owl cage should go, and a big stuffed dragon that perched on the desk, looking to Lily to be a Hungarian Horntail, (the most viscous of dragons).

“Room of Requirement, dear,” Sirius said from his position on the bunk bed, “probably the most handy room at Hogwarts, not to metion the best kept secret.”

Lily took her gaze away from the dragon and stared up at Sirius, confusion clearly showing on her face.

“Room of..” she stared.

“Requirement, that’s right,” Sirius finished, “all you have to do is walk past this spot in the corridor three times concentrating hard on what room you want to find inside and it will appear for you.”

Lily nodded her head, taking in what he had just said and storing it in her memory for future reference like she did with all new information.

“But how did you find this place?” She asked the handsome boy.

“Not important,” Sirius said before he turned his body so that he was laying on his stomach, giving his full attention to her, “I’ve had many good talks in this specific room before, Lily, on this top bunk bed even, and it’s the most comfortable place that I know so I thought I’d see if it works for you too.”

Lily shrugged her shoulders and layed down on the bunk below Sirius, placing her head on the huge, but very confortable, pillow so conveniently positioned.

“Well, what is this room then?” She asked. It did give off an aura of comfort and familiarity to her but she had never even seen it before.

“I’ll tell you later,” Sirius said, and Lily could tell even from the bed below him that he was smirking, “so what’s on your mind, crazy? You might as well just tell me now, otherwise we’re going to have to stay here a very long time until you do.”

Lily sighed, weighing her options in her head.

Her first option was to tell Sirius everything. It was what she would like to do. To get everything out in the open, that is. But even as she thought this, she knew that she couldn’t tell Sirius the whole story. He would be obligated as a friend to tell James. And her and Remus had decided not to tell anyone about them.

Her second option was to get Sirius’ advice by telling him only part of the story. She could leave out names, or just omit parts that he didn’t really need to know.

And option three was just to leave. She could get Sirius to let her go. But then she’d just have to go and find someone else to talk to, when it would be just so much easier to talk to the boy urging her on.

“Ok, Black. Here we go,” Lily started.

Sirius clapped his hands in excitement, the way a three year old would get excited about seeing a puppy.

“My emotions are really…er…bi-polar today. One second I’ll feel something, and then the next, I’ll feel the complete opposite. I don’t get it Sirius,” Lily said in a huff of frusteration.

Sirius was fast to respond.

“Well it all depends on what your thoughts are about, Lily. Are you experiencing something that you haven’t really experienced before?” Sirius asked quietly.

Lily thought about this.


Yes she was experiencing something new.

Her relationship with Remus. He was her first boyfriend. Ever. Of course she was going to feel new emotions and feelings. Relationships were very delicate things. That made sense. But why was she thinking about James then? That part didn’t make sense.

“You’re right, Sirius. I am going through something new,” Lily said before she quickly stopped.

Sirius sat up on his bed fast.

“Oh, what is it? Tell me,” he said very excitedly like only a marauder could.

Lily rolled her eyes before answering.

“I’m only going to tell you what you need to know, Black.”

Sirius smiled. It was funny how Lily was sounding more and more like a marauder even after only spending a short while in his body. As he was thinking this, Lily’s voice brought him back to reality.

“Sirius..what were you like after you got your first girlfriend?” she asked timidly.

Sirius took a moment to think and silence filled the room until he felt ready to answer.

“Now you can’t tell anyone this, Lils, but I think I remember feeling nervous. But after I got over that feeling, I was so happy. It was just like…wow…I’ve never felt this before. You know, like having someone like you back and care about you, it was just…I can’t explain it, Evans, it was just a feeling that I wanted to always have,” Sirius answered in a smooth voice.

Lily thought about his words. They didn’t entirely fit with what she was feeling.

“But did you ever have second thoughts about someone? Did you ever think about someone else while you were going out with another person?” Lily asked.

To Lily’s shock, Sirius laughed.

“I never have second thoughts, Lily. If I’m going out with a girl it’s because I like her. A lot. And am positive that I like her,” Sirius said, and Lily’s spirits dropped a little until, “but there was this one time. I really thought that I liked this one chick, I even got to be friends with her and her friends beforehand. I know, shocker! But anyhow, long story short, it turned out that it was actually her friend who I liked. I didn’t know it until after. But looking back, it was her friend who I liked more, and I guess I only kept going out with the girl so that I could spend time with her friend. I know, it’s horrible. But I’m a marauder, it’s what we do,” Sirius scoffed.

“You know, you can’t keep using that excuse forever, Sirius Black,” Lily snapped back quickly.

“What excuse, Lily Evans?” Sirius replied almost quicker.

“That you’re a marauder. You should start taking credit for some of your actions,” she said.

Sirius remained silent, so Lily took the opportunity to think about what he had actually just said.

He had liked the friend of the person he was going out with.

‘That doesn’t apply to me though,’ Lily thought to herself, ‘I know I like Remus. End of story.’

“So who is he then?” Sirius asked after about five minutes of silence.

Lily immediately jolted back from her thoughts and remembered she was still in the cozy little red room on the comfortable bed with Sirius Black.

“Who is who?” Lily asked, knowing she sounded ridiculous.

Sirius leaned over the top of the bunk so that he could make eye contact with Lily below, his long, black hair falling into his eyes in the process.

“I may be a marauder, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. Does my little Lily flower have a boyfriend? Could it be? Finally?” Sirius mocked.

Lily rolled over and put her head in her pillow.

“Sirius, leave me alone, it’s none of your business,” she said, although the words came through the pillow muffled.

Sirius laughed.

“Everything is my business,” he said as he jumped down from the bunk and reached his hand out for Lily to grab, “by the way, none of this was in your diary that I found when I was in your body,” he said with a smirk.

Lily pulled her face out from the black pillow, grabbed Sirius’ hand, and stood up. She had completely forgotten about the diary. There was nothing in there that Sirius didn’t already know though. She’d let it go.

“Well if you want my advice anyways, here it is, dear,” Sirius said as he let go of Lily’s hand and started walking to the door on the opposite side of the room, “if you’ve finally said yes to someone, then you must like him. So give it a shot. It may mean nothing that you’re thinking about someone else. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you like both of them. But then again, it could. So I say that you try it out with this mystery guy, and if the thoughts about the other one don’t go away in a couple of days…tell your boyfriend. Deal?” Sirius finished as they reached the door and he reached for the doorknob.

Lily thought about this. She usually took advice from Sirius to heart, because he was more often then not right. And he did have a point. Her emotions were bound to be weird. And if the thoughts didn’t go away about James, then she’d do something about it. In the future. Sounded like a good plan to her.

“Deal,” she agreed as they stepped out into the corridor.

“By the way,” Sirius continued, “I never read your diary.”

Lily grinned and just as the door closed shut behind them, the bell signalling the start of next class rang.

“Wow, you’re good,” Lily said once the bell had finished ringing.

“I know the bell schedule,” Sirius said with a wink, “now shall I escort you to Defence Against the Dark Arts?”

Lily smiled as she grabbed his outstreched arm once more.

“You’ll only escort me there because you have the same class,” she said as they started walking.

“Fair enough,” Sirius responded as they made there way to the third floor to meet the rest of the marauders who also shared the same class.


“No, I don’t know why Lily’s upset, James” Remus said with a concerned look in his eyes.

They were both sitting the the back row of the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, saving seats for both Sirius and Peter who hadn’t yet arrived.

“Alright, well I asked Sirius to go and talk to her, so hopefully he fixed whatever was wrong with her. He’s good at that,” James said as he took an apple from his bag and started eating it.

Remus nodded, unnerved by the fact that he hadn’t even known something was bothering Lily until James had mentioned it.

Just as James took a rather loud bite from his apple, a group of loud Slytherins entered the room, Severus Snape bringing up the rear.

“Just leave him today, Prongs,” Remus said as he saw James make eye contact with the greasy haired boy who had just walked in.

“But he gave me a look, Moony,” James said as he sat up straighter in his chair.

Remus shook his head.

“A look? You sound like a little kid,” the werewolf said with a hint of mockery in his tone.

James put his apple down for the time being.

“Oh Snivelllllllus!” he called in his most annoying voice before turning to Remus and adding quietly, “you know I’ll always be a little kid at heart.”

Severus Snape turned around from his spot at the front of the room where he was situated with a bunch of other Slytherins and a boy who, from behind, looked oddly familiar to James.

“Shut up, Potter, no one cares,” Snape replied.

But James had now focused all his attention on the boy who was sitting a few seats down from Snape. The boy who had apparently walked in with the Slytherins. The boy who was now trying to crouch lower and lower in his seat as if to avoid being seen by James, (who he had obviously just realized was in the room).

James whipped his head to the left towards Remus who was busy eating the rest of the apple that James had put down on his desk moments before.

Remus raised his eyebrows as he took a crunchy bite out of the apple.

“You know that Snape just told you to shut up, right?” Remus asked James who looking completely speechless at this point.

James just blinked his eyes as more people continued to enter the room.

Before he could find the words to say to Remus however, Sirius walked in with Lily attached to his arm.

Lily went and sat with her friend Christina who had taken the seat in front of James and Remus, while Sirius sat down on James’ right. Within seconds, Sirius sensed something was wrong with James and one scan around the room told him everything he needed to know.

“You guys, why the hell is Peter sitting up there with the Slytherins?” he asked.

Remus looked up front to see Peter still crouching lower and lower in his seat.

The three of them all exchanged looks of disgust until Sirius took the apple out of Remus’ hand and threw it at Peter’s head. Perfect aim.

Peter pretended to ignore the apple as it clearly bounced off of his head and flew to the front of the room.

Still speechless, the marauders sat in silence as the teacher entered the room, closing the door behind him.

“Alright class, let’s resume our talk on the werewolf. Who knows where we left off?” the professor started as various hands shot up into the air.

Lily turned around in her seat and offered a knowing smile at Remus who immediately smiled back, the sensation of butterflies flying around filling his stomach.

James, still staring at Peter, neglected to even notice.

Remus went back to listening to the teacher, taking the occasional note here and there, even though they were pointless considering the discussion topic.

Sirius passed a note to James who opened it and read the familiar scribble as fast as possible.

I don’t even know what to say about this. What is Wormtail thinking?!?

James grabbed his quill and immediately wrote back.

I don’t know Pads, but I guess it’s about time we had a talk with him. Grr. I’m mad. Prank? I think so. But speaking of talks and being mad…how did it go with Lily?

He slipped the note back to Sirius who grabbed his quill, ready to reply to the words he was about to read. He read the note and wrote back, slipping it back onto James’ desk once more.

Oh it went alright. She’s not mad. Just confused. She’s fine now though. I don’t know why she couldn’t talk to you about it though unless…oh. OH MY GOD. I think I just had a revelation (if that’s what they’re called). I’ll tell you later. At lunch.

I agree about pranking Peter though. Of course. We need a good one this time.

James read the words, and smiled before writing back.

We can refer to the ‘Ultimate Book of Pranking’ on this one, Siri. But I can’t really remember where I last left it. Hmm. That’s not very good, is it?

Sirius took the note back and read it as the teacher droned on and on about how to recognize a werewolf in its transformed state. He knew that if James or himself had been even listening remotely to the discussion at hand, they could easily have earned Gryffindor 50 points for all the questions they could have answered.

So Sirius wrote back and placed the note on the desk next to him once more.

You left it at home in your room, Prongs.

As soon as James read the words, his face lit up as he remembered where he had left the book.

Oh, that’s right. It’s on the floor next to the book we were reading last summer on werewolf rights.

Sirius read the words and smiled.

For he already knew that. And now, so did Lily.

A/N-> I hope you enjoyed this one. Now if you'll excuse me, it is very hot in my computer room and I must go venture downstairs in an attempt to find a cool beverage. Or some icecream. Oh, who am I kidding, icecream here I come.

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