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    Captain Jack Sparrow

    Hermione’s screams echoed as the four were engulfed in precipitate darkness. Harry felt Ginny’s hand grasp his, and despite the strange and somewhat frightening turn of events, he felt wonderfully satisfied that she was clinging to him when scared. He couldn’t help but smirk.

    Just as suddenly as the darkness had come, the sucking feeling ceased, the vortex closed, and the light returned. Harry blinked rapidly to clear his mind and asses what had just happened. He tried to reach for his wand, which was stowed in his pocket, but Ginny was now gripping his body so tightly that he couldn’t move. He glanced quickly at Ron, who was staring at his own wand in horror, and was trying to put it away quickly (probably to hide the ‘evidence’) but Hermione was clamped onto him as well.

    Harry tried to figure out where they were. It obviously was not the Weasley’s house. Nope. Definitely not. They seemed to be outdoors; all right, they were certainly outdoors, because there was a salty breeze blowing through their hair, and a blue sky above. It almost seemed as though they’d taken a portkey....a portkey to where? Why did this scenery seem so familiar?

    Hermione opened her eyes, and threw Harry a terrified glace before looking around, and giving an excited shriek.

    “What? What?” Ron screamed, wrapping his arms around Hermione, just as she was letting go of him.

    “We’re here! I don’t know how, but we’re here! Oh, my God, I can’t believe it!”

    Ginny loosened her hold slightly to turn her head and see. “Oh…Hermione! You’re right? But how?”

    Harry gave an exasperated sigh, tired of trying to place the surroundings. “Where the hell are we?”

    Ginny wriggled away, out of Harry’s embrace, and he felt a pang of disappointment. “We’re in Port Royal!” she said.

    “We’re WHAT?” bellowed Harry and Ron at the same time.

    “It’s not a ‘what’, it’s a ‘where’, and that ‘where’ is Port Royal!” said Hermione in a slightly bossy tone of voice, “If you’d paid attention to history you’d know where that is.”

    "Well, FYI, I do know where that is, Hermione. It’s in the Caribbean. What I don’t know is WHAT WE’RE DOING HERE!” yelled Harry.

    Hermione was about to yell right back, but her eyes suddenly widened as she looked past him.

    “What’s wrong?” asked Ron.

    Hermione pointed mutely, and the other three turned around.

    There was a man. A very familiar-looking man sporting dread-locks laden with decoration. A very familiar-looking man running directly towards them with a wild look in his eyes.

    “Move!” he shouted, flailing his arms as he ran.

    It was then that Harry realized what was going on; they were not only in Point Royal, but the 1700s version….this man was being chased by English soldiers, whose firing guns could now be heard…they were standing on a bridge…there was no side to move to in order to let him pass…they would have to go in the same direction.

    “Run!” Harry grabbed Ginny’s arm and dashed to the other side of the bridge, Ron and Hermione behind them.

    Ginny jerked her arm away from Harry’s grasp and continued to run, but didn’t dare to look behind her. The shots were getting closer now, and she could hear the man (whom she recognized as the pirate from the movie they had just been watching just a moment before in the safety of the Burrow) sprinting behind them, his boots making a clanky, hollow sound as he crossed the wooden bridge.

    “Faster!” he yelled at them again, his voice rough and slightly gravelly. He was getting closer…

    The four teenagers put on an extra spurt of speed, for fear of being run over, and because they could now feel the wind of the passing bullets as they flew by their ears.

    They were now entering the town, and the people parted for them like the Red Sea parted for Moses and the Israelites. Hermione tried to see the surroundings as best as she could, and suddenly skidded to a stop. “In here!” she shouted, opening the door of a shop, over which there hung the sign that declared it to be a smithy. “Hurry, there’s no time!”

    Without giving it second thought, Harry, Ron, and Ginny darted in after her. Harry shut the door behind them quickly. “What if they saw us? The soldiers, I mean?” asked Ron, his voice rising several octaves.

    Harry saw another door only a few feet away, and reached over to push it open. It creaked loudly just as they heard the soldiers running past. “Hurry!” he whispered, holding the door open as the others entered. He closed it slowly to prevent further noise that might give them away.

    The small room was very dark, and seemed to be full of old smithing tools. There was only room to stand.

    “Ow!” wailed Ron. “I’ve stubbed my toe! Bloody darkness…”

    “Keep it down, will you?” hissed Ginny, pulling out her wand. “Lumos…” she whispered, creating a small beam of light.

    “All right, Hermione,” muttered Harry through clenched teeth, “how did we get here and how are we going to get back?”

    Hermione’s look grew pointed as she glared at Ron. “My smartass boyfriend spoke a charm that doesn’t even exist. Okay, well maybe it does since it brought us here, into the movie, but it’s certainly no ‘replacement’ nonsense. What on earth were you thinking, Ron? You could have gotten us killed! You know better than that!”

    “Sorry! I didn’t think it would work, since I made it up…or thought I did,” Ron’s face flushed.

    “Well, we can figure that all out later…we kind of have a problem on our hands,” stated Harry, pushing his hair out of his eyes, “how do we deal with what we’ve just gotten ourselves into?”

    Hermione sighed. “Well, that was Captain Jack Sparrow running after us…it seems to me that this whole bit is progressing just like the movie is. That means that the people here don’t like pirates, imagine how they feel about witches and wizards.”

    “So we can’t use our wands?” Ron kicked his shoe off to rub his toe.

    “At least not when anyone is watching,” answered Harry, before turning back to the girls. “Do you know how the next part of the movie goes so that we can be somewhat prepared?”

    Hermione got that excited look she’d had when she’d realized where they were. “Of course! Jack’s about to come in here and have that swordfight. Then he goes to jail, but Will lets him out after Port Royal is attacked by Barbossa’s motley crew of cursed pirates.”

    “Cursed pirates!?” Ron’s voice squeaked as he suddenly lost interest in his stubbed toe. “What’s next then? Giant spiders?”

    “No, that’s in ‘Lord of the Rings’. This is totally different. Don’t worry, everything’ll turn out—“ Hermione was cut off by the clash of metal.

    Ginny looked towards the door, and dimmed her wand. “They’re fighting,” she breathed.

    “We’ve got to come up with a plan…” Harry poked Hermione in the ribs.

    “Hush! We don’t want them to hear us, do we?”

    “I guess not,” Harry sighed. “Then what?”

    “Well,” Hermione leaned against the wall with her arms crossed. “We wait.”

    A/N: I am SO sorry that updating took me so long...don't hurt me!!! J/K...I hope you like it...please review, and watch for the next chapter, "The Swordfight, and what followed...". This time, it won't take me a decade...I promise. ;-)

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