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You were walking alone in a forest surrounded by darkness. The moon was out but the dark grey clouds that were hovering in the sky were covering the illuminating light of the full moon you so desperately needed right now. The environment in which you were standing in made you shudder with fright. You didnt know what was causing you to feel this way, but you couldnt help it.
At that very moment you heard faint voices coming from straight ahead. In hope of finding someone that could help you by telling you where you were and how you could leave, you began walking with a purpose; you wanted to get out of the woods as fast as you could. You continued to walk until you reached a clearing and gasped at what you saw. There standing in front of you was a group of hooded figures standing in the middle of the clearing.
*Death Eaters* you thought to yourself. As soon as that thought came to you, you realized how much danger you were in and instantly jumped behind a nearby tree.
*Now I really have to get out of here* you thought. You turned around and were about to turn back in the direction you had originally come from when you heard a sound you knew youd never forget.
A painful scream came from within the middle of the group. For some reason you had an urge to get closer, you wanted to see who was screaming. You crawled very slowly over to another tree that was to your right seeing that it was as close as you could get without being seen by the Death Eaters. From there you had a pretty good view of what was going on. You nearly fainted when you saw who was screaming and who was with him.
"Neville" you said to yourself in a whisper as you watched as one of the Death Eaters tortured him while he lay on the floor with his comrades. You looked at the others who lay beside him.
"The D.A." you said to yourself once again in that same tone of voice. Then a thought occurred to you.
*Then that means he...* you never finished what you were thinking because the proof was in front of you. In the center of the group of teenagers were your three best friends, a bushy haired girl and a red haired boy and girl, Hermione, Ron and Ginny. Holding Ginny in his arms to your horror was your loving boyfriend, Harry Potter. At first you thought it was because they were afraid, but then he pulled her closer as to protect her then kissed her as if it was the last time they would ever do that again. You were angered by this point, a feeling you had never experienced before coursed through you like it was your blood. You wanted to run over there and crucio them yourself until you noticed that there was another hooded figure standing in the far corner, away from all the others. Apparently they were in charge because they were shouting orders at the others and they obliged.
Something about that person intrigued you. You decided you wanted to get a better look at the person. You discreetly snuck over to the other side of the clearing, making sure you were not seen by anyone. To your luck, you werent.
Once you were safely hidden behind a bush behind the figure you tried to get a better look at them.
You could describe the features of the person who was hidden under it. The persons skin was pale but smooth. Their eyes were red and shaped like the eyes of a snake.
"Voldemort" you said to yourself, but this time your voice wasnt soft like the last time, but loud. You clasp your hand over your mouth in a failed attempt to stop the noise form coming out of your mouth anymore. Voldemort then turned around and looked directly at you. He must have known you were there the whole time watching him because he walked over to you and looked deep into your eyes which made you shudder once again. You were shocked when you realized the figure wasnt Voldemort and that it wasnt a male but a female around your age. You recognized the woman almost immediately. You screamed. It was.............YOU.

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