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Chapter 18 – Minnie, Will You Be Mine?

Sirius returned to Gryffindor tower to find Holly, Ruby and Remus sitting by the fireplace. “Sirius, where have you been?”

“Helping Lily and James get their mack on!” he stated, pirouetting around the room with his hand over his heart, “Love is such a wonderful thing… isn’t it?” he said sitting next to Holly, pulling her closer to him.

She looked up at him. “Huh?”

Sirius sighed, these people just don’t get the hint, he thought to himself as he shot a knowing glance at Remus, who gasped before silently laughing to himself.

“No way!” he exclaimed through chuckles, Sirius nodded enthusiastically at his friend. “What did you say to her?”

“Wait! Hold it, stop… explain,” Ruby interrupted Sirius and Remus’ little chat.

Sirius looked from Ruby to Holly then clapped his hands together, “Well, you see our young Prongsie declared his love for Lily on that fateful night – “

“What night?”

“After Quidditch,” Remus answered.

Sirius continued, “Yes, after Quidditch. Sending our dear Lily into heart wrenching turmoil! Did she reciprocate these feelings of undying affection… or did she not?” Sirius said dramatically, “It was then that me and Moony, together decided it was time to step in.”

“Sirius, quit being so damn dramatic – “

“Merlin’s ghost I’m so dramatic!” Sirius exclaimed standing up and throwing his arms in the air, just as two pillows came flying at his face. “Fine… aren’t you two boring. We went down to the library to talk to Lily,” he continued in a monotone, Ruby and Holly just rolled their eyes but it was better than the melodramatic love scene from a Mills and Boon classic. Remus was in his chair trying to conceal his laughter. “Anyhoo,” Sirius went on normally, “through some clever twisting of words, she admitted that she loves him, fully reciprocates his feelings,” Sirius said with a school girl giggle pointing at Remus who laughed.

“She does?” the girls asked in unison.

“She does. Then through some excellent reverse psychology by yours truly, she told him. Now they’re downstairs getting their mack on.”


“What the hell are you guys talking about?” The four Gryffindor’s had failed to notice the portrait hole open and James and Lily walk in.

Remus smirked at them, “Sirius was just telling us how he is solely responsible for – “

“Look they’re holding hands!” Sirius interrupted in a mock shy voice.


The six Gryffindor’s had spent the rest of the evening enjoying the fact that they could all, at last, be together as a group. And of course Sirius still believed it was all due to him.

James liked to think differently. “It was all me.” He said, pulling Lily closer. “She couldn’t resist for ever.” He finished with trademark arrogance.

Lily could feel herself blushing but didn’t say anything. Really all she wanted was to talk to James alone. But instead she tried to focus her attention on the conversation around her.

“No really do you realise that this is the first time this year that everyone has been talking to everyone?” Sirius said. “I mean at the start of the year you three hated us and then you weren’t taking to each other, but you two were – “ He said pointing at Lily and James then looking back at Holly and Ruby in turn. “Then something happened so it was all good again but then you two weren’t – “ He said looking at Ruby and Remus this time. “But James and Lily were so cute…but we weren’t, huh Hol? So that made you two not good which lead to, hem, James not being too happy with me… and then Ruby came to her senses – “ he said pausing to smirk as she pulled a face at him, remembering where he was up to he looked at Lily who smiled “And strangely enough you and me became friends and I guess you two did too?” He mused looking between James and Holly. James shrugged barely holding in his laughter, when said like this their year sounded ridiculous. “And now – ” Sirius continued, “Everything is peachy-keen. For once no one is mad at anyone,” Sirius finished triumphantly as everyone began to laugh.

“It has been a strange year, nothing like I expected…” Holly mused aloud.

Sirius grinned at her, stretching out in his seat lazily. “Nah its been exactly like I thought…Mischief, adventures, girls and a bit of homework on the side…occasionally”

“Sirius Black, how you even managed to last til seventh year without being expelled is still a mystery to me.” Lily joked.

“How I managed to do a lot of things has amazed me.”

“Okay then, question for everyone. What in your opinion is the biggest achievement of your Hogwarts days?” Ruby asked.

For a moment everyone looked around at each other. “Well since Ruby asked I say she goes first.” Sirius told her.

“Fine. I would say the friends I have made.”

“Awww!” Groaned James. “That is such a cop-out!”

“Your turn then Pah-rongsie.” Ruby teased.

James groaned again. “Great now I can’t say friends. Ummm… I pass to Remus.”

Lily smacked him on the arm. “You can't Pass!”

“Fine.” James said, Leaning forward looking at Remus and Sirius. “The Marauders Map. And my detention record of course.” He said quietly. All at once people began to talk.

“The what?” Lily, Holly and Ruby asked in unison.

“Damn you! That was mine!” Sirius cried while Remus only laughed.

“You told. You told!” He managed to sputter. James’ looked at him as realisation dawned. After a moment Sirius burst out laughing.

“No way! She will end me!” He cried.

“You have to! Marauders code.” Sirius sang.

“Fine tomorrow at breakfast.” James said with a grin looking at his friends. Two were still laughing but the other three looked extremely confused.

Looking around at them, Sirius and Remus stopped laughing.

“Done now?’ Holly asked.

Sirius nodded happily.

“Awesome.” She said, speaking for her friends too. “Care to explain A; what this map is and B; what James has to do?”

“See I don’t think the map, which is not just any old ordinary map can be just explained.” Remus told them. “To appreciate the wonder of the marauders map one must see it.”

“So? Can we see it?” Lily prompted.

Remus looked at James. James looked at Sirius and Sirius looked at Remus. “Erm..?” He said hesitatingly.

Sirius scratched his head. "Slight problem.”


"It was confiscated." James said. "Our poor map is currently held deep in the depths of the caretakers office."

"So why dont you get it back?" Lily asked.

"Well we thought about it." Remus said.

"And we thought some more." James added.

"And we decided that it could be like a test."

"A test?" Holly asked.

"Yeah. Well we have no use for it but somebody else might."

"Ahh." Ruby said with a nod. "The person who finds it is worthy."

"Uh huh." They agreed.

"That's all well and good but you haven't told us what it is."

James shrugged. "Just a map of Hogwarts. Including every person within it."

"Impressive." Ruby said nodding her head.

"Did you guys do any school related work while you were here?" Holly asked.

They laughed. "We tried to keep it to a minimum." Sirius said. "But moving on, Holly your turn."

“Okay..." She said tapping her chin thoughtfully. "Okay my greatest accomplishment is…is…being noticed.”

“Being noticed?” James asked.

“Did you know who I was before this year?”


“But only because of Lily! No one else did. Therefore my greatest accomplishment is being noticed. And making new friends…”

“Okay then.” Sirius said. “Fair enough. But you are wrong. People did notice you.”

Holly raised her eyebrows but didn’t add anything to his statement. “So you then?” She asked instead.

“Still thinking, so it’s Lily’s turn.”

“Head girl.” She answered quickly.

Sirius snorted. “You are so predictable.” He sighed.

“So what are you proud of?” Lily shot back.

“Ah still thinking. Remus?”

“Sure. Easy question, just being here. Actually going to Hogwarts. I never expected to be able to come here. And to still be here would have to be my biggest accomplishment.”

“Oh, now I feel bad for saying friends!” Ruby joked.

“Now Sirius.” Holly said looking at him. “Your turn. No more people to save you.”

Sirius thought for a moment. “Okay I agree with James, the map, detentions and one more thing I want to say…But am I allowed to tell them about you-know-what?”

James smiled smugly. “Sure you can. If, I say if you join me tomorrow.”

Sirius considered this. “Fine why not. We’ll go out with a bang. But Moony you are helping too.”

“Me? Why must I embarrass myself?” Remus demanded.

“Hush now. The more you talk the less impact this will have.” Sirius said putting a finger to his lips.

“I never agreed to this.” Remus told him, sitting back in his chair.

“Fine. Moony do I have your permission?”

“Yeah sure but I am not embarrassing myself tomorrow.”

“Yes you are.” Sirius said.

“No I am not.”

“Yes you are.”




“Yes you are. You have to. Its-“

“Sirius!” Holly interrupted impatiently.

“See what you did now Moony! Ruined the suspense. All that build up was wasted! I might as well just tell them I am an animagus straight out. No use drawing it out now.”

“No you aren’t.” Lily countered.

“Are you calling me a liar?” Sirius asked.

“Yes.” Lily retorted.

“Well for once you are wrong. Sirius Black, illegal animagus at your service.” He said offering out his hand. “Meet my associate James Potter.”

“You too?” Lily asked swinging around to look at him and ignoring Sirius’ hand. James nodded. “I still don’t believe you.” Lily said crossing her arms stubbornly.

“Well now I am disappointed.” Sirius said, mimicking Lily’s action. “My greatest achievement to date and she doesn’t believe me…do you?” He asked Holly and Ruby who had been quiet though out the conversation.

Holly shrugged. “I’m gonna need proof. But its believable. You are both smart enough to do it I suppose. And it seems like something you would do…”

Ruby frowned. “I believe you.” She said quietly looking around quickly. “You said something like this before…”

“I did?”

Ruby nodded. “You practically said you had been there at a full moon, never asked what you meant at the time but I get it now. Obviously not as humans but animals!” She said proud that she had figured it out. “Awww… I think that was such a sweet thing to do!”

“Ruby? Little hint for the future, no guy likes to be described by the term ‘sweet’.” James told her.

Ruby shrugged indifferently, pulling her knees up to her chin. “Say what you want, James, but its true. All three of you are such a bunch of sweeties.”

“Great.” Sirius muttered.

“Should I understand any of this?” Holly piped up, her hand in the air to get attention.

Lily shook her head. “No I think I get it. Company on a full moon makes it all the more bearable?” She asked. Remus nodded slowly. “And who else could manage to do it but you two?”

“Ohhh.“ Breathed Holly. “What is your animagi form then?” She asked cocking her head to the side thoughtfully. They was about to answer when she interrupted. “No don’t tell me I want to guess.”

“Oooh me first!” Sirius exclaimed bobbing up and down in his seat excitedly.

“Okay give us a hint then.” Lily said thoughtfully. “If you are able to transform into an animal at will would this animal be big or small?”

“Medium.” All three of them answered at once.

“Animagi match your personality right?” Holly asked.

“Yeah.” Ruby mused. “So you’re loud, way too energetic, playful-“

“Ooh! A monkey!?” Holly interrupted looking at Sirius hopefully. James and Remus looked at the expression on his face and burst out laughing.

“A monkey?” He asked as Holly began to laugh too. “I had hoped I come off as a little more intelligent than that!”

“Well then I would say a dolphin or something but fish, water… yeah you get it. Not possible.” Ruby said tapping her chin thoughtfully. “I know! You would have to be-“

“A gorgeous puppy.” Holly finished for her in a baby voice, pinching his cheeks.

Sirius slapped her hands away. “I would prefer to think of myself as Padfoot, ferocious wild dog.” He said standing up and pulling a super hero pose, hands on hips, chin thrust forward and chest puffed out. Just to ruin the effect James and Remus both snorted.

Sirius sat down again and all eyes turned to James.

“But now its easy.” Holly exclaimed. “You just gave us the biggest hint ever!”

“Yeah.” Ruby agreed. “If your names have something to do with you animagi form and James is Prongs then he must be a deer.”

“No.” Lily piped up looking up at James from where she sat leaning against him. “Not just any old deer. You would have to be a stag. The alpha male or something like that. Noble and proud.”

James looked at her. “How did you know that?”

Lily shrugged. “I don’t know. I know you. You don’t seem like just a deer. So we were right?” She said with a yawn.

“Dead on.” Sirius said. “So you believe us yet?”

Lily shrugged again. “Yeah. I can't believe you would, but I believe you. Like I mean, how many rules have you broken to do that? But I do admire you all for it. Shows a strong bond of friendship.”

“Awww.” Sirius cooed. “Now that is sweet.” He said

“And on that thought.“ Remus said standing up. “It’s late and I have to be up for Prongsies performance tomorrow so I am going to bed. Goodnight all!”

“Mmm I agree. “Holly said standing up and offering her hand out to Ruby. “Coming Lily?”

“In a minute.” She said waving them goodnight.

“We’ll leave you two to it then.” Remus said heading towards the boys dorm with Sirius.

“A Noble stag then…Who would have thought it?” Lily said snuggling closer to him. James replied with a small chuckle.

“James?” Lily said suddenly after a moments silence lifting her head to look at him. “I’m sorry.”

James furrowed his brow, idly twirling her hair around his fingers. “What for?”

“Being so stupid.”

“What do you mean.”

Lily sighed. “If I hadn’t been so stupid the last couple of months wouldn’t have happened.”

“Maybe the last couple of months were important in a way.”

Lily frowned, settling back down as she thought about it . “When did you get so wise?”

James laughed. “I told you. I have always been wise, just usually no one listens.”

“We’ve had this conversation before haven’t we?” Lily said quietly, closing her eyes.

“Yeah way back when I was still Potter and you could barely stand me.”

“That seems like such a long time ago.” She murmured sleepily.

“Come on Lils, lets get you to bed.”

Lily shook her head. “I’m not tired.”

“Yes you are. And you have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for breakfast tomorrow.”

Lily opened her eyes. “What exactly is going to happen at breakfast?”

James smirked. “For that you will just have to wait and see.”


“Ready James?”

“To publicly embarrass myself? Always.” James answered calmly as he continued to eat his cereal. “How ‘bout you two? Still back me up?”

“Of course.” Sirius answered.

“Do I have to?” Remus asked.

James ignored him as he pushed his empty bowl away and stood up. “Ladies and gentlemen. It is time.” He said dramatically making his way to the professor just coming in the door.

“Mr Potter, how can I help you?” Professor McGonagall asked as he stopped in front of her.

James gave her what he thought was his most charming smile, kneeling down infront of her and taking her hand, all while ignoring the laughter and catcalls that erupted around him.

“Mr Potter, what are you-“

(A/N Welcome to the joyous sounds of “Love Scod and Gatesy” by Tripod.)
“Seven years we’ve been together now,” James began.

“Mr Potter!” McGonagall interrupted trying to pull her hand away but James ignored her as he kept singing,

“I was just a larrikin, knocking about
Remember when I broke into Filch’s office,
And tried to steal Mrs. Norris?”

“That was a bad idea.” Chimed in Sirius coming to stand beside James. “But he was naïve.”

James turned to face him. “Come on, it wasn’t that bad an idea! I reckon it would have worked if we’d all worn the cat suits to lure Mrs. Norris out.” He said, forgetting about the song for a second.

“Yeah, right!” Remus snorted quietly from his place at the table.

“I thought those times would never change,” James continued as McGonagall continued to try and shush him. “I thought that I’d be pulling stupid pranks forever.
But now I’ve grown older and I’m more comfortable in my skin,”

“Potter…” McGonagall warned.

James smirked, finally doing as she asked and standing up only to place his hand over his heart dramatically, “All kinds of grown-up feelings start slowly creeping in.”

“You know these guys made me do this coz I really didn’t want to…” Remus drawled boredly.

“Thanks. Shut up!” Sirius said smacking him in the back of the head.

“Moony!” James cried.

Sirius coughed loudly. “Every day…”

James turned back to McGonagall. “Every day with out you Minnie seems a little bit colder,”

“Every day…”

“But when I think about you I’m a little bit bolder.
Maybe the time has come to run away…”

“Oh please leave!” Remus groaned, hiding his head.

“I can't stop thinking of you,
There ain’t no nothing we can't love each other through.”

“’Ain’t no nothing we can't…’ that’s a quadruple negative, well done!” Remus piped up.

“So late at night, when heaven explodes,
And volcanoes start to burn.
I realise the naked truth,
That it’s for you for whom I yearn.”


James smirked. “Oh Minnie, will you be mine?
Minnie, say you will!”

Sirius by now could barely contain his laughter. “Coz Every day…”

“Every day without you seems a little bit colder.

“Every day…”

“When I think about you I’m a little bit bolder.”
Maybe the time has come to run away…”
To run away!” James finished bowing as the great hall erupted in applause.

Even McGonagall looked like she was on the verge of a smile. “Very entertaining Mr Potter now please return to your seat,” She said sternly, before adding, “I think your girlfriend is waiting for you.”

James smirked again, rushing forward to hug her. “Its been a great seven years Minnie.” He said kissing her noisily on the cheek before rushing back to his friends.

Lily looked at him as he sat down. “Should I be worried?”


Love Scod and Gatesy, by Tripod

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