Hermoine was excited. The school year was starting the next day and she could not wait to get back to Hogwarts. She, Harry and Ron were in their fourth year of Hogwarts. They had just seen the Quidditch World Cup and the aftermath that came with it. She couldn’t wait to learn more about the “secret surprise” that Ron’s older brother, Percy, was talking about. She also wanted to gain more knowledge.

The main reason why she wanted to get back to school: to see the Potions teacher, Professor Snape. Hermoine had a school girl crush for Professor Snape since their second year at Hogwarts. She kept this reason secret because if anyone thought that she had this school girl crush on the Potions professor, then she would lose her reputation as the bookworm and gain an entirely new reputation that would haunt her throughout her life.

Meanwhile, Snape was at school in a staff meeting. The Mark on his arm had been burning lately, so to him that meant one thing…. that the Dark Lord was coming back. As he was determining what he was going to do, Dumbledore interrupted his thoughts by calling their attention. Apparently he was not the only whose thoughts had gone astray.

“We have a new addition to our staff for this coming here. She was made the youngest Auror since the beginning of our times, being only 18. She will be living near Gyffindor Tower and will be an assistant to Professor McGonagall. She will help keep watch over any unusual activity that might go on here at the school during this up and coming year,” Dumbledore stated.

“How long will she stay here, Albus? Is it wise to have an Auror mix with the students?" McGonagall asked.

“Minerva, she will mix in with the students finely. Her orders from the Ministry are that she is not allowed to go back until she learns on how to successfully be a more better Transfiguration expert and to learn what side everyone is on, whether it be on the good side or on the path of destruction. She is not allowed to tell any of the students of her profession unless it is in dire circumstances. I tell her she can tell them, of course, but that is just an old man’s opinion,” Dumbledore stated with a smile.

“Sir, what are her orders from you? Is she in the Order?” Flitwick asked.

“Yes, she is in the Order. My instructions for her is a private matter and will not be discussed with those she does not feeling comfortable of telling. Let me introduce you all to her. Laura, come in here.”

When Snape looked up to see who this new staff member was, his stomach dropped straight into his feet. His heart started beating faster, sweat coming more and he was starting to become more happy. This Laura was gorgeous. She had long black curly hair and dark blue sapphire eyes. Snape noticed that he got lost by looking into her eyes. She had freckles around her nose, but not a ton of freckles like the Weasley brats. Her aurora said that she had a sweet dispensation about her. Snape knew that this could be the one with who he would spend the rest of his life with her. In fact, he was glad that Professor McGonagall had asked Dumbeldore for an assitant and not him. He was glad of this because now there was a gorgeous and beautiful woman at the school and he would not havr to train an assitant on how to do everything perfectly with his potions. He loved his potions and did not want anyone messing them up. Snape turned his attention back to the meeting and started listening to Professor Dumbledore again.

“Everyone, this is Laura Elizabeth Dumbledore.”

“Dumbledore, this is your daughter? That would explain why is an Auror at such a young age—she must have had a good teacher,” Flitwick asked.

“Adopted daughter—Laura is my adopted daughter. Sometimes it seems we are biologically father and daughter since she does have the same love of making jokes like I do,” stated Dumbledore.

“Dad, it is not that you make good jokes; it is the fact that your jokes are terrible that is why people smile and laugh, whereas mine are actually are worth the laughs,” Laura said with an evil grin.

As Snape watched this conversation go on, he realized that he was growing more in—lust was not the word for this. Of course there was lust cause she was so damn beautiful.

”Let us discuss what is going to happening with the security measures here at Hogwarts this year with the Triwizard Tournament” Dumbledore suggested. The discussion took another hour and an half as the staff wanted to question Laura on her abilities.

Laura had to wait for an hour outside of the staff room before she could enter. She did hear what was going on in the staff room though. That was one of the gifts that she got from her birth mother---the ability to hear conversations through barriers and miles apart. She also was able to talk through minds with other people, place visions into people’s minds, cast the darkest of spells, and perform both Occlumency and Legilimency. The things that were different with Occlumency and Legilimency for Laura was this: with Occulumency, she could totally block off her mind from those performing Legilimency; no one, not even Voldemort could get through her barrier. She could even place pretend thoughts on the barrier so that the person performing Legilimency could feel like they got through the barrier. With Legilimency, she could break through the most powerful Occlumency spells ever placed and even know Voldemort’s darkest secrets. Her power and her looks were the two things that she inherited from her birth father. There were only three people in the world that knew who her real birth father is: her birth mother who was killed by Voldemort, Dumbledore, and herself. If anyone found out, she did not know what she would do.

I am redoing the entire story outline. I noticed that the story line was confusing and so I am going to go and rework the chapters that are already posted. You should be seeing the changes in the next few weeks if you have read the story before 2/7/07!

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