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A/N Hey I give props to my Beta reader Lions_Rule80695! I own only the plot! Nothing more nothing less! Hope you enjoy!

"Hermione… oh, Hermione dear, please wake up?" She heard a motherly, nurturing voice say from above her. Her mind was swirling, as the pain in her nightmare became all too real. She felt as though her flesh was on fire as her blood boiled beneath. Pain flowed through her as she struggled against the unconsciousness. She groaned slightly as the light poured threw her closed eyelids.

Something was different; she could tell even in her state that something was wrong. Every flicker of light stung her eyes. Every muffled sound echoed through her ears, increasing her headache. But most of all, it was the unbelievable anger brewing in the pit of her stomach. She felt as if she wanted to kill something, or just reach out and strike anyone in range. Still her weak body, and noodle-like arms would not allow that.

"Oh sweet Merlin, she’s waking up!" The voice called, booming in her ears. She cringed against the pain that seemed to surround her. The soft, silk that once was her sheets was replaced with what felt like scratchy wool, or in some places rough stone. Pain stung every inch of her body, making her whimper helplessly.

"Hermione… can you hear me?" A soft male voice said as it took her hand. She knew the voice; still something was clouding her mind, making it so she couldn’t match a face to the voice.

"Mmm,” she groaned as she shifted her weight, making the bed creek slightly. Her throat felt dry and scratchy, as the anger in her stomach became a roaring flame. She didn’t know why she was so angry, but she was.

"Hermione, please open your eyes?" The voice called again, brushing their hand against her cheek. Her mind screamed in agony as their flesh met, making her groan once again. Hermione opened her eyes slowly, the light stinging her eyes. Everyone in the room let out a deep intake of breath, making her ears ache.

"Where am I?" Hermione asked in a raspy voice as she squinted against the light.

"Hermione… I don’t know how to tell you… so I just will. You were attacked last night," Harry said as he stroked her hand gently, trying to comfort her. Not knowing it was only adding to her pain.

"By who?" Hermione asked as she felt that person must have given her hundreds of Crucios.

"Bill…" Mrs. Weasley said mournfully as Hermione’s eyes were directed to Bill who was sitting in the corner, his face covered in his hands.

No… it… can’t be! Hermione’s mind pleaded as she remembered last night was a full moon. She could feel the anger welling up inside her yet again, blurring her vision along with her thoughts.

"I know this is hard Hermione," Ron said taking her other hand.

You think! Hermione’s mind growled in a hateful voice to him.

"But we’ll help you get through this," Harry said looking at her intently.

Like hell you will! How do you think you’ll get bloody close to a Werewolf, Harry… you’re not an Animagus! The furious voice bellowed in her mind, making her bite her lips angrily.

"Do you think you could leave me alone with Hermione for a moment? I might be a bit of a help," another voice said emerging from the back. Something about his voiced soothed her, in a way she didn’t understand.

"Alright Remus," Molly said ushering everyone out of the room. They closed the door behind them, leaving the two Werewolves together.

"You’re doing better than I did," Remus said with a slight chuckle as he sat beside her.

"What?" She asked as she felt herself relax, she could hear the wolf within him, she could feel it, and oddly enough she could smell it.

"Controlling your anger… I never was that under control," Remus laughed softly, knowing how sensitive she was to light and sound at this time.

"Will it hurt?" Hermione mumbled, knowing Remus’ keen ears would pick up on it.

"Will what hurt?" He asked only a bit louder than she had asked him.

"The transformation?" Hermione stated, feeling the room spinning yet again.

"Yes," he said simply. Hermione couldn't bring herself to ask how much. She shivered in a mixture of fear and pain. Her whole life had just been thrown away, in a blink of an eye. She still had her seventh year to attend to at Hogwarts… how she would be able to study, while turning into a bloodthirsty beast every month?

Remus could do it. She thought silently. If Remus could do it…So can I! She thought confidently as the pain in her stomach was replaced by nausea. She could feel the stomach bile moving up her throat, burning her mouth. She forced it back down, not wanting to get sick in front of Remus.

Her eyes fell upon him, causing a small smile to fade on to her lips. He truly was handsome, even with the small scars she was just picking up on now. He was old yes, but he did not look old. The only indication of his age was the tired look in his eyes that seemed to be permanently there.

"Are you scared?" He asked her, even though he could smell her fear. She nodded slowly, feeling the pain in her neck. "Don’t worry, the first time is always the worst, but it gets better as you go along," he said smiling at her reassuringly. "Excuse me a moment, I must talk with Dumbledore," Remus said with a wise smile on his face. Remus stood right outside of the door, Hermione could hear him breathing. She used her intensified hearing to listen in on the conversation.

"Albus… I know how extreme this sounds but it will be the best for her!"

"I know it is… it just might shock Miss Granger."

"I know… but she needs someone her own age who knows exactly what she’s going through."

"Alright…we’ll send her in the morning when she’s feeling better."

"Should we tell her?"

"No… she’ll try to hard to protest it."

"Alright, I should go back in there."

"Goodnight." Hermione’s eyes widened with fear. Where were they sending her? She shivered as she thought of being sent off to live with a Werewolf pack. She couldn’t leave her friends and family, how could she? Still this would be the best for her, and it was obvious that Remus wanted her to know. Other wise he would have taken Dumbledore out of her large hearing range.

"Remus, where are you sending me?" Hermione asked boldly, yet weakly. She heard him grunt as he lowered his head, thinking to himself.

"Not where… when," he said softly, looking at the ground. Hermione’s eyes widened in horror, he couldn’t be thinking what she thought he was thinking. "Hermione, I promise you’ll be much better off if you have a Werewolf the same age as you to help you along," Remus said, avoiding her eyes.

"But… Harry and Ron need me," Hermione said, trying to think of any excuse.

"Hermione, it will be better this way. How much of a help do you think you’ll be when you’re transforming every full moon, and feeling horrible three days after?" He asked sternly.

"You help!" Hermione yelled at him, her anger getting the best of her.

"I have had this curse since I was five, not seventeen!" Remus barked back, causing Hermione to quiver. She could hear the wolf within him growling, putting her in her place.

"I… I don’t want to go," Hermione said meekly, looking at her knees.

"I’m sorry, Hermione. But you have no choice," Remus said regrettably, looking at the ground.

"Alright, when do I leave?"

“Hey! Who’s she?"

"I don’t know… but she’s in Gryffindor robes."

"I’ve never seen her before."

"I know."

“Shh! She’s waking up!"

"Morning Hun! How are you feeling?” A soft female voice said from above her. Hermione moaned as she pulled herself into a sitting position. She opened her eyes, not believing what was before her. Sitting to her left, was none other than Lily Evans. Hermione’s eyes traced to the foot of her bed, where Remus, Peter, James, and Sirius sat looking at her intently.

"I’ve felt better," Hermione laughed, rubbing her head.

"Well I’m Sirius; this is James, Remus, and Peter," Sirius said proudly, smiling smoothly. She studied all of them a bit confused.

James looked exactly as she remembered Harry, his messy jet-black hair and firm jaw line. The only difference was his big hazel eyes making her know it was James.

Peter made her fume with anger, knowing in a few years he would betray them all. He had a youthful look to him, with his big brown eyes and messy blonde hair, giving him a childish look.

Sirius was even more handsome then she remembered, with his long black hair and big blue eyes. Hermione now understood exactly why girls swooned in his presence; he was defiantly the most handsome.

Remus on the other hand, took her longer to look over. His sandy blonde hair bounced down to his shoulders, dusting his scarred cheeks. His golden-colored eyes looked too deep to be imaginable, making Hermione gape at him.

"And I’m Lily Evans," the girl said extending her hand to shake Hermione’s. She was a pretty girl, with long, red hair. Her eyes were a magnificent shade of green, making Hermione immediately think of Harry.

"Yeah… Dumbledore has told us that you’re a new student, and has asked us to show you around," James said with a small smile as his eyes traced Hermione curiously.

"OK guys! Get out so she can dress!" Lily barked, ushering them out of the room.

"Don’t worry, they’re really an OK bunch." Lily said with a smile. Suddenly the question popped into Hermione’s mind.

"Umm… are you going out with James?" Hermione asked curiously, knowing they had gotten together some time in their last year.

"Potter? Only in his dreams!" Lily laughed, handing Hermione some clothes. Hermione pulled the light-blue sweater over her head, and pulled on the tight Muggle jeans. She put on her sneakers and walked with Lily out the doors.

"Hermione, we’re going to Hogsmeade… you want to come?" Peter asked smiling sweetly. The thought flickered through her mind quickly, yet she rejected it. She wanted to rest, and if she did go she would feel like an outsider looking in.

"No thanks," Hermione said looking around the Hall quickly. "I think I’m just going to go to the common room and rest," Hermione said turning to the direction it was in.

"I’ll keep you company," Remus said walking to the side of her.

"Alright, see you two later," Sirius said cheerfully as the four teens strolled away. Hermione breathed deeply, her eyes shifting between the ground in front of her, and the quiet man next to her. Once they reached the common room, he looked down at her briefly, before stepping through. The common room was empty, and the fire crackled in its place softly. Remus sat on the couch, motioning for her to join him.

"Can I ask you something?" Remus asked looking at her, with his eyes that looked like liquid-gold. Hermione shivered under his gaze, making her slightly uncomfortable.

"Alright," Hermione said shyly as she looked into the fire.

"How… how long have you been a Werewolf?"

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