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"Oh thank goodness, I thought you'd never get here"

Ginny's hair was a mess and her eyes bloodshot, she looked like she hadn't slept well in days, it seemed the wedding preparations were taking it's toll. She grabbed Hermione's bags and ushered her into the house. Hermione obliged and made her way into the lounge while Ginny put the bags in the guest room.

Hermione took time to catch her breath and glanced around Harry & Ginny's apartment. It was just as she had imagined it would be. Small and simple, everything Harry wanted after being in the public eye all these years. She even understood why he had chosen this quiet neighbourhood. It was just like Harry to want to hide away, she didn't blame him He deserved a quiet life after all he had been through.

She continued to look around the room until her eyes rested on the mantle. She knew why they were drawn there, she could see his image in a picture there waving at her, smiling that smile she could pick out in a crowd. She missed him, more than the others. Her stomach fluttered at the possibility of seeing him again. Would he be ready to hear her explanation of why she left? Would he forgive her after all this time once he knew?

"Well, now that your bags are settled, how about some tea?"

Ginny entered with a tray of tea and biscuits and placed them on the coffee table, she walked over and gave Hermione a big hug. "I am so glad you agreed to be my Cheif Bridesmaid Hermione, it wouldn't have been the same without you"

They sat down and Ginny began pouring their tea, "So, Harry will be here any minute ..."

Hermione noticed that there were not two but four cups on the tray and eyed Ginny curiously as she continued

" ... because we have some final details we need to go through together, just formalities for the service etc ..."

Ginny handed Hermione her cup and offered her a biscuit which she gladly accepted. She started to nibble on her tim-tam as Ginny went on

"... as you know the best man & cheif bridesmaid are a very important part of a magical wedding and we just want to make sure there will be no hiccups or misunderstandings on the day, we want things to go smoothly, which I'm sure you would appreciate ..."

Ginny's voice faded and they sat in silence. Hermione could tell that Ginny was eyeing her carefully awaiting some kind of response. Hermione thought about what exactly it was that Ginny was implying until it finally dawned on her, how could she have not known.


Of course! Who else would Harry have picked to be his best man? She had always suspected as much but never actually asked who exactly would be playing opposite her. Hermione didn't need for Ginny to explain any further. She knew that the fourth cup on the tray was for Ron and that Harry would be arriving with him soon. She didn't know if Ron knew or not that she was in town, but she did know one thing. Time was running out.

Hermione got up and walked towards the mantle. If she was going to come forward about her quick departure, she might as well start now. She stood with her back to Ginny who she knew was still staring at her and took a deep breath,

"Ginny, there is something you need to know. I haven't been totally honest with you about why I left"

Hermione walked to the couch and reached into her purse. She pulled out a photograph and handed it to Ginny who looked at it for a few minutes. Her eyes widened as understanding finally set in. She blinked at Hermione with a mix of shock and awe.

"is it .." was all she could manage to say

Hermione nodded "Yeah"

"But how?"

Hermione took a deep breath, "Well, you remember the celebration party we had at the burrow after the fall of Voldemort ..."

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