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A/N: First we need to announce that Loony's writing Sam. We want to apologize to any readers who were angered or disappointed by our last chapter. We wrote it because we wanted to write something using a timeturner and to also make it work with Snape’s Worst Memory. And plus, don’t you think Laura’s learned a lesson by having to go through all of that to protect her friend’s secret (as well as her own)?

If Sirius were to find out, he would definitely not be in a state to accept what he heard. He thinks of Laura as a sister, and although it has happened before in his family, he does not approve of incest. If Remus were to find out at this time in the story, it would not work because he does not have any romantic feelings toward Tanya. If Laura left things the way they were, nobody would be getting together anytime soon at all. Not to mention, Laura and Tanya would go through a very rough time in their friendship.

Remember, this is an analysis for the readers’ sake, just to let you understand why everything can’t be the way some people want it to be. We love our readers and we wouldn’t want to make you angry, but this way, Laura’s learned her lesson, and nobody has gotten hurt.

Disclaimer: Sirius and Remus copyright JK Rowling. Laura and Tanya copyright Sporky and Loony. All emotions of characters subject to change.

This icon is dedicated to any impatient readers and reviewers. Substitute names as needed.

POV: James

I think that something happened yesterday between Laura and Pads. He’s been making this ‘Everything is right in the world’ face. It kind of scares me. I suppose I was being a bit selfish when I demanded all of Moony and Padfoot's time. I mean, it’s not quite fair for me to go around and talk about Evans all the time when they can’t do the same. So when Sirius came around and talked to me about it, how could I say no?

“Hey Prongs…?” Padfoot said, breaking the awkward silence. We had been walking to lunch with the Ravenclaws, and for some reason, it had been strangely quiet.

“Yeah Pads?” I looked at him. He had that look that told me this was going to be one of those important conversations.

“I talked to Laura…” Padfoot said, sounding vague. He always sounded that way when he didn’t really want to be confrontational about something.

“Oh really, Are you missing something? Because I'm so not lending you my—“

“No,” he cut me off. “We made up.”


“And I think it’s high time that you stop being so damn selfish,” he said, his voice getting stronger.


“Meaning!?! Meaning, I’d like to spend time with someone that isn’t fueled by testosterone thankyouverymuch,” he said, getting himself in a little tizzy. He tends to do that when he gets all pent up.

“That all?” I said casually. I knew he’d be even more worked up if I did that.

“No, that’s not all. Moony should be able to as well,” he almost snapped back.

“Fine,” I said flippantly. His little temper fits always make me laugh.

“By the way, find someone else to sit with at lunch today; I’m sitting with Laura.” He had a bit of offended haughtiness in his voice. Suddenly Laura rounded the corner and he stormed off to her.

POV: Laura

It’s been a day. I realized that I had to tell Tanya about my little time trip. It seems like a stupid idea, but I had to. I mean, it was a sort of a dramatic bit of my life, you know? I had to share it with her. I told her.

“You did what!” Tanya shouted. We were on our way to lunch when I told her the news.

“I had to! I thought I had ruined everything!” I exclaimed.

“You can’t just meddle with time! What if you saw yourself? What if someone else saw you?” she said, as she rubbed her temples.

“I did see myself and I know no one else saw me.”

“And how do you know that?”

“Because they saw Sirius instead,” I retorted calmly.


“Quiet! Anyway I got the idea from you.”

“I used it before it was banned,” she said coolly.

“You still were breaking the rules.” I folded my arms. “Anyway, I was saving you’re arse too.”

“You took my time turner and told my secret… the whole thing was wrong!” 

She let out a frustrated sigh and walked off. I didn’t even get to tell her that I made up with Sirius and made it so she could hang out with Remus. I looked over to see Sirius walking up to me.

“Hey, what’s—“

“People can be so infuriating,” he cut me off.

“No kidding.”

“Want to sit with me at lunch?” he said, sounding a bit forceful.

“Er, sure.” I looked at him and raised a brow. “But what about Potter?”

“Prongs can sit with himself.”

Ah, Sirius was having a hissy fit. My guess is that Potter didn’t do anything that was all that offensive. Oh well, At least I get to have lunch with Sirius.

POV: Tanya

Laura’s an idiot sometimes. I can’t believe she stole my timeturner. Without asking. I mean, if she had just asked me for it… I wouldn’t have given it to her.

Alright. Scratch that idea. But did she really have to go and tell SIRIUS of all people that I like Remus? I will admit that telling Sirius is better than telling… say, Snape. The very thought makes me shudder.


So, first she went all crazy and told Sirius. Then she stole my timeturner. And then, to top it all off, she went back in time, completely risking everything… and then fixed it so Sirius never found out about my secret. I really owe her one. Then again… she was also doing it to fix her own problems. But now Sirius doesn’t know. That’s still good for me. And I can’t imagine what Sirius would do if he found out. What would Remus do? What would I do? It’s a good thing that Laura went back in time. I would have been so mad at her if she didn’t… even though I’m still mad at her now…

I’m going in circles.

Maybe if I find Remus I’ll feel better.

Never mind.

I’m mad at him too.

What do you know. There he is now.

“Hi Tanya.”

He was sitting down and reading under a shady beech tree by the edge of the lake. It was the same tree he sat under yesterday when Potter was attacking Snape.

“I think you should have said something,” I began as I frowned and crossed my arms. 

I’m really not being a very pleasant person today…


“You should have said something to stop Potter.”

Remus set down his book and sighed. “Its not really that big of a deal.”

“I think it was mean and rather Slytherin-esque, to be truthful. What Potter did, I mean.”

“If James did it then why are you getting mad at me?” He was still perfectly calm.

“Because you could have stopped him. If you don’t stop a wrong action, its just as wrong as actually doing the wrong action. Well, nearly, anyway.”

Remus rubbed his hand on the back of his neck. “Even if I did say something, I really don’t think James would have listened to me.”

“But you’re friends, right?”

“Yeah, well—“

“Well what?”

“Maybe I just didn’t want to ruin his and Sirius’ fun.”

“That’s not the real reason.”

“Can we just drop it already!” His voice rose substantially, so I shut my mouth and walked around the tree to the other side so I could sit down.

Normally, I would have stormed off, or done something else unintentionally overdramatic. Instead, I just sat beneath the tree, facing the opposite direction as Remus. I concentrated on two Hufflepuffs practicing Quidditch in the distance. Although, after a couple of minutes, I started to get bored so I scooted back over to his side of the tree.

He raised an eyebrow.

“This doesn’t mean that I’m not still mad at you.” I crossed my arms again.

“Would you like me to apologize so we can talk to each other again?”

“We’re talking right now.”

“Now you’re just being difficult.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too.”

“You’re just saying that so I’ll stop being hostile.”

“You’re being difficult again, Tanya.”

“I feel like you’re talking to me like a little kid.”

“I feel like you’re acting like a little kid.”

“Alright. I’ll stop.”

“And I’ll think more about my actions… and James’ actions too.”

I smiled. “Speaking of Potter, doesn’t he have some rule that you have to be with him every waking minute of every day?”

“Nah. I don’t have to go with him into the shower if I don’t want to.”

“Yeah. That’s Sirius’ job,” I joked. Remus smiled momentarily. “But really.”

“Well after Laura blew up at Sirius, James knew that Sirius was going to eventually come and ask James to let him hang out with Laura again. So James told me I could hang out with you, as long as it wasn’t for every waking minute of every day.”

At that moment, a warm breeze traveled through the grounds, creating ripples in the water, making the branches of the beech tree sway, and blowing my hair up for just a second.

“I can’t believe school’s almost over for the year,” Remus continued, changing the subject.

I nodded. “Yeah. I know.”

“It just felt… different this year. Do you know what I mean?”

“Maybe it’s because of me,” I joked, shrugging my shoulders and grinning.

Remus chuckled in response. “Maybe it is.”

“Yay! I feel so special!” I stood up momentarily to twirl around and do a brief victory dance.

“You know,” he said with an I’ve-got-a-brilliant-idea look on his face. “We can still see each other over the summer.”

“Your place or my mine?” I smirked.

Remus looked thoughtful for a second. “You know, it really depends. How are the beds at your house?” he asked with complete seriousness.

I must have looked horrified. “What! You know I was joking, right?”

“Yeah, of course. I was joking too.”

“Oh. I knew that… Hey! Stop laughing at me!”

“Sorry Tanya. I can’t help it.”

He just sat there grinning for a minute. Remus hadn’t looked that happy in a long time. I wanted to ask him if it was because he’d gotten over Laura, but I felt it was best just to ignore that topic all together. I wish he had been like this more often in the past few months. He really has a very cute smile…

He must have seen me staring at him, because he asked me, “What?”

“Nothing… Well, I was just thinking that we should probably get some lunch or something.”

“I think lunch might be over.”

“Well then, why don’t we get something from the kitchen?”

“Wait— how do you know about the kitchen?”

“It’s a long, interesting story that I’m really not in the mood to tell right now…”

POV: Sam

Laura was acting ever so happy since yesterday. Then she sat with Sirius at lunch and has been acting pleasant to the point of agitating my gag reflex.

“So you made up with the prick then?” I asked casually as we walked to Ravenclaw tower.

“Hey, easy! I’m rather fond of that prick thankyouverymuch,” she retorted in mock offence.

“You know I think you could call him something other then prick when he’s not around,” Alex said with an air of dignity.

“It’s alright Alex, I don’t mind,” Elle said with a smirk.

“It’s not that.” Alex looked at her. “I’d just prefer that we not give him another reason to hate us.”

“He doesn’t hate you, he was just jealous that you both got to hang out with me and he didn’t.”

“Wow, that’s a really mature guy you’ve got there Elle,” I said as I rolled my eyes.

“Sorry we all can’t be as mature as you, Sam,” Laura said sarcastically. “This is coming from the bloke that throws a fit when his collar doesn’t pop right.”

“That’s different.”

“Yes I agree. I think you’re worse,” Alex said with a smirk matching Elle's.

“We’ll he’s still a prick,” I said with a huff.

“Who’s a prick?” Zevin suddenly appeared between Laura and me.

“Elle’s boy toy,” I said with a laugh.

“Who, Alex?” Zevin grinned.

“Could we just drop that please?” Alex said, sounding frustrated. I think Zevin planned to remind him every chance he got.

“No,” Zevin and I said simultaneously.

“If it’s not Alex then who is it?” Zevin asked me, but I was rather sure he knew who.

“Black,” I said simply.

“Oh you’re right. He is a prick,” Zevin agreed. It wasn’t as if either of us really hated the bloke, but he sort of waged a personal war on the Ravenclaw boys when he couldn’t have his Laura.

“And you’re both dumb arses,” Laura said as she smacked us both in the heads. She used the back of her hand so it hurt rather badly. Actually, she’s quite good at it, owing to the fact that she does it quite frequently.

“Don’t you mean smart arses?” Zevin grinned. 

I think Zevin might have the hots for Elle but she thinks he’s a dick. Personally, I think that Zevin and I have a lot in common. Obviously, I don’t mean that I like Elle, but that Zevin and I have similar personalities.

“No I mean dumb arses,” Laura said with a lessened tone. “Shall we Alex?” She turned to him, speaking in an heiress type voice.

“That would be splendid,” Alex said, playing along. He linked arms with her and they walked ahead.

“You think she digs me?” Zevin asked, only half jokingly.

“Oh definitely,” I said as I rolled my eyes. Zevin adjusted his rectangular black-rimmed glasses.

“I was only joking.”

“Sure you were.”

We answered some questions a while back (and we’ll still answer if you ask now), so we’ve decided to collect up some of the questions and answer them here.

Has Sirius ever settled on a ONE girl for maybe about a second before?
Honstly, I

What is the size of Laura's feet?
Laura is size 6 in the UK, 39 in the rest of Europe, 8.5 in America, 7 in Australia, and 24.5 in Japan. Tanya is size 5 in the UK, 38 in the rest of Europe, 7.5 in America, 6 in Australia, and 23.5 in Japan

What do Tanya and Laura look like exactly? What are their nationalities?
Laura has hazel eyes and dark brown hair (which she changes a lot). She's Italian and Russian and she has a big nose (but in a cute way). Tanya is German and Japanese (with a sprinkle of Korean). She has long, very dark brown hair, with bright, hazels eyes and a couple freckles.

What's Tanya's favourite toothpaste flavour? And Laura's?
They both like cinnamon.

We have a question for you guys. Do we have any male readers? You don’t have to answer if you’re not.

On a
don't think he has. (But he's following James' suit now by being obsessed with one girl.) But who note, we will start have lighter material next chapter. The lighter, funnier days have returned!

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