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Chapter Twenty-Three


Ginny and I carried my stuff up to her room and she helped me unpack into the extra wardrobe in her room. I opened my trunk and smiled, finding a note from Draco, two pairs of boxers and three t-shirts.

In case you can’t sleep or need comfort, wear these.

I smiled and Ginny raised her eyebrows at me.

“Pajamas,” I told her.

“Surprise from Draco?” She asked. I nodded. “That’s cute, are you two anything yet?”

“No,” I mumbled.

“Hermione Jane Granger! It has been over a month. You are dealing with it and you are okay. Stop hiding behind your problems with Ron and go with Malfoy!” Ginny lectured me in her do-not-argue voice.

“Hermione’s here?” Fred and George asked walking in the room. I smiled and got up to give them both a hug.

“What Gin? She’s been here an hour and already you’re giving her a hard time. This is holiday remember?” Fred said holding me close in a bear hug.

“Yeah, she already has enough to deal with.” George added, pulling me away from Fred and into his arms.

“Hey Gin, what do you think of Christopher if it’s a boy?” Ron asked coming into the doorway. His eyes instantly fell upon me as did Fred and George’s, Ginny busy glaring daggers at Ron.

“I think you’ll be lucky if you live long enough for the thing to be born.” Ginny stated, shoving Ron out of the door, before closing it behind her as she followed him out.

“Well this is going to be fun.” I stated sarcastically sitting on the bed. The next few days passed uneventfully as I stayed in my room most of the time, Fred and George doing as much as they could to make me feel better. On the day before Christmas Eve, I woke up to an owl tapping at the window. I let the owl in and fed it before taking my letter and sending it back outside. I smiled recognizing Draco’s handwriting.

How are things at the burrow? I hope not too bad. I’ve already written to Harry and Ginny and they said you were coming here the 27th. Can’t wait to see you then.

I smiled. I could handle four days. I grabbed some parchment and went to write Draco back.

I can’t wait. As far as how things are going here, I’ve mostly been staying in my room or with Fred and George. I guess they did something horrid to Ron and now he won’t go near them. Whenever I’m around Ginny, Rom seems to think he needs to keep asking her on baby names, so, I’ve been keeping from her. Mrs. Weasley is feeling sorry for me though she tries to hide it. She keeps asking me for help in the kitchen and around the house. I know she means well but my mind keeps thinking she’s trying to replace my mum. It’s getting hard. If I survive the next four days, I’ll be surprising myself with my strength. My apologies, this is much larger than I meant it to be, I guess I just need someone to talk to. I’ll see you soon.

I sighed wearily and looked over the letter. Resisting the urge to rip it up, I sealed it in an envelope.

“Harry, can I borrow Hedwig?” I asked knocking on his open door. He looked up at me.

“Yeah,” He said getting her from her cage. I tied the letter to her leg and watched her fly off.

“Hermione,” Harry started. I turned and looked at him, now realizing he was watching me carefully. “Are you okay?” He asked walking over next to me.

“Yes, perfectly fine.” I told him forcing a smile, hoping he didn’t notice the tears I was holding back.

“Okay.” He said sighing though I knew I couldn’t have fooled him. I walked out of the room, feeling his eyes on me, watching my every step.

“I’m going for a walk.” I told Mrs. Weasley grabbing my heavy cloak and checking to see I had my wand. I got outside and quickly cast a warming spell on myself, looking around at the falling snow. I started down the road and sang softly to myself.

“Hermione!” Someone yelled. I turned to see Harry running toward me. He caught up to me and started walking next to me, not saying anything. I looked around as we kept walking, enjoying the fact Harry wasn’t trying to make conversation.

Christmas Eve and Christmas passed with a great feast, majority of my time spent hiding in Ginny’s room. The last thing I needed to see was someone trying to replace my family or seeing how happy Ron and Pansy were. I woke up early on the 27th and quickly got all of my things together. At exactly 12 noon, Harry, Ginny and I floo’d to the Malfoy Manor. I stumbled into a living room, looking around only to find Draco waiting for us. I smiled, wrapping my arms tightly around him, burying my face in his neck, smelling his comforting, familiar scent.

“I missed you,” I mumbled against his neck.

“It was only a week.” He laughed.

“It was a week and a half, a long week and a half. Don’t even pretend that you didn’t miss me.” I told him.

“I did miss you.” He whispered before kissing me on the cheek. Harry cleared his throat and Draco and I pulled apart.

“I’ll show you guys to your rooms.” Draco said. Ginny’s room was first with Harry’s right next to her. We passed a couple doors and Draco showed me my room. I smiled, it was almost exactly like my room at school.

“There’s just one thing,” Draco started. I looked at him with question. “You’re sleeping in my bed.” He stated.

“What if I’m content with my pillow? Or what if I’ve been sharing with Harry and would rather sleep in his bed?” I teased.

“Then I’ll hex his bed out of his room.” Draco stated grabbing me around the waist and hugging me close.

“That’s not very nice.” I stated.

“I’m a Malfoy. I have a temper and get jealous easily, don’t push me.” He mumbled into my neck.

I laughed. “So let me see this room of yours.”

He smiled and grabbed my hand, leading me back into the hall way. His room was a few away from mine and at the very end of the hall. He led me into his room and I looked around, amused. Everything in his room was forest green or black colored wood. He had a king sized four-poster bed in the middle and a door leading to a balcony.

“Not bad.” I told him smiling. I walked over too his bed and sat down. I let myself fall back and stared at his ceiling. “So did you honestly even miss me?” I asked, my eyes not moving from the ceiling.

“Yeah,” he said as I heard him shuffle around his room. He opened and closed a drawer. “I almost went to the Weasley’s a few times.” He stated, “There was nothing to do here but sleep or go to Hogsmeade.”

“I wish you would’ve. Ron would’ve probably thrown a fit but I just stayed in Ginny’s room most of the time.” I said closing my eyes and sighing. I felt the bed sink from the added weight of a person next to me.

“I got you a present.” Draco whispered, this time much closer than before. I opened my eyes to see him propped up on his elbow leaning over me. “I don’t know if you’ll like it, but uh, here.” He said awkwardly, causing me to smile as he handed me a small wrapped box. I opened the box to see an antique silver locket. The locket was an oval and on it had a rose made from rubies. I opened the locket to see a picture of my mum and dad on one side, while the other side sat empty.

“Thank you. This is beautiful.” I whispered. I looked up from the locket and at Draco. “Come here.” I whispered cuddling close to him. He wrapped his arms tightly around me.

“You want me to give you a tour of the manor?” He asked after a moment.

“No.” I mumbled. “Not right now. I just want to stay like this. I just want to be close to you.” I told him.

“Fine by me. We can stay here all week if you want.” He told me smiling, “though we might have to find other ways to occupy the time.” He added wiggling his eyebrows at me and showing his smirk.

“Like me hexing you?” I asked smiling deviously.

“If that’s what you want to call it.” He said winking.

We both laid there not saying anything. “Thank you.” I whispered a moment later, barely audible.

The next morning we all went to Hogsmeade.

“So it seems like Draco has brightened your mood.” Ginny teased as we looked for gowns to wear to the New Year’s Ball.

“Not Draco per se, being away from your lovely brother and his pug.” I told her holding a dress against me and looking in the mirror.

“Try this one.” She said handing me a forest green dress.

“Okay.” I said walking to a dressing room. The gown was form fitting, falling to the floor. It tied around my neck and the back fell on the small of my back. There was a slit on the side, ending just above my knee. I smiled and twirled in the mirror. “I’m getting this one.” I called out to Ginny.

“Let me see!” She called knocking on the door. I laughed and walked out of the room. “Merlin, you better get this one.” She exclaimed. Ginny ended up getting a similar dress, only in a deep plum color.

“Where are the boys again?” I asked as we left the shop, our dresses paid for and sent to the manor.

“Quidditch shop, we’re supposed to meet them at the ice cream shop in ten minutes.” Ginny told me.

“Alright do you want to go now and get some ice cream while we wait for them?” I asked.

Ginny nodded enthusiastically, “Yeah.”

“I don’t really feel like going back to school.” Ginny stated moments later.

“I do. I miss it.” I stated.

“You would.” Ginny laughed. “You just miss having something keeping you occupied for six of the seven days of the week.” Ginny teased as the boys walked up.

“Did you two get your dresses?” Harry asked.

“Yes.” Ginny and I said smiling.

“And?” Draco asked taking a bite of my ice cream.

“And you boys get to wait until tomorrow to see them.” I smiled.

“Well then we should head back. Dinner should be soon.” Draco announced.


“Hermione, Ginny, are you two ready yet? We need to make our entrance.” Draco called through the door. I double checked myself in the mirror then opened the doors.

“Wow.” Draco said smiling and looking at me from head to toe. I felt myself blush under his gaze.

“Hello? Let’s go.” Ginny said walking up behind me and waving her hand in Draco’s face. I tried to hide my smirk. The four of us went downstairs to the ballroom.

“You look amazing.” Draco whispered, pulling me closer to him as we danced.

I smiled. “Thank you. Needless to say, so do you. Just don’t tell your ego.” I joked.

“I won’t.” Draco whispered, winking at me. We sat down and Draco got us champagne. We we’re sitting enjoying ourselves when Ron and Pansy walked over. Draco put his arms around me and placed a kiss on my temple. I sighed and raised my eyebrows at them.

“Hello Hermione, Hello Draco.” Pansy said politely.

“Hello.” Draco and I greeted.

“Hermione, we were wondering if you made a decision to be our child’s God mother?” Pansy asked.

“Oh, yes. I would be honored.” I stated, smiling slightly as I felt Draco pull me slightly closer.

“That’s great! Isn’t it Ron?” Pansy asked looking to Ron, who didn’t say anything, just stood there looking around awkwardly. “We’ll catch up with you later.” Pansy said smiling and dragging Ron away.

I sighed and fell slightly against Draco. “That wasn’t too bad.”

“Let’s dance.” Draco said grabbing my hand as he led me in the opposite direction of the ballroom. He opened the door to a balcony, charmed to stay as warm as it was inside. I smiled and looked out at the stars and snow covered grounds. Draco pulled me close and we began dancing. Having no way of knowing the time, we danced until we began hearing calls of “Happy New Year!” from inside. Draco pulled me close and softly placed his lips on mine. He pulled away and held me securely against him, he pulled apart to look me in the eyes. I smiled and laid my forehead against his.

“Hermione,” he whispered. “Be my girlfriend?” he asked. I smiled and nodded before kissing him again. “Finally,” He whispered laughing after we pulled apart.


The next morning I awoke in Draco’s arms. I smiled and softly began to kiss his jaw line, neck and collarbone, randomly biting his skin.

“This is how you get me to love mornings.” Draco said sighing contently. I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder, my nails idly scratching his stomach. There was a soft knock at the door. “Pretend to be asleep.” He whispered barely audible. I nodded a quick agreement then willed my breaths into a steady pattern. The door squeaked open, only to be closed when receiving now answer. Draco sighed and I yawned and stretched, looking around the room. Draco propped himself up on his elbow, leaning slightly over me. I looked up at him and smiled.

“Good morning Mr. Malfoy.” I said trying not to laugh.

“Good morning.” He told me before planting a soft kiss on my nose. “Let’s spend the day in Hogsmeade.” He offered.

“Okay, just let me shower first.” I told him getting up. He raised his eyebrow at me.

“I’m joining you.” He said getting up. I laughed and walked to the bathroom.

I closed the door behind me and quickly got in the shower. I heard the doorknob rattle then open and a small smile graced my features as I heard Draco laugh.


A/N- Hey guys. I'm so sorry this took so long. I'm not even going to give you an excuse, there is no reason it should've taken me this long to post a chapter and I'm so so sorry. This is the end. :o) I think I may write a sequel if you want one, but I have also started another Draco/Hermione fic and a Hermione/Ron one. Those should be up as soon as I can type them. Keep an eye out! :o)

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