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Why couldn’t she move her legs? Trying again the young woman swished her legs back and forth met with a block on both sides. The moon hurt as she opened her eyes and looked down, realizing that she was tangled up in sheets…silver sheets. As she tugged her feet out the woman’s eyes adjusted to the room she was in, and as they did panic gripped her. The room before her eyes was not her own and slowly, ever so slowly, a sob came to the surface. Images from the day before flashed in her mind, making her grip her head.

The letter…

The fight…

Legs entwined with her own…

Silent tears rolled down her face as she stood, pulling the sheet with her. She thought she would have been stronger, not so easily tricked. How naïve this young woman is. Shaking her head she fell to the ground, crumpling in the dry sobs that exploded from her chest. He had taken her on a mountain, showed her everything, and then said , ‘but you can’t have this’, but she had wanted it. Once again images pushed into her mind.

Her fingers running through hair…

A soft moan escaping both of their lips…


The Portkey…

There was no way she loved him, it wasn’t possible, she never would and never could, but when she was with him that knowledge left her. All that was left was possibilities. If only she opened her eyes, if only she realized she was only a stepping-stone for him. Something that would take him farther then he had ever been, and then is left after the job was finished. He had ripped her world into tiny pieces and there was no way she could have it back. The decision was made…and now regretted. Pulling the sheet tighter around her body she stood, wiping her eyes, which hadn’t made much of a difference since more tears still came.

“Hello, Ms. Granger,” said a voice behind her. Hermione turned slowly knowing full and well who it was. Voldemort. She never even tried to hide her tears, or the pained expression on her face. How could she? “I see you have finally awaken.” A slight nod was her only response, as she stood frozen in her spot. “Well, well, well, he hadn’t lied…it seems as though this has gone better then expected.” Hermione looked away from him, towards the bed…the sheets still rumpled, the pillows tossed all over, and various pieces of clothing tucked in between. Her eyes caught a deep blue shirt that lay underneath the pillow she had woken up on, and a suffocating feeling filled her stomach.

Her fingers unbuttoned those buttons slowly…

Smiling at him…teasing him…loving him…

Voldemort’s eyes traveled with Hermione’s eyes and smiled a croaked half smile. This young woman before him was in deep emotional pain, and it would only be a matter of time before physical pain followed. She hadn’t realized yet that usually your hearts leads you to places that are far from happily ever after. “You actually believed all the nonsense he told you? To think, Dumbledore believes you are one of the cleverest witches of the age. Pity really.”

Her eyes snapped back to Voldemort, and he could tell he had hit an open wound. Her face became twisted, tears spilled from her eyes, and, to his amusement, her hands shook as she held onto the sheet around her. “I suppose I should say,” she paused, her chin quivering slightly, “lesson learned.”

Voldemort’s deep laugh echoed throughout the room, as he pulled out his wand. “Ms. Granger you have lost miserably at this game. Those tears that cover your eyes are your own fault.” His voice held pity, but none was felt for this filthy creature before him. She was nothing but a present, something that would help him in the long run if he could only turn her away. If only he could get her on his side…but how to do it. “Everyone has a basic instinct to keep pain away, it’s instilled in everyone, and yet people still fall to love…foolish love.”

Hermione walked away from him as sobs came, she was stuck. Stuck in this hell that their was no escape from. Voldemort laughed again and turned to walk away from her. From the moment he walked away from her to the moment she fell to the ground once more, bringing her knees to her stomach Hermione could see the fire in his eyes and the laughter in his voice as he watched her heart break. Hermione Granger, smartest girl at Hogwarts, Head Girl, was frozen and the words ‘I don’t love him…I hate him’ couldn’t find their way to her lips. Her mouth opened and closed, much like a gold fish, as she fought with the emotions inside her. Reality hurt her like a ton of bricks…she had loved him.

But not anymore.

As of right now Hermione Jane Granger knew what was best for herself and that was to never allow him to see what he had done to her. She would never show how broken she is inside or know he is the reason tears had fallen from her eyes. Hermione took a deep breath, wiping the last of her tears away, and stood up straight looking around her. Somehow she was going to stay sane through this and show them what they want to see. Slowly she was becoming herself again, but that didn’t stop the memories from flowing back into her mind as she laid back down on the bed, pulling the sheet tightly around her.

“I’ve been told many times about myself…told that I’m no good, but with you I belong. There’s a change coming; can you feel it? You’re changing me…and I think it’s for the good.”

Pushing her head into the pillow, she shook her head fiercely. What had she been thinking? “I told him I loved him…,” she whispered to the darkness, tears spilling from her eyes. Voldemort had told her she had lost the game miserably, and she hadn’t denied it.

Hermione would be angry tomorrow…today…today she would cry.

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