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Disclaimer:Song lyrics "When You Kiss Me" by Shania Twain. JK Rowling owns everything else!
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Chapter Two
When You Kiss Me

Oh, when you kiss me
I know you miss me
and when you're with me
The world just goes away
The way you hold me
The way you show me that you
adore me. Oh, when you kiss me
Oh, yeah

---Shania Twain "When You Kiss Me"

It was one of those mornings where you just couldn’t get up. I laid on my stomach, the sun leaking through my shut eyelids. I groaned knowing that if the sun was in my window, it was about noon. The sun was always in my room at noon. It was to late to sleep in any longer. I let one eye peel itself open. Then the other. I rolled onto my back, my fluffy, warm blankets wrapped itself around me tightly. I looked at my clock. It was, indeed, noon.

I sat up, untangling myself from my blankets. I loved my room and wished I could bring it to Hogwarts with me. The wooden floor and light blue walls made me feel safe. The light wood furniture and lime green curtains were put in just for me. My book shelf filled with my favorite books, wizard and muggle. My radio with my collection of records and CDs and the posters of my favorite bands and Quidditch team. I was definitely a half-blood. The mixture of Muggle and Wizard items in my room told it all. I was glad I was able to visit my Muggle grandparents from my dad’s side still, even with them gone. I was around magic all the time being raised by pure-bloods. It was nice to be around Muggles every once in a while.

Once I was free from my sheets, I swung my feet over the side of my bed and placed them silently on the cool floor. My small shorts and tank top I slept in were comfortable, but I didn’t dare go downstairs and eat breakfast with them on. Last time I did that around this time of summer, James and Black came bursting into the kitchen. I swear, Black couldn’t take his eyes off my skin. It was embarrassing and that was when I still had my glasses and my hair was horrible. Now that I actually could pull off pretty, I didn’t want to know what Black would do.

After a shower, I changed into a pair of denim shorts and a green top that hugged my sides. I looked in the mirror and let my hair air dry. Now that it was tamed and under control, I didn’t have to brush it every single day to make it look somewhat presentable. My teeth were brushed and I put on some mascara before leaving my room. I peaked into the guest room.

Lily and Kirsten were visiting. Kirsten was on the floor, waiting as Lily got dressed in the bathroom. The two girls had arrived the day before. There was only two weeks of summer left and that meant that the Potters were having their yearly “Muggle Cook-Out”. This year, John Potter, James’s dad, was planning on using no magic. Nobody dared to mention that was what he said for the past 10 years and every year, he has no choice but to use magic.

This year, however, the Potters insisted on me inviting my friends to come. James was inviting his own friends, which meant, we weren’t going to talk all night. Last year, we didn’t have our friends so we were swimming in the lake that’s behind our backyards. I was worried to think what Remus, Black, and Peter would think of my new look. Remus would be honest enough, but Black would try and piss me off like he usually does. He’s the only Marauder I can’t get along with.

“We should play Truth or Dare tonight,” Lily was saying from the bathroom.

“Why?” Kirsten smirked, “So we can dare you to snog the life out of James?”

“No!” Lily gasped yanking the door open. She didn’t deny that she liked James. She didn’t deny that she was unconditionally in love with him. She just denied every request to go out with him. She felt like his head was big enough, no need to make him seriously think that he can get every girl in the school. I thought it was pathetic of her, but whatever. I wasn’t going to argue with her over it.

“How come then?” I asked flopping down on Lily’s bed.

“Libs, it would be so much fun!” Lily smiled, “I mean, you always love a good game of Truth or Dare.”

“And this would be with Marauders! The most risk taking people in Hogwarts. They’ll do any dare we ask them to and answer any truth without hesitation!” Kirsten said, the idea seemed to send an electric shock through her

“Yeah, it would be fun,” I shrugged. Playing with the Marauder would make the game even better. I only played the game with James and Remus during the summer of our 2nd year. Black had been unable to come because of his parents or something. I was glad for that. Remus was my friend and I was spending time with James. Though, the game we played was exciting. The Marauders really would do any dare you throw at them.

“So, why so keen on playing the one game you hate, Lils?” Kirsten asked. Lily smiled.

“I don’t know. I just thought it would be a good idea,” Lily shrugged. She was up to something though. Something was on her mind.

“Who wants lunch!” I asked jumping from the bed.

My house elf, Rosie, already had it prepared. Ham sandwiches. Each made the way we liked. The house was quite which meant that my aunt and uncle were either at the Potters or watching my brother, Jacob, and his best friend, Will, swim in the lake.

I didn’t mind living in such a big house anymore. I felt like if I moved into a smaller house, I would feel trapped now. I lived in this house for almost eight years. After Hogwarts, it was going to be so weird not to live next door James anymore. But that wasn’t until after seventh year and we were only going into our 6th. I still had plenty of time in this house.

Once we cleared out plates, we decided to go outside. Lily loved that I
had a lake in my backyard. She always wanted to live on water, it calmed her. Kirsten like the peacefulness, too, but preferred hectic areas. I remembered going to her house and not being able to sleep at night because of the busy streets.

And her fighting parents.

Kirsten was a half-blood like me. Her mother walked out this summer because she was ‘fed up with magic’ or something. Kirsten was pretty upset about it, but he dad was distraught. She almost didn’t come to my house because she’s afraid of what her dad would do without her. He insisted she come though.

The sun warmed our skin as we stepped out into the summer air. Birds chirped into afternoon air and a cool breeze ruffled my curls. I pushed them out of my face and then–Splat!

Something hard, wet, and brightly colored hit my face. I almost lost balance and fell over. Thankfully, I caught myself and stood up straight. I was dripping wet. Orange rubber from a balloon was on the floor. I knew who would throw a water balloon at me. And I was not pleased to know he had arrived at James’s house. I looked at where the balloon had come from. A metallic green one was coming straight at me. With a squeal I ducked. The balloon hit the side pillar of my house instead.

Then I saw him. Laughing with James, Remus, and Peter at the corner of my house. All of them had wet hair and were shirtless that meant they were either having a bad water fight or were in the lake. My anger rose when I saw a water balloon in Black’s hand.

“BLACK!” I shrieked, still dripping wet. Black started laughing harder.

“Looking good, Cullen!” he called back, “I might have to be nice to you this year!”

“Forget him, Libby, he’s just going to laugh harder,” Lily said, pulling my arm towards the lake. I threw another glare at Black and followed Lily.

We all sat down under a large oak tree. It was our favorite spot. Kirsten positioned herself, so she could see Black and James with their shirts off. According to her they had the perfect bodies. And I couldn’t agree that they didn’t. Years of Quidditch really paid off. Though, Remus was pretty nice to look at too. He pretty much just reads a lot and always looks sick, so it is very shocking. Peter is just something that you have to turn from.

“Hello ladies,” that smooth voice I hated said behind me.

“Mind if we sit here?” James said sitting between me and Lily. He threw Lily his best smile. She blushed, but hid it with her hair, but I don’t think James missed it, because he looked at me as if to confirm it. I shrugged.

“Oh my, God, Sirius, what happened to your face?” Kirsten asked shocked and concerned. As Black seated himself closer to me then I would have like, I realized that he had bruises and cuts all over his body and a particularly horrible looking bruise on his face, hiding his amazing looks. Suddenly, I was concerned too. He looked like he got mugged by someone.

“It’s nothing, really,” Black said with this careless tone. Remus took a seat next to Kirsten and Peter squeezed himself between them. Luckily, he had pulled his t-shirt on.

“Those bruises don’t look like nothing,” I said looking at Black. He turned to me with a smirk. He really was to close to me. Why doesn’t he move over? Why don’t I move over? I was unable to move, looking into those grey eyes seemed to make me freeze up.

“Why, Cullen, are you checking me out?” he asked laughing. I frowned coming out of whatever trance Black had put me in.

“I’ll be checking you out when hell freezes over, Black,” I snapped, “Those bruises are just hard to miss,”

“Yeah, Sirius, don’t get your hopes up,” James said. Black laughed along with us all, but I noticed a strange look in his eye.

“So, we were planning on a game of Truth or Dare later on,” Kirsten said stretching and laying on her back. She was eyeing Black as she did so. Kirsten always had a thing for Black, but he never really gave her the time of day. Really, Black didn’t date as much as people thought. Yeah, he was a “stud” and one of the hottest guys in Hogwarts and a huge flirt, but he never really dated. Mostly he just snogged random girls. Few girls at Hogwarts could actually say she was Sirius Black’s hard core girlfriend.

“Truth or Dare?” Black asked wrinkling his nose, “I dunno. That game can get boring without magic,”

“Everything can get pretty boring without magic, Sirius,” Remus said.

“Yeah, come on, Pads,” James grinned, “It’ll still be fun,”

“Pads?” Kirsten, Lily and I repeated.

“Padfoot,” James said as if it were obvious, “It’s Sirius’s nickname,”

“Nicknames?” I repeated, “You guys have nicknames for yourselves?”

“Yeah,” James grinned, “Sirius is Padfoot, Remus is Moony, Peter is Wormtail, and I’m Prongs. We’re the Marauders!”

“You never told me that!” I said.

“I forgot. It’s a pretty new Marauder secret. Only made up a few months ago,” James assured me. He winked at me and I rolled my eyes. They were such strange nicknames and I felt like there was more to then names then James was letting on.


James’s dad burnt one hand, dropped a plate of patties on his foot, spilled the pitcher of lemonade, and accidently stepped on a bottle of ketchup. Nonetheless, we all sat down on the pier down by the lake and ate hamburgers and hotdogs. They weren’t that bad either. Not great, but you were able to eat them and enjoy them. John Potter was proud of himself. He actually stuck to his no-magic vow.

It was getting late and the sun was down. Magic lights were set up around the eating area so the Potters could talk with my aunt and uncle. The Marauders, Lily, Kirsten, and me were swimming in the lake. Black thought it would be funny to dunk me under every chance he got, so now I was waterlogged and my shoulders hurt from the pressure Black put on me.

“Libs,” Kirsten whispered, “Let’s start Truth or Dare now before it gets to

“Good idea,” I replied, “We’ll play in my room so no one can eavesdrop on us or anything,”

When all of us knew that we were going to start the game, I walked over to my aunt. She would find it suspicious if we all ran up to my house without an explanation and then she’ll follow us up and listen to what we were doing. We did not want adults knowing our deepest darkest secrets or keeping us from doing the craziest dares.

“Aunt Becky, we’re all going to go up to my room to hang out, okay?” I asked. Becky eyed me suspiciously, along with Sandra Potter.

“What are you going to do up in your room?” my aunt asked me. She looked so much like my mother. Gorgeous brown eyes and smooth, wavy brown hair. My hair color was the only thing I got from my mom. My curls were from my dad. Unfortunately, I got a mixture of both brown and green eyes giving my eyes a murky, swamp color that was not very pretty.

“Nothing,” I said, “We’re just going to hang out and talk and stuff. I promise, no snogging,”

“I don’t trust all those guys in your room.” Sandra said uneasily. James stepped up now, rolling his eyes.

“Mum, Becky, you let me go into Libby’s room all the time for hours with the door shut. She comes into mine for hours with the door shut. Besides, there’s not enough girls for us to all snog,” he said making a very good point. Becky and Sandra looked at one another.

“Okay, but we’re going to be checking on you!” Becky said. I then led the way to my house.

“So, what do you two do all those hours in a bedroom with the door shut?” Black asked with a smirk. Both James and I threw him a glare and didn’t bother answering the stupid question.

Once we made it to my room, I shut my door, lit candles and James pulled out a bottle of Veritaserum and that he always had handy for reasons I did not know and his Invisibility Cloak. Once we were seated around the candles and truth potion, we all looked at one another.

“Who’s going first?” James asked with an excited and mischievous glint in his eye.

“I will,” I volunteered. Everyone looked towards me now. I smirked and looked at James. I had the perfect dare for him.

“James. Truth or Dare?” I asked. James smirked.

“Dare,” He said, stating the obvious. I smirked right back.

“I dare you to...go skinny dipping in the Dillard’s pool,” I said. The Dillards were our obnoxious and rude neighbors who lived across the street. They hated James and me because we’ve done quite a few pranks on them. They’ll get so mad to see a naked James in their sickishly clean pool.

“Ooh, starting out dirty, aren’t we, Libby?” James asked. He stood up and grabbed his cloak, “Who’s going to come to make sure I do it?”

“Uh...” we all said. None of us wanted to see James naked. Except maybe Lily, but she wouldn’t admit that.

“I say Sirius and Libby,” Remus said logically, “You say their like a brother and sister to you all the time, Prongs, it only make sense,”

“Yeah. Okay, come on, Libs, Padfoot,” James said grinning. We both stood and snuck downstairs and out the front door. Then all three of us slid under the cloak. Both James and Black were about a head taller then me. I only came up to Black’s shoulder. I was cursed to be short my whole life. Not that I minded. I could be like Lily who is almost as tall as James.

“Ow, Black, you keep stepping on my feet,” I mumble as we slowly made our way across the street.

“Sorry, James is taking up all the space,” Black countered.

“That’s you Padfoot,” James snapped. It was true. James was still as skinny as ever, even though he was quite strong. Black was a lot broader and filled out more then James.

“Sshh,” I hushed as we opened the gate. I heard laughter. Our stuck-up Muggle neighbors were out in their pool, “This is perfect,”

“For you,” James mumbled handing me his glasses. He slid from under the cloak and stripped down to his boxers, handing me his clothes under the cloak. I turned away as he pulled his boxers off, too, while trying to ignore the sweet boyish smell coming off Black. He smelt so good. James handed me his boxers, which was kind of weird, and then James was off running. He gave out a whoop and ran onto the diving board and dived into the clear pool. Mrs. Dillard screamed and tried to get out of the way.

“Oh!” Mr. Dillard cried as water splashed him. Then, “POTTER!!”

James was already across the pool, out of the water and running back towards us. He grabbed his boxers I had ready from under the cloak and pulled them on and ran back to my house without the cloak. We had to get back before the Dillards called the Potters. Still holding James’s shorts and t-shirt, Black and I started running after James. We were laughing freely now and Mr. Dillard was chasing us. Not that he knew we were there. Luckily, Black and I were able to run safely and easily because I was so small, giving Black plenty of space that Potter denied him.

We ran into the house and up the stairs. James was already there,
jumping up and down, dripping wet in his boxers. Black pulled the cloak off of us and I handed James his clothes. Then we all burst out laughing.

“That was great!” Black said, “You should have seen the Dillards’ faces! They were like shocked. The old bloke came running across the street. He’s probably looking for you right now, James,”

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. James was dressed by now, but his hear was still dripping wet. We were all still giggling too as my Uncle pushed open the door. He had a stern look on.

“Mr. Dillard just came over here saying James just jumped into his pool naked,” Scott said. We all looked at one another and Uncle Scott broke into a grin, “If Becky or Sandra ask, you’re both grounded,”

“Thanks!” I said as he shut the door.

“Okay, James your turn,” I said. James settled himself back in his spot and looked around the circle.

“Lily...” he said.

“Oh no,” Lily moaned.

“Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” Lily said, “I’m playing it safe,”

We gave her three drops of Veritaserum. James sat back for a minute as we tested that it worked. Once we were ready, James smirked and asked, “What are your true feelings for me?” Everyone looked at Lily and she had a pained look on her face before stating tonelessly her feelings.

“I really am obsessed with you and think you are the best looking guy in Hogwarts but I won’t go out with you because then your head will just get bigger and I’m trying to prove not every girl wants to go out with you. Though, every time you ask me out I want to say yes,” Lily slapped a hand over her mouth, green eyes wide and fearful. I looked at James. He was sitting there with this goofy grin on his face.

“Damn, now I owe Moony 10 galleons,” Black muttered. Remus smirked from across the circle.

“Okay, let’s just move on from that,” Lily said taking a deep breath, “Kirsten, truth or dare?”

“Lils, you know I never choose Dare,” Kirsten said rolling her eyes. Lily smiled and looked at the ceiling thinking of something to ask Kirsten. Then she smiled and we gave Kirsten three drops of the Truth Potion.

“Out of all four guys in this room, which one do you want to snog the most?” Lily asked. We all knew Kirsten wanted to snog Black, James, and Remus. She’s told us a hundred times. And she’s obsessive over Black, so this was a waste of potion.

“Sirius, of course,” Kirsten said smirking at Black. He smiled but showed no sign of interest for Kirsten. He’s snogged her once before, I think, Kirsten never really said much when she came back from a detention with Black. She was really giddy and super pleased, just like she is when someone asks her out.

“Okay, Remmy, truth or dare?” Kirsten asked Remus. He didn’t hesitate.


“Okay. I dare you to......” Kirsten paused, thinking, “Ooh, I dare you to go up to Mr. Potter and confess your love to him while rapping,”

“That’s the best you’ve got?” Remus asked. We all followed him down to the lake and watched as he approached John Potter. Remus looked at John and smiled, “Yo, Moony is in the house!” he said making us giggle, then started to rap, “Yo, dogg I just came to say, I love you in every way. My heart goes thump when you enter a room, come fly away with me on my broom!” John looked shocked. My Uncle, Aunt, and Sandra Potter were laughing. Remus smiled as he beat his fist against his chest, kissed his fist, and gave John the peace sign with his pointer and middle finger, “I’m out, G,” he said. Then we all ran back inside, falling over from laughter.

“That was short, but so good,” James laughed, “I swear my dad thought you were serious for a minute,”

“Me, too,” Remus grinned, “Okay. Uh, James, truth or dare?”

“Oh come on,” Sirius whined, “I want a go!”

“Shut up, Padfoot. Dare, Remus,” James said. Remus thought for a minute.

“I’ll keep it simple,” he said, and James pouted, “I dare you to sweet talk Libby’s brother’s friend, Will,”

“But that kid is a weirdo,” James complained, “I’ve seen the way he looks at me and it’s not comfortable,”

“The way he looks at you Prongs? The kid was practically drooling while we were swimming before,” Black laughed.

“Okay, I’ll do it, where is he?” James asked standing.

“Jake’s room. The door’s open, so we all can watch again,” I said. James
walked out of my room and we followed.

We laughed as James leaned against the doorframe of Jacob’s room. He was looked pretty hot from the back, leaning against the door and Lily seemed memorized by him. I would just love to see him from the front.

“Hey,” he said in his most seductive voice.

“Hi James,” we heard Jacob say. James walked in further and we all peeked into the room. Will was staring at James, but not in any hypnotized way. Just like a 12 year old looking at an older, intimidating neighbor.

“Will, I never noticed, your eyes are as blue as the heavens,” James said sitting down, awfully close to Will. He eyed James nervously, “I love blue eyes,” James leaned really close to Will and he scooted away.

“Er...really?” he asked.

“Mmmhmm,” James said smiling, “And your hair. It’s so perfect. You’re like a perfect angle,”

“Uh, thanks,” Will stammered. Jacob was watching James confused now. He still hadn’t seen us at the door.

“Will, I’m afraid I left my library card at my house, but can I still check you out?” James asked. Black snorted then at the corny pick up line he once used on Lily in 3rd year, making us all burst into giggles. James began to laugh too and looked at the truly frightened 12 year old now, “Don’t worry, Will, I was just playing with you. I’m not attracted to you,” Jacob frowned looking at me.

“Get out!” he snapped at me and my friends, “And don’t use my friends as a dare. I never use yours!”

“We were just playing, Jake,” James laughed messing up my little brother’s hair, “Calm down,”

We went back to my room and settled on the floor. Our order got messed up though. I was no longer seated by Lily and James, but Remus and Black. James was seated across from me, smirking. Uh-oh, time to get me back for making him go skinny-dipping. I took a deep breath, preparing myself for whatever horror I was to do next.

“Truth or Dare, Libby?” James asked. I could have easily chosen truth, but then I’d be taking the easy way out. James would find a way to get me back either way. Besides, I never backed down from a dare.

“Dare,” I said confidently. James smirked.

“I dare you, Libby, to kiss...” James paused and I felt my heart start to speed up. Oh no, please don’t let him say who I think he’s going to say. Please no, “Sirius Black,”


“What?” Black gasped, looking at James in shock. James smirked.

“It’s a dare, she’s gotta do it. Unless you want a chicken, Libs,” James
said looking at me innocently. I sat up straighter.

“No way. I never back down from a dare,” I said. I really want to just back down from this dare. Though, I couldn’t bring myself to. I faced Black, the guy I hated since the moment I saw him, and he looked at me. We both looked at James nervously where he sat smirking. Finally, I leaned forward until my mouth
found Black’s.

His lips were soft and gentle against mine. I was planning on pulling away quickly. You know, a quick peck on the lips, but I found I liked kissing Black. Even though it was a simple light kiss, being so close to Black made me feel safe and happy. Like nothing in the world can ever go wrong again. Time had slowed down and my brain had gone fuzzy. Every cell in my body was going crazy, wanting to deepen the kiss, wanting Black, never wanting to leave his side again. I barely remembered this was a dare and all my friends were watching me kiss Black right at this moment. And then–

“Ow!” I squealed pulling away. Both me and Black were holding our mouths.

“You shocked me!” Black accused.

“Me? You shocked me!” I countered. The shock hurt really bad, my mouth felt sore, like it was pinched really hard. At least the kiss was over. The realization of what happened was getting to me. I kissed Sirius Black and liked it!!

“Talk about fireworks,” James teased. We both glared at him as someone knocked on my door.

“Hey, we’re having s`mores if you want some,” My aunt said, poking her head in, “Muggle style,” she added, as if tempting us. The boys were gone in seconds and Lily and Kirsten smirked at me.

“What?” I asked.

“You and Black were kissing for almost 15 seconds,” Kirsten said.

“And then you shocked each other. How do you know it wasn’t like James said. Fireworks,” Lily asked. I rolled my eyes.

“You guys are pathetic. Nothing is ever going to happen between Black and me,” I said, “Now come on, let’s go have a s`more,”

As I followed my smirking friends down the hall, I was awear my body was still buzzing with excitement. A part of me, my logical side, was appalled by Sirius Black’s mouth touching my own, my the other side of me wanted more. I was amazed to find I wanted to kiss him again. It was like the perfect kiss and I wanted more.

Stop it I told myself, This is Black we’re talking about. The guy that has bullied you since first year. Nothing can ever happen between you two. Besides, your not his type and he isn’t yours.

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