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Elise Agnes St. Juste turned over onto her stomach and finally got onto her knees. She scrambled up the edge of the bed and looked out of the window. It was pitch black outside. She felt that it was long past midnight. She looked over at the beds beside her Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger, Katie Bell, and Angelina Johnson were all fast asleep. She wondered if morning would ever come. She wondered if there was a spell to make you fall asleep. Elise flopped back over and buried her face in the pillow. She turned from side to side. She just didn't feel comfortable. A soft voice came from the next bed. "Can't you sleep?" Ginny asked.

"No.. not at all." Elise whispered back.

"I'm sorry."

"Me too! I'm going to regret this tomorrow. Double potions."

From the next bed beside Ginny's Hermione made a retching sound and pretended to stick two fingers down her throat.

"Thankfully I don't have double potions tomorrow. I have Defense Against the Dark Arts. I just hope Mad Eye likes the essay I've done."

"Lucky!" both Elise and Hermione exclaimed at once.

Ginny grinned and stretched luxuriously in her pillows. "We'll probably all regret it, but the stars are so bright, why don't we go to the astronomy tower and look at the stars."

"That sounds like a good idea. Hang on.. we'll need a" Hermione drew out her wand. "Accio marauders map and invisibility cloak." She whispered. A few moments later the aforementioned objects flew into the room. The three girls crouched under the cloak.

"Watch your shoes." Elise warned and withdrew her own wand. She tapped the map. "I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good." Ink lines began to appear on the map. It showed all the occupants of Hogwarts and where they happened to be. It also showed the secret passages. They were clear tonight. Even Mrs. Norris was asleep in Filch's office. The three girls crept, silent as church mice, out of their dorm, through the Gryffindor common room, out the portrait of the fat lady, through the halls of Hogwarts, and up a couple of flights of stairs to the astronomy tower.

The three of them sat down in a shadowy corner and huddled together. The air was nippy. "I wish there was room to stuff a blanket under that cloak." Hermione whispered, teeth chattering. They cuddled closer together to keep out the cold.

"Tell us about France again." Ginny requested, cuddling close between the two older girls. Both Ginny and Hermione loved hearing stories of Elise's past, growing up in France with a muggle woman.

"Well...I grew up with my 'Maman' Veronica. She gave me whatever I wanted, spoiled me rotten. I had all these classes: dancing, acting, writing, then I got accepted to Beaubatons. I was shocked. She'd always told me I was a witch, I just didn't believe her. I loved Beauxbatons. I went there for two years. All my growing up years I had these dreams about another family. I never thought I was where I belonged. Sure I was happy, but I dreamed of my other family. They were a family of wizards of course. As I studied at Beauxbatons the dreams became more frequent and stronger. I really started flipping out one day when I was working in the garden and this little garter snake slithered up to me and said, plain as day, "Go home. Your family in England needs you!" Parseltongue?! Only really advanced wizards do that! Nevertheless, what'd I have to lose. One night I sneaked out and left to chase the dreams. I ended up at Kings Cross station. I was really tired. I thought I'd just sit down against one of the platform columns and rest. So much for that. Suddenly I was falling backwards and standing on some new platform. A big red train was sitting there with steam rolling out of the smokestack. I was curious so I climbed on. Before I could react it was taking me away. I couldn't do anything but fall asleep. When I woke up next I was off the train and in a little dark village. There were lights ahead so I kept walking. I came to some gates in front of a huge castle that a man was going into. I decided to follow him. I wandered inside the castle and right into a great hall where hundreds of students sat at four large tables draped in colors of red, blue, yellow, and green. Then, you ran up to me Ginny, and I fainted. That was the beginning of school last year of course. Dumbledore accepted me as a student despite that he knew nothing about me. I got sorted into Gryffindor and you two agreed to help me learn English and get settled. One morning during that winter I was staring out into the lake and Peeves came and pushed me in. He thought that was hilarious but I couldn't swim. I was terrified!"

"Uh huh! And McGonagall had to wade in up to her waist and pull you out!" Ginny added.

"Yes. Even I was able to laugh about that later. I had to spend several days in the hospital wing recovering. I got kinda bored after awhile. Madam Pomfrey and I started playing wizard chess to pass the time. We talked about our families. I told her of my nurse Veronica and being raised in France and all of a sudden she just... ran off... It took her a long time to come back..."

"And when she did she told you that you were her Grand daughter." Hermione finished with a smile.

"Yes, she did. Now.. we'll we've been together ever since."

"I wish I grew up in France!" Ginny said dreamily.

"It is really beautiful there. If I ever get to go back I'll take both of you." Elise promised.

"We'd better get back downstairs. Morning's going to come early." The three girls donned the invisibility cloak and checked the map. Down the stairs they went, as quiet as can be, and sneaked back into their dorm where Katie and Angelina still slept peacefully unaware of any of the happenings of the night. Hermione yawned and pulled out her wand and whispered to the map, "Mischief managed." It quickly turned back into a normal piece of paper. Little did the girls know. They'd be getting into a lot more mischief in the coming days. Mischief that would put them on the most romantic adventure they'd ever been on.

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