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A/N- This is just a really short, and cute R/Hr fic. It's told from Ron's POV...and I really hope you like it!!

I always knew that Hermione hated me...

It's true! She hates me! From the very first day we even saw each other...I knew!

Like the way she said.."You have dirt on your nose." Oooh! I could just tell.

It really is too bad she hates me. I'll tell you why...but you can't tell anyone...OK? I, Ronald B. Hermione J. Granger.

There, I said it. I love her.

She even knows that she hates me. Of course she knows that...honestly...where is my head today?

Like the way she flaunts her lovely letters from Vicky ...Oops! I mean...Viktor. Nah, Vicky sounds better. Don’t you agree? But didn't you notice that she always shows him off when I'm around? I asked Harry if she did that when it was just them. He told me I was a nutter.

I guess I took that as a no. I really wished he answered though. Too bad. But see? She hates me! Purely hates me!

How about how in third year when we got into that huge fight? Hmm!? She never gets mad at Harry ! Or Vikto- I mean Vicky. She snogged Vicky! How do I know she didn't snog Harry!

Yikes! That was a scarey thought...Harry told me he thinks of her as a sister...But still!

Oh and you'll love this...How come she got to me mad at me when I dated Lavender...but whenever I even say the name Vicky, she freaks out! Oh! I know why...because she hates me! that a good enough reason? It has to be. I mean, what other reason is there? None. That’s the answer. She really truly hates me!!

Last year, when she saw me with Lavender, she didn't even talk to me! At first, I thought, with small hope, that it might just because she got a little...jealous...but then I got it in my head...that it WAS because she hates me!

For a second last year, I thought there might be a small part of her that didn't hate me. She held me very close at Dumbledore's funeral. So, naturally, I held her close right back. It felt, well...right. It did! Honest! Holding her close to me. I was just about to tell her, that I really did love her...but I just did the stupidest thing...I just said, “You holding up OK ‘Mione?”

No one but Hermione and I know this, but I kissed the top of her head too. Oh drat! I guess now, Hermione, you and I know that! Nice going Weasley...

But, after I did that, she just smiled at me, and went to see Harry. I should have known better than to do that. What was I thinking. But she went to go see Harry Why did she do this? Because she hates me!

Oh great, and here she comes. I wonder why she has that look on her face. It's like the look that Ginny had before Harry...wait a second...this can't mean that...she doesn't want me to...but she hates me!! Oh great! Now I’m getting really hopeless. Thinking that she wants me to kiss her. I’m mentally hitting myself right now.

She's coming closer! She still has that look in her eyes! HELP ME!!!

Oh no! It's the smile that makes my heart melt. Oh no! I'm not paying attention to what she's saying...I better start paying attention...But she might not really care if I do or not...because she hates me!!

What’s this!? She says that she has a huge crush on me...I think she wants me to say something. Might as well tell her that I love I go...

Ok...I just told her. She’s smiling at me! It’s her happy smile! Yay! Wait...Oh my goodness! She’s kissing me! I better kiss her back.

Aw! She broke away from me. Wait, she’s telling me something....

What!!??!! She says that she loves me too!?

I always knew that Hermione loved me...


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