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Lily went flying across the lawn, Sirius Black was laughing along with Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. James was sprawled out where Lily had landed on him, he was moaning in pain while a group of girls who had surrounded him asked if he was alright.

“Does it look if I’m bloody alright?” James practically yelled after a moment. This made Sirius and Remus laugh even harder, no one bothered to see if Lily was alright. She wasn’t. But who cared about Loser Lily.

“Guys I think I twisted my ankle and broken ay arm, so can you help me get it fixed?” James asked Remus and Sirius, completely ignoring Peter. The two fifteen year olds nodded and help James up.

“Er guys, what about Lily?” Remus asked quietly, not looking James or Sirius in the eyes.

“She’ll live.” James said dismissively, tugging at Remus to get him to help him.

The crowd left with James to go to the hospital wing, leaving Lily on her own. What they didn’t know was that Lily had hit her head on a rock and was bleeding and unconscious with a broken leg.

Lily had been outside for fifteen minutes, still unconscious. It had started to rain ten minutes ago, it was mid October and it was cold, yet no one had bothered to help Lily or even see if she was alright.

In the common room Remus was starting to worry, Lily and he had patrol five minutes ago, Lily was never late and she always sent a message to explain if she couldn’t do patrol.

“Guys, can you check the map to see where Lily is?” Remus asked worriedly.

“I dunno why, but sure.” Sirius said clearly not caring where she was.

James grabbed the map and checked it; he saw she was out side, not moving.

He went to the window and looked outside; he spotted Lily lying in the same spot as she had landed now twenty minutes ago. ’Surely she went back out there; she hasn’t been there the whole time has she.’ Then he remembered that no one went to help her. ‘Shit.’

Remus had followed James to the window and his face drained of all color when he saw Lily lying there.

James and Remus bolted for the door and Sirius followed asking why they were running.

When Remus reached Lily, he knelt down next to her and checked for a pulse, it was barely there.

“Fuck, James, I think she’s dying.” Remus screamed at James. James himself couldn’t look at Lily, there was blood surrounding her, it was a terrifying sight to a fifteen year old boy, she was sprawled out at odd angles, her hair fanned out partly covering the rock which she had hit her head on.

Remus picked up Lily and rushed past Sirius who also turned white when he saw the state Lily was in.

Remus ran as fast as he could, when he finally reached the hospital wing no one was there. ‘Madame Strout must be at dinner.’ Remus screamed in his head.

Remus laid Lily down on one of the beds and sprinted to the door, as he reached it a very pale looking James and Sirius walked in.

“Look after her and hope she doesn’t wake up!” He hissed at them and carried on sprinting toward the great hall.

Pushing the doors open Remus ran toward the staff table unaware of the strange looks he was getting from the students.

“Madame Strout. Lily. Hurt. Bleeding. Hospital wing.” Remus panted as he reached Madame Strout. She got up swiftly and practically ran to the hospital wing. Dumbledore following.

Remus tried to keep up but he was failing. He then remember how much he wanted to kill James and Sirius and he started to speed up.

When Madame Strout reached the bed Lily was lying in, she screamed, Lily looked dead. She set straight to work, hoping she could keep the poor child alive.

“What happened Mister Lupin?” Dumbledore asked in a solemn voice.

“Lily was on her skateboard, she jumped down the stairs, and James thought it would be a laugh to push her over mid jump.” Dumbledore looked shocked. “And he did, getting hurt himself, Madame Strout Healed his arm and ankle. I asked if we should check on Lily when we were still down there and everyone was fussing over James. But he said we shouldn’t, that she would live!” Remus hissed at James, they were best mates but James had nearly killed Lily.

Dumbledore looked at James, his eyes full of disappointment and anger, James had never been on the receiving end of this, and he hated it.

“I am beyond furious with you James, and disappointed. You carelessly put another student’s life at risk, and you just did not care. If there is any permanent damage done to Miss Evans, you will be expelled. Until we have any further knowledge on her condition I want to stay in your common room, no going to lessons or meals, I will allow Mister Black or Mister Lupin bring up your food. If you are not expelled then you will catch up with work in your own time.” While Dumbledore was saying this, James looked anywhere but at his friends, Dumbledore or Madame Strout.

“Willow, if there is any information on Lily’s condition please contact me.” Dumbledore said to Madame Strout, before walking out of the hospital wing, leaving the three boys to think over what had happened.

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