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Chapter 6: In the Library

The next few weeks passed quickly for the Hogwarts students. The seventh years had so much homework they had very little free time anymore. Any spare moment was spent in the library researching or writing essays. Sirius Black for one was not happy about this arrangement

“Why do we have to come here? I have never been in the library in all my years in Hogwarts. I hate it here. It is so quiet, I am dieing to set off a firework or something,” complained Sirius who was sitting at a table with the other Marauders (except Peter, he said he had to go somewhere else), Lily, Jo and Alice.

“It’s not quiet with you here Black,” said Jo while looking through a Transfiguration book

“I take that as a compliment!” he said

“Padfoot, don’t you have any work to do?” Remus asked him looking up from his Charms book

“That’s funny Mooney. Have I ever done any work before?”

James laughed at him and Lily rolled her eyes.

“If you don’t even do your homework, how are you going to get through your NEWTS? Won’t you have to study?” Lily asked but instantly regretted it.

Both James and Sirius burst out laughing.

“Poor naïve little Evans. Of course I don’t need to study. I know everything already. I am a Marauder. Apart from being extremely good looking, we are all geniuses. Well, at least I am, the rest of you are debatable,” said Sirius looking James and Remus up and down.

Sirius ducked as Remus tried to hit him but didn’t as James hit him over the head with his Potions book.

“Ow Prongs! Aren’t you on my side? Do mean to tell me you are siding with them?” asked Sirius accusingly giving the others an evil look.


“Why would you do that to me Prongs?” asked Sirius looking offended

“Well for one there are more of them. I am surrounded by them. And second, you said you were the smartest and best looking. If that is true, I am horribly insulted. So I think you can see my position here Padfoot,” said James smiling at his friend.

“You’ve betrayed me Prongs! Siding with Evans over me? That is low, no matter what I said,” accused Sirius

James looked at him trying not to laugh. “Sorry Padfoot but Evans is more of an attractive option,” said James smiling at Lily who rolled her eyes.

“Fine Prongs, fine. You have won this round but you haven’t heard the last of me. I’ll be back,” said Sirius getting up and walking out of the library.

Everyone else was nearly falling off their chairs laughing.

“You know you are going to pay for this Prongs?” said Remus

“No. We’re going to pay for this,” laughed James

“What do you mean?” asked Lily

“Sirius is not going to forget we sided against him. He’s never going to let it go. No matter what we do. He is going to make life hell for us,” explained Remus

“Doesn’t he already?” said Jo

“That is true, but he does it unknowingly. Now he is going to do it on purpose aswell. It’s going to be a long week,” sighed James, but he was still smiling. Sirius could always lighten a mood. There was too much stress around lately. They were all cracking and it was only the start of October. NEWTS were proving to be harder than he thought.

Lily stood up to pack her bag. “Come on James, we have to go to the tutoring session.”

James groaned.

“What’s wrong Prongs?” Remus asked

“I hate those kids. They are so annoying,”

“JAMES!” said Lily looking at him.

“What? They are. They never show any respect. I swear we was never that rude when we started here,”

“I know they are but you can’t say that,” Lily insisted

“I knew you didn’t like going to these things as much as I did. I don’t see why you won’t let me jinx them. They would learn the spell and learn some respect. Plus I would get some satisfaction from it.”

Lily just rolled her eyes again and walked out of the library, James trailing along behind her.

Alice turned to Remus and Jo. “Operation Stag and Flower seems to be going well,”

“Yeah. They have been pretty civil to one another over the last few weeks. Only had a few fights,” said Remus

“But those fights were big fights,” laughed Jo remembering two days ago when James and Lily got into a huge fight in the Gryffindor common room. They stood at either end of the room and shouted insults at each other. They seemed to release all stress from the week in those fights.

“Well yeah but that can just prove they are meant to be. I mean have you ever seen Lily fight with anyone with the same passion she does with James?” Alice asked

“No. They both seem to bottle everything up and then let it out at one another. Did you see Lily when we both left her in Herbology and she had to do her project with James? She looked like she wanted to kill us,” laughed Jo

“But Prongs seemed very happy about the situation,” said Remus smiling

“Do you think either of them suspect anything?” Alice asked

“No. When we do anything Lily is outraged and doesn’t notice and James is too overjoyed to care even if he did notice,” Jo said

“We seem to be making some progress though. Prongs isn’t acting like quite as big an idiot around Lily. Her really wants her to like him,” said Remus

“I know, I feel sorry for him. Lily still insists she hates him though. She says he hasn’t changed even though he hasn’t been acting like a jerk anymore,” said Alice

“She is just stubborn and won’t admit it. She is too proud to say she has fallen for him. I can’t wait for the day she finally does. I’ll dance around the common room for days,” smiled Jo

“There isn’t much more we can do yet though. I mean we make them sit beside each other at meals, in classes, when we do homework together. Nearly every other moment they have to spend together anyway because of Head duties. The only time they don’t spend together is when they are asleep-“ said Remus

“Which we will change,” smirked Jo

“Jo!” Alice exclaimed

“What? That is what we are working endlessly for isn’t it?”

“Well yeah but-“

“Exactly. I was merely stating a fact,” Jo smiled

“Ok, so tomorrow in potions we have to pick partners for the rest of the year because the rest of the potions we will be making will be made in pairs. How do we work this one?” Remus asked

“Well Alice and I will go together. What about you and Sirius? Will you two go together or will one of you go with Peter?” Jo asked

“Sirius and I will probably go together. We haven’t seen much of Peter lately. He always says he has other things to do,” said Remus

“Ok. So then we leave James and Lily to go together. Make sure we get a cauldron as far away from her as possible. She is going to flip,” Jo said laughing

The other two laughed. Operation Stag and Flower seemed to be going according to plan. They only hoped it would work out in the end. They all wanted their two friends to be happy and they knew the only way that was possible was if they were together.

A/N: Not a very informative chapter or with any main plot to it, just there as a fill-in! Please tell me what you think! Thanks again for reading! = )

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