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Chapter 4

"Well, I must say that this evening was most... entertaining," Fred said as he stripped off his outer robe. "You and Kamilia were getting awfully close tonight."

George scolded at his brother's smirk. No matter what his brother said, he and Kamilia were not getting close - not even close. They were as far apart as the south pole was to the north; an apple to an orange; the wizard world to the muggle world. Close was not a word to describe them. In fact, 'them' wasn't even a word to describe the two. There was no them. It was only her and her obsession with sticking onto his arm as if she was some extremely annoying joke product - and there was no such thing as an annoying joke product. All he did was make sure she was okay after she had dashed to the bathroom, and then she thought he was her new friend. Just because he did the right thing by helping the fragile girl was no reason for her to automatically cling to him.

"Actually, dear brother, I believe it was you who was doing the clinging, not her." George's head snapped up. "I don't have to be your twin to know what you are thinking you know. She really wasn't doing the clinging. If I remember correctly, it was you who kept accompanying her to the bathroom, even after the pleading looks she sent Alicia's way."

"I do not cling," George bit out.

"You know... I thought so, too, but after tonight.. I can't really say anymore." Fred patted his brother on the head before bidding him a good night.

I don't cling...

George woke up in a better mood the next morning - except for the hangover he had. He didn’t he had that much to drink last night, but then again, he wasn't in the right mindset to pay attention with how much he had to chase Kamilia - to keep her safe, of course.

Not chasing. You are not clingy, he reminded himself firmly. He was in a good mood and he was going to stay in a good mood. All he needed was a hangover potion, a good cup o’ tea, and then he was off to the basement to see how their new invention was coming along. They were working on a potion that had similar effects to the gravity of the moon - light weight and high jumping. It could be a big seller if they could ever did get it to work, but unfortunately, the effects were always the opposite. When they had tested it on their brother, Charlie, he had dropped to the ground and they couldn't get him up until the potion wore off. It gave the twins the perfect amount of time to record the effects and to run. Sure they were in Gryffindor, but when it comes to going up against their brother, they run off with their robes between their legs.

George tugged on his polo shirt from the night before and also pulled out a clean pair of slacks. He didn't bother wetting down his hair, only running his hand messily through it before he strolled downstairs and into Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes. It was a brand new day in the shop, which always meant more customers to sell to. Naturally, being the early riser, it was George's responsibility to open the shop every morning. It wasn't as bad as it sounded, really. Fred - naturally - hated it. He claimed there was more action during the afternoon. George on the other hand didn't mind the quiet mornings. All he had to do was restock the shelves, check the cash machine, fix up the displays, and then flip the “closed” sign to “open.” Afterwards, he just picked up Quidditch Weekly and waited until his brother woke up. During this span of time, only a maximum of five customers would walk in. Yep, he was in for a quiet morning.

Conjuring himself a cup of tea, George leaned against the counter skimming an article about the new and improved catchers mitts - ultimate comfort against any fast soaring Quaffle. Snorting, he flipped the page to view the plans for the new stadium five miles out of town. It had been a recent topic among the family members. Many theories had been popping up as to why the Ministry was suddenly spending that much money for a new stadium when they had a perfectly good one already. The one theory that popped up the most was the idea that the Ministry wanted to get on the good side of the citizens - especially after the War. George - unlike his mother, who was oh so against the idea - thought it was a grand idea. What better way to brighten up the spirits of people than to build a huge new stadium! Think of how cool it would be to watch a game in that! George though with a wide grin.

The plans for the creation for the stadium weren't final, but from what he could see from the diagram, it was going to be colossal.

Before George had time to study the blueprints in depth, the bell above the door jingled. Setting down the magazine, George stood up to greet the first customers of the day. "Good morning! Welcome to the Weasley’s ... Wizard... Wheezes.." He mumbled the last few words softly as he caught sight of who was at the door. She looked just as she did yesterday, but dressed in different clothing. Her hair still had those tiny waves that rested on her shoulders and she still had only a touch of make-up - nothing more. It sort of startled George still when he looked up and into her face - the face that was so hurt and sorrowful.

Was she always like this? George asked himself as she stepped around the counter to greet his other customer, Alicia. "Hey, George, where's Fred?"

"Oh, he's still in bed. He doesn't get up until noon."

Alicia smiled, gave him a quick hug before running up the stairs. "I'll be right back - just going to wake up the big dunderhead." She disappeared at the top of the stairs, but her footsteps could still be heard.

George turned his head to look at Kamilia. When he could no longer find her next to him, he turned around to scan the store shelves. And there she was, next to one of their oldest products - the Canary Cream. She picked up the small package and looked at the label before quickly setting it down with wide eyes. Obviously she had no desire to suddenly sprout feathers upon eating a delicious desert. Then again, who could blame her? He continued to watch her as she strolled around the shop looking at various items. When she came upon their holiday clearance items, he walked over. "These, of course, are all out of date," he told her. "You might like this one, though." George squeezed the Christmas hat of a stuffed bear and then pulled away. A second or two after he had squeezed the hat, the bear started bobbing his head and singing the Twelve Days of Christmas, but a different version. Instead of singing about golden rings and milkmaids, it sung about fake wands and chicken poppers. It was a very popular item that past Christmas, and they were currently making up a new song for the new version. It still had that particular charm it had months before, for Kamilia’s lips turned upward. George could almost imagine her laughing.

"Thought you might like it," he said. Kamilia nodded her head and started browsing the rest of the holiday items. She got a curious gleam in her eyes as she reached out for a fairy, only to draw her hand back in quickly when the real-looking fairy started flying about. Oh, this isn't good, George thought. As if it was ready for that one thought, the little toy fairy turned around and fluttered above them waving its little mistletoe wand above the two. Kamilia, who had been smiling the minute before, gasped when the fairy pulled out her wand and turned her head to the side, blushing like mad.

"Enough," George growled out at the fairy before snatching it in his hand.

"George! That's no way to act," called the voice identical to his own. "You are supposed to kiss the girl, not growl." George turned gaze to his brother. "Come on, dear brother, kiss the girl."

Alicia's hand slapped his brother in the arm and started nudging him down the stairs. Off the hook, George tossed the toy fairy, who had now gone still, where she belonged and headed back behind the counter. He pointedly kept his gaze away from Kamilia, but out of the corner of his eye he could still see her blush, only causing his blood to pump faster. "So, what are you gals doing here this morning?" he asked as he picked up his magazine again.

"Oh, I just thought I should come show Kamilia your store." Alicia shrugged. "Also, I wanted to know if you wanted to catch lunch with us later. I was going to go take Kamilia around Diagon Alley for a while, but we could come back around one and pick you up for lunch?"

"Sure, we've nothing better to do," Fred announced, smirking at George. "We would love to have lunch with you fine ladies. Wouldn't we, George?"

"Sure..." George bit out. Was it just him, or was Fred trying to toss him in with the mute? That was a little harsh, don't ya think? George asked himself. It was tough trying not to show how uncomfortable he was, but he managed. "Yeah, lunch sounds great."

"Great!" Alicia tugged on Kamilia's arm. "Let's go, I want to show you Quality Quidditch."

George locked eyes with Kamilia before she was pulled out of the store.

"Well... That was fun, wasn't it dear brother?" Fred wrapped his arm around his brother's shoulders.

"Yeah, fun. Go get your butt down to the basement. Since you are up you might as well help."

"Oh right, fine, but I get off early," Fred tossed over his shoulder as he skipped down the stairs.

George smiled as he got up to greet a customer. "Oh! I'm sorry, that's not for sale," he apologized to the customer as he took the Christmas bear. Shrinking it, he put it in his pocket. "But in just a few months time, the new version will be out on the shelves and better than ever!"

Fred and George had just successfully emptied their store of greedy buyers when the girls walked in. George's eyes immediately sought out Kamilia's as she entered with only a small shopping bag from the new candy shop down the alley that just happened to specialize in chocolate. Alicia, on the other hand, had shopping bags hovering all over her head. "Sorry, guys, I couldn't help it."

George quickly hung up the “Out to Lunch” sign, and they were soon on their way to the Leaky Cauldron.

Once they were sat down at a table in the corner, Alicia started chattering about Quidditch. I don't know why her and Wood never hooked up. It would be a match made in heaven.

"Did you see that article about the Quidditch stadium in Quidditch Weekly?" Alicia asked as she sipped at her tea.

"I haven't had time to read it. Why, what did it say?" Fred asked; his attention fully on Alicia and the new stadium.

"Yeah, I only glanced at it," George replied.

"Well... they say it's going to be the biggest stadium in all of Europe."

Fred and George scoffed at that. "Biggest? Have you seen the one in Germany? It's giant!"

"That must be why they play so good, brother - better stadium, the better you play. I believe it's a pride thing."

"They can stick their pride up their arses!" Alicia exclaimed. "This stadium is going to be a lot better, and our team will play better, too. Just you wait and see."

George laughed, "Yeah, that's if Aldurman can get his head out of the bars and into the game!"

"Even then you would have to drag the seeker away from the ladies," added Fred.

"Face it, Alicia, our team sucks."

Alicia crossed her arms, obviously realizing she was losing the sudden argument. "You guys don't have to be so harsh about it. The new chaser they have isn't half bad."

"Sure, for a new guy. Not to mention, every goal he makes is a goal the keeper let's in," George pointed. That was pretty much the end of the discussion as Tom brought their food out. Though George could tell that Alicia was itching to throw in another comment, he shot a glance over at Kamilia, who was sitting to his left. It was still weird that she wouldn't say a word and it made it slightly uncomfortable to be around someone who refused to talk. Is she refusing? Or does she not have the ability to? Though for some odd reason, he didn't mind how uncomfortable it was, which only succeeded in aggravating him.

"So, Kamilia," Fred spoke up. "Are you liking your time here in England?"

She looked up from her salad and nodded slightly.

"Good, I'm glad to hear it. Though it must have really put a stopper on your day when George chickened out on kissing you, didn't it?"

To George's relief, she didn't answer. She just turned right back to her meal, though he did notice a slight blush upon her cheeks. "Fred, quit it."

When the meal was finally over, Fred and Alicia went to pay the bill, leaving two very uncomfortable people standing alone. Ever since that kiss comment, the table had been awfully quiet. George absolutely hated it, but Fred, on the other hand, couldn't stop smiling. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, George felt the soft fuzz of the Christmas bear he had taken from the lady. He had totally forgotten it was there, shrunken in his pocket.

"Hey, guys, come on!" Fred called from across the room.

George immediately grasped Kamilia's arm before calling out that they should go on ahead of them. Fred gave him a sly look and escorted a very curious Alicia out. George took a deep breath. Turning towards Kamilia, he studied her for a moment before taking the bear out of his pocket and putting it into her hand after unshrinking it. "I thought you should have this. It was the only one we had and, well, you seemed like you liked it and... well, the new model would be coming out soon... so here, it's yours."

She looked up at him, wide eyed, before her blushing face looked back down at the bear.

But what she did next he would never forget.

She mouthed the word “thanks.”

Hello! I'm incredibly sorry for the lateness of this chapter, but I still got it out! Tell me what you think. Be really critical! Tear the thing apart and put it back together - please still say some good things about it too. :P Thanks again to my beta WritsyArithmancer. He did a fabulous job! - Melanie

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