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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or anything related to Harry Potter. That of course belongs to the wonderful JK Rowling.

Sirius [takes place between Hestia and Lily]

I’m a joker, a prankster, somebody who is forever laughing. I joke with my friends and prank my enemies. I’m not a nice guy or a leader, I’m certainly not a misfit and you definitely couldn't call me a bookworm. I’m a joker, whether I’m a nice person or not. My name is Sirius Black and I’m a joker

I try not to take life to seriously (Siriusly ha! Get it?) But sometimes I don’t succeed. For example when it comes to my family, I have to take life seriously. When you have an idiot of a father, a witch of a mother and a spineless twerp of a brother like me then you have too. I’m also quite serious about my pranks, if that’s at all possible, as I don’t like them to fail. Another thing I’m quite serious about is Hestia Jones. Though I don’t think she would take too kindly to being called a thing.

I kissed her yesterday. YES GO ME! I found out that she liked me after such an eventful day. I’ll tell you the short story! I know you want to hear it, or maybe I want to tell it. I’ve liked her for a while now. She exasperates me and drives me crazy as she always seems to beat me. I hate being beaten when it comes to anything and at the beginning of this year I suddenly seem to always have one name ahead of me; Hestia Jones. I remember noticing her for the first time, with her chocolate brown hair and her eyes which always seem to change colour not in a freaky way or anything; It’s just sometimes they are grey, then they’re green and sometimes they could be pale blue. I love the fact that she’s so tall and skinny and the way she fits in my arms so well.

Once I found out her name; Hestia but her friends call her Tia, I talked to one of my close friends Emmeline to find out subtly what she was like. According the eternally optimistic Emmeline, Tia is very smart, very shy and very sweet and I was somewhat taken by her from there onwards. I watched her as she went to classes and acted offended when she beat me with the chance that she would actually talk to me. I CHANGED! It was really weird to be honest. I stopped my dating-spree which I went on last year [so many girls so little time aye?] and I started to spend more times with my friends. They found it very odd so I told them that I had a little crush on somebody and they all assumed it to be Dori Meadows. Now I hated Dori at this point so I was disgusted at this. I was so disgusted in fact; that I didn’t even notice that one of my best friends Remus was insanely jealous.

But Dori started going out with Remus, Alice with Frank and Emmeline with Gideon and I still kept staring at Hestia from advance. I had one girlfriend in a month! Do you have any idea how much of a record that is for me? Then yesterday happened; I had broken up with my ex-girlfriend, the weird and clingy Mindy, only the week before, and I suddenly saw this vision of beauty. She had smooth brown curls, pale skin and nice legs and I was entranced. So when I saw her being harassed by a dirty Slytherin, I was the gentleman and went in to rescue her. What does she go and do? She goes and runs away before I realise who she is.

Transfiguration yesterday was fabulously amazingly wonderful. I was paired with Hestia but to my surprise she was nowhere to be seen and I was left in the room with this sexy brunette who was…. Dun dun durrh … that’s right you guessed it, HESTIA JONES. We worked together in the library [second time ever! Are you proud?] for a while where I learn she’d be an owl if she were an animagus amongst other things. I then left the library as soon as possible, my mind so full of her, but I stopped when I heard her talking to Remus’ girlfriend Dorcas. She said she liked me but she didn’t want me to like the new her rather than the old her. Was she crazy? Yes the new her was extremely hot but so was the old her.

I caught her in her usual attire later that night when I was out on a nightly walk, which let me tell you did not involve getting the Marauders map and looking for her! She looked at me as though I was a mental case when I told her I liked her. Then she hit her head against the blimmin' wall but still looked at me as though I was crazy. I asked her out next and she said no which was perhaps the first time for everything and then I did the only thing I could do; I kissed her.

That’s pretty much my story. After that she told me she would think about going out with me and that she would see me later. I’m a bit confused really, but I’m going to take that as a good sign. That’s why I’m up so early this morning; it’s a Friday, which means we have some very boring lessons but they are all with Tia, so that automatically makes them much more enjoyable. I’m showered, dressed and ready and raring to go to breakfast. One problem though, it’s only 6.30. Even Moony who is our earliest riser is still snoring away in his bed.

I crept out very quietly, for me anyway, and down into the empty common room. Merlin, I’m hungry. What I wouldn’t give for nice bacon sandwich right now, I’d even settle for a bowl of cereal but a good old fry up would go down very well. Mrs Potter tells me that I’ve got hollow legs and I think she’s right.

“Sirius?” I looked up to see Moony enter the room. He amazes me with the speed he can get ready but a look at my watch told me I’d been dreaming about food for quite a while now. We were still the only people in the Common Room though.

“Moony!” I greeted him with a grin, “You’re early.”

“So are you.” he replied in a shocked tone, “I’m meeting Dori, what’s your excuse?”

“I’m full of the joys of spring.” I replied with a grin.

“It’s December.”

“And your point is?”

“You scare me when you’re this happy,” he laughed and settled down on the sofa next to me. Some ickle firsties had joined us in the room now and some ugly third years and the next thing I knew Remus had stood up. I knew where he was heading but I still watched in hope. He greeted Dorcas and smiled at me as they walked out of the common room hand in hand. I admire those two because they have worked out a system. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they go to breakfast together and on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Remus has breakfast with us. Talk about organised.

I watched as Alice met up with Frank to go to breakfast but neither Prongsie, Wormtail, Lily, Emmie nor Tia had surfaced yet. Actually they might off but I wasn’t really paying that much attention as I was still in the land of food. I couldn’t stop that feeling of doubt though kicking in but I shook it away.

I’m Sirius Black after all, cool as a cucumber. Wait, are cucumber’s cool? I don’t think they are [mental note: ask Moony if they are], so I’m Sirius Black, cool as an ice cube. Doesn’t really have the same ring to it…

I was thrilled when the girl’s door opened again and I saw Lily walk out, followed by Emmeline who was followed by Hestia. YES! She was looking mighty fine today, back to her usual self with the only exception being her hair. She caught my eyes as they entered the room and she smiled shyly.

I stood up instantly and walked over to meet her, watching her flush as I got closer “Morning Hestia,” I said politely.

“Good Morning.”

“May I escort you to breakfast?”

I saw Lily and Emmeline’s faces drop in shock when she nodded. I guess she, like me, hadn’t told her friends about ‘us’ either. I held out my hand and as she took it my heart skipped a beat. My gosh, what a very girly thing to say.

We got some strange looks as we walked down to breakfast and as we entered the Great Hall, the whispering began. I heard her laugh beside me and she whispered,

“They think you have gone mad.”

“Nah, they probably think its you that has gone mad.” I replied and she giggled. We stopped in the doorway and she leant into kiss me. I don’t know what possessed her but I wasn’t about to complain as I was enjoying a very nice kiss.

“MR BLACK!” Professor McGonagall yelled from her position at the top table and Hestia and I broke apart as she stormed down the hallway. Of course her rather loud shout alerted every ones attention to the sight of us. “MR BLACK, how many times have I told you, that you are not allowed to behave like that in here,” She paused for breath for a second and I resisted the urge to laugh.

When she spoke again her voice became softer, “Miss Jones, have you taken leave of your senses?”

“No Professor.”

“Then why are you, one of the top students at Hogwarts, Prefect of Gryffindor, doing that with Mr Black in the doorway to the Great Hall.”

“I’m sorry,” she said honestly, “It won’t happen again.”

YES IT WILL! “No that’s a lie Hestia, it will happen again,” I interrupted, “Just not when you around to see it, Aye Professor?”

She pursed her lips at us as I smiled a charming smile. They never usually work but sometimes she’ll let us off with a lighter punishment than usual. Luckily this time was one of those and she walked off.

“What came over you there?” I asked her with a smile.

“Just felt like it, I guess,”

“Well anytime you feel like it, let me know okay?” I raised my eyebrows and we sat down with our friends at the table.

“Well that was interesting,” Dorcas turned to say to Hestia, “Did I, or did I not, just see you kiss Sirius?”

“Yes, you did,” she replied shyly and I smiled at Dorcas. She and I have never really gotten on after she beat me up one year. I deserved it, or so everyone told me, but it hurt! I had slap-marks for weeks after that but ever since she and Remus started going out, I have mellowed a bit towards her.

“And why haven’t you told me?”

“It only happened last night,” Hestia replied with a slight smile

“What happened last night?” Lily asked sitting down beside her. James plonked down next to me and I bet he just asked Lily out because he’s got that sad look on his face that just screams out ‘WHY!’

“Black and Tia kissed,” Dorcas said gleefully and Lily’s face lit up.

“Yes!” she laughed and turned to hug Hestia. That meant that Hestia had to let go of my hand [did I mention we were holding hands! How cute is that!] to hug her friend. Once she had finished the whole emotional bonding thing, I regained her hand again. I mean why shouldn’t I? It fit exactly inside mine!

I turned to my friends, Frank, James, Peter and Remus and they all nodded at me with a grin. See we don’t need any hugging to congratulate each other; a simple nod and a few words would do for us.

“Nice,” Frank smiled.

“Good for you Paddie!” James said wistfully.

“You saw sense then,” Remus grinned.

Peter didn’t say anything which I found most odd. He’s been very quiet recently and I haven’t seen very much of him. I know I can be a bit honest sometimes which people may interpret that as being mean but he’s still a pal and a fellow Marauder.

We finished breakfast quickly and I managed to eat my bacon sandwich with one hand. We had potions first and I headed to the dungeons, my hand still in Hestia's, but we were silent. Its kind of odd, all this silence, I’m usually a talkative person but I lose everything from my mind when I’m with her.

Sluggie was in his usual pompous ‘I’ve got something stuck up my bum mood’ and he decided today was the day that we were to start brewing Quellenta. Quellenta is a very complicated potion which incidentally is one of the weakest forms of truth potions there is. How can something so fiddly and complicated be so weak? It’s a mystery to me. He stood at the front of the class smiling broadly in Lily’s direction.

“FOR THIS POTION, I HAVE PUT YOU INTO PAIRS AGAIN; BLACK AND BLACK, CAMEL AND DORMINS, EVANS AND LUPIN, MEADOWS AND LONGBOTTOM, VANCE AND POTTER, JONES AND DIGGORY” he carried on and I cursed mentally as Hestia went to sit next to Diggory. I don’t like the guy one little bit and I don’t trust him at all. I waited for my stupid cousin Bella to move to sit next to me but the seat remained empty.

“Black, Black, which one of you is going to move?” Slughorn ordered and I shook my head

“I’m not Sir.”

“Well I’m certainly not, Professor,” she chipped in batting her long, dark eyelashes. I hate her with a passion but I did forget that Slughorn is her head of house. Favouritism, I tell you.

“Fine if you are going to play it that way Mr Black, you will do the potion alone. Miss Black, please make a three with Snape and Rosier,”
I grimaced at that as I’m not the best potions maker. I did it lazily though, my mind and ears much more concerned with watching my girl with that scumbag Diggory.

I watched as he moved towards her and she backed away, her face contorting a little. As I added one of my final ingredients I heard her say very loudly and very clearly. “I’m sorry Amos, but I won’t go out with you.”

“You’ll change your mind,” he laughed in that slick tone, “Everybody does.”

That was the time when I knew I had to intervene. I threw in the eye of newt and stalked over to Hestia and Diggory.

“Why will you change your mind Tia?” I asked softly and she smiled at me weirdly.

“Never mind,”

“Nah, Sirius will understand, wont you Sirius ol’buddy ol’pal?” he laughed again and I backed away from him. Merlin, he’s creepy, “Hestia here won't go out with me so I told her I would change her mind.”

“She won’t,” I replied smirking. I could hear some very loud crackling and popping in the background and I laughed inwardly at someone’s pitiful attempts to brew a potion.

“She will,” Diggory was fast losing his charm here.

“No, she won’t because she’s taken.” I announced and I never got to see the expression on his face as I span around. I had practically destroyed my desk and Slughorn was looking furious.


After a lecture from Sluggie and a weeks worth of detentions, I left the potions room chuckling to myself. It was halfway into charms, our next lesson, so I was surprised to see Hestia stood outside the door waiting for me.

“Why did you wait?”

She walked up to me and she gave me the most evil look, I imagine she could muster. It was actually quite a cool look and it made me shiver from anticipation.

“I’m not an object,” she said smoothly, “I cannot be taken.”

“I’m sorry,” I put on a puppy dog face and she laughed softly “I was just a bit angry.”

“Thank you,” she said suddenly, “for rescuing me from that idiot.”

“No problemo!”

She pulled me along by my hand and we set off down the corridor at an alarming speed. “Nice explosion by the way,” she joked.

“Why thank you,” I answered putting on a fake western accent. She stopped in the corridor for a minute looking into my eyes deeply. I was just taken back by the emotion in hers that I found I couldn’t speak. She pecked my lips suddenly but before I could deepen the kiss, she had set off again, talking quickly like a mad woman!

“Oh Sirius?”

“Uh huh?”

“The answer is yes.”

A/N – That was so much fun to write! Chapter edited as of 13/03/07. Please, please review =)

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