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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and I most probably never will. Harry Potter belongs to Joanne Rowling and Warner Bros. All the lyrics in this fic were writen and sung by Evanescence.Yes, I know I've already used "Missing" in a song-fic but it fits.

Author's note: Bellatrix will seem a little...okay I'll be honest...very out of character for a majority of the fic. The setting is before she turned into the sadistic homicidal maniac we all love to hate. It may seem a little wierd until I get the last chapter in. This story is slightly AU in regards to their ages.

I'm very sorry about the rating but it is only for violence in chapter nine. It wasn't going to be rated mature at all but I don't want to change the way that chapter was written. Presuming that you've read Order of the Phoenix, you know exactly how this ends. There is no happy ending.

Please Review. I will review your story if you review mine! . There is one condition to this... I don't read slash. I feel very sad when there are no new reivews. :-(

The Muggle in the Alley

After their meal, the two Tonks women were in the kitchen washing up. The younger of the two, who was obiously Nymphadora Tonks, had bright green hair and a heart-shaped face. The other woman, Andromeda, had thick, shiny black hair the fell to her waist and heavily-lidded eyes. She had a strong jaw and a warm, motherly smile. Ted Tonks was away on business for the Order so they were alone. Andromeda didn’t trust her rather clumsy daughter with washing the dishes (even with a wand) so Tonks was wiping the kitchen counter. After she was done, Tonks turned to face her mother.

“Mum, you’re okay with me dating Remus aren’t you?” she asked hesitantly.

Andromeda looked at her daughter, surprised.

“Would you still date him if I said no, Nymphadora?”

Tonks winced at the sound of her name but Andromeda didn’t notice. Or at least, she pretended not to.

“Well, yeah but…I’d still like to hear what you have to say.”

Andromeda smiled.

“That is exactly how I felt when I told my sisters about your father,” she said with a smile.

“Bet they loved the fact you ran off with a muggle-born.”

Andromeda frowned thoughtfully.

“They didn’t react as bad as I thought they would now that I think about it.”

Tonks raised her eyebrows.

“I sure Bellatrix at least went spare,” she said with a frown to match her mother’s.

“She didn’t surprisingly enough,” said Andromeda. “Bella…she was different before I suppose.”

Tonks snorted in disbelief. She still had the marks were her Aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange, had hit her with a powerful dark curse in the Department of Mysteries so her scepticism had grounds. Andromeda looked at the expression on her daughter’s face and bit her lip.

“Well…Bellatrix is an evil twerp now so back to my question,” Tonks said dryly. “Do you mind?”

“Nymphadora, I was brought up in a family where you would be betrothed to a man ten years older than Remus. I really don’t mind at all.”

Tonks looked surprisingly disappointed.

“What?” asked Andromeda.

“No offence mum but if you’re comparing the situation with your family…”

Andromeda’s shoulder’s sagged.

“They weren’t all bad you know,” she said.

“I do know,” said Tonks. “Uncle Alphard and Sirius were alright but mum…that’s two people.”

“Regulus was quiet and sweet,” said Andromeda. “Narcissa wanted what I have, a happy family, but she never got it to this day. Before she married that idiot, Bellatrix was…just like Sirius I suppose.”

“Mother!” cried Tonks angrily. “Regulus was a Death Eater, Narcissa’s married to the most evil git of all time and she seems to adore him and Bellatrix…don’t get me started on her. Don’t compare her to Sirius. She killed him, remember?”

Andromeda winced. Tonks’ anger faded slightly when she saw the look on her mother’s face.

“Sit down Nymphadora. I’ve got to tell you something about my family.”

I still remember the world,
From the eyes of a child.
Slowly those feelings,
Were clouded by what I know now.

The five Black children waited not so patiently outside the front door of number 12 Grimauld Place. Narcissa, Bellatrix and Andromeda were in their cousins’ house. The eldest, Bellatrix, had long dark hair that was braided down her back. She had heavy lidded eyes and a strong jaw. She looked particularly grown up for a seven-year-old. The middle girl, Andromeda, was a mirror image of her older sister but her hair was let loose. She was nearly six-years-old. The youngest girl, Narcissa, was as pale as a ghost and she had long blonde hair. Narcissa was only four and she looked a lot frailer and smaller than her sisters. The other two who were at the door were boys. Sirius and Regulus, like Bellatrix and Andromeda, were almost identical. They had dark hair than fell elegantly and mischievous looks in their eyes. Sirius was five and Regulus was Narcissa’s age. You could not find a group of children who were closer than the Blacks, not even in the muggle world, but today they were anxious. It was another one of their family’s gatherings.

“Do you think he’s coming?” asked Bellatrix, worried.

“He promised us,” said Sirius firmly. “Don’t worry Bella, he’ll come.”

Regulus’ lower lip quavered and he shook his head.

“But Sir,” he moaned. “You heard mama. She said he was a blood traitor.”

Narcissa gave him a hug.

“He never breaks his promises Reggie,” she whispered.

Andromeda jumped and tried to look out the window. She was a few inches too short to see over the ledge.

“Sir, give me a leg up!”

Sirius obliged. Andromeda got her balance quickly and peered into the dreary garden outside. It was pouring rain and incredibly difficult to see.

“Can you see anything Andy?” asked Bella.

Andy cried out and fell back. Sirius and Regulus caught her before she hit the ground.

“It’s the Malfoys!” Andy cried. “Run for it Cissy!”

Narcissa gave a squeak and went to hide behind a couch. She was petrified of eleven year old Lucius Malfoy. He was about to go to Hogwarts and she was glad she didn’t have to see him so often anymore. Lucius particularly despised poor Narcissa and teased and tormented her often. Abraxas Malfoy scared all of the children so they quickly joined Narcissa from behind the couch.

“What are they doing here?” snarled Bellatrix.

“Gits,” murmured Sirius.

“Don’t use bad words Sir!” hissed Andromeda though she completely agreed.

Kreacher, the batty house elf all five children despised, opened the door with a click of his fingers. He was far too short to reach the door knob so he had to resort to magic. The arrogant face of Abraxas Malfoy came into view. A black, silver snake toped cane was in his gloved hand. Slight looking and sneering, Lucius Malfoy walked in behind his father. His slicked, blonde hair was up to his shoulders. His malicious gazed scanned the entire room. Narcissa shuddered.

“Let me deck him Bella,” pleaded Sirius. “Just this once!”

Sirius was the brave and reckless one of the family. Even at five he wanted to defend his youngest cousin from the intimidating eleven year old boy. Bellatrix smiled faintly. She was particularly close to Sirius and hearing him speak so boldly made her want to laugh.

“Shush!” whispered Narcissa.

Narcissa was more anxious about avoiding Lucius than usual because he had threatened to set her hair on fire when he learnt the spell. She wondered inwardly who in their right mind would teach Lucius to fire stronger and darker spells.

“Welcome Mister Malfoy,” said Kreacher in his falsely sweet voice. “You’ve brought the young Master too!”

Abraxas ignored the house elf and walked into the house, followed by Lucius. Narcissa would have sworn that she saw Lucius look around for them, waiting to torment them.

When the coast was clear, Sirius lifted up Bellatrix up to the window this time. She was barely an inch taller than Andromeda but it was enough to give her a far better view.

“He’s here!” she squealed.

“Uncle Alfie!” screamed Regulus in glee.

“I knew it!” shouted Andromeda happily. “I knew he’d come!”

Alphard had taken three steps into the room when he was almost knocked over by the five children. His moans of protest were drowned out by cries of ‘Uncle Alfie! Uncle Alfie!’ He finally managed to pull the delighted children off him.

“Here are my favourite children!” he panted, rubbing his sore stomach.

The children didn’t know it, and Uncle Alphard would never tell them, but he was getting old. Ten years ago he would have enjoyed being steamrolled by a group of unruly children.

“Tell us another story Uncle!” said Bellatrix excitedly.

Uncle Alphard winced but the children were too excited to notice.

“Your mothers will have my guts for garters if I so much as mention muggles again,” said Uncle Alphard.

“We won’t tell Uncle, honest,” cried Regulus.

“Please Uncle!” pleaded Sirius. “Tell us about the helichoppers!”

“No! Tell us about the eropanes,” said Narcissa.

“Can you tell us about the muggle you met in Australia?” asked Andromeda.

“What about the one in Canada?” asked Bellatrix.

Uncle Alphard watched the children recite all his stories. They had clearly learnt everything off by heart.

“Oh alright!” said Uncle Alphard with a laugh.

Uncle Alphard sat down on one of he hard, uncomfortable couches and began talking animatedly of climbing Uluru with the Aboriginal muggles. When he told them that they actually knew ancient magic, Bellatrix screamed in delight.

“Don’t tell your mother I told you that,” murmured Uncle Alphard.

“I didn’t know muggles could do magic too!” cried Bellatrix.

“They can do many thing we can’t,” said Alphard wisely. “They have electricity, flying machines that can carry hundreds of people and they have telephones.Telephones are a little like howlers.”

The five children listen to Uncle Alphard with fascination.

“We want to come with you when you go travelling next!” cried Sirius.

“Yeah! It’ll be great!” said Bellatrix. “We’ll fly in arropanes, we’ll talk into telofonds…”

Bellatrix trailed off when Uncle Alphard shook his head.

“Not Bella, you can’t,” he said. “Your parents would never approve and…I don’t think I know enough about muggles to take five children into their world.”

The five children gasped. Before they could protest further, a shrill yell came from the dinning room.

“Alphard? Is that you?” cried Druella Black, the girls’ mother.

“Come in! Don’t spend the entire evening with the children, brother,” said Walburga, the boys’ mother. “You haven’t been talking about the mudbloods again have you?”

“’Course not sister,” lied Alphard through his teeth. “Sorry kids.”

Ignoring the children’s vexed and scandalized looked, poor Uncle Alphard limped towards the dinning room, dreading the conversation he would have to go through because of his sisters.

“This stinks,” murmured Sirius, scuffing his newly polished shoes on a chair.

Andromeda scowled at Sirius. He ignored his elder cousin and looked around at the dreary mansion.

“Come on,” he said. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Sir,” said Andromeda sternly. “We’ve been forbidden to leave, remember?”

“And your point is, Andy?”

“Sirius!” shouted Andromeda

“Andy, let’s go and see the muggles!” said Sirius suddenly.

Andromeda was too stunned to come up with an argument. Bellatrix looked at her cousin in disbelief. This was serious, not the usual mischief. Even at seven, she knew how her parents would react.

“I’m game if you are, Bella,” said Sirius.

Bellatrix hesitated for a moment. She didn’t really know what the muggles were like and she had only heard the stories that Uncle Alphard had told her. But the mischievous grin on Sirius’ face made her smile.

“Alright,” she said.

“Bella, Sirius no!” cried Andromeda. “If you get caught-”

“We won’t get caught,” replied Bellatrix simply. “I want to see a muggle, a real one.”

Narcissa and Regulus exchanged glances.

“I wanna come too!” they said simultaneously.

“No!” snapped Andromeda. “Bellatrix and Sirius can get stuck in the muggle world forever for all I care but you two are staying put.”

Andromeda silenced the protests of the four-year olds with glares.

“Don’t be such a worry-witch Andy,” said Bellatrix. “It’ll be amazing! Just imagine...real muggles!”

Before Andromeda could stop them they opened the door and headed out onto the muggle street.

The rain outside had subdued but it was still blistering cold. Even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the Black cousins.

“I never had a real adventure like this before,” said Sirius with a grin.

Bellatrix was staring in fascination at a street light but when Sirius spoke she grinned broadly.

“Sirius and Bellatrix the Marauders!” she laughed. “The first magical people to meet the muggles.”

They continued to walk. As the temperature dropped, the two children were no longer impressed. Where were the amazing aeroplanes? Where were the kind muggles? Bellatrix frowned when she sighted one muggle that looked anything but kind. He looked like he had drunk a good dose of befuddlement potion.

“I think we’d better get back,” Sirius whispered to Bellatrix.

“I agree,” Bellatrix whispered back. “Which way did we come from?”


It took the children a few minutes to realize that they were lost.

“We’ll try this way,” said Bellatrix.

She was pointing towards an alley. It looked dark and forbidding. At black cat sat on a rubbish bin and the shadow hid everything from sight.

“Bella, I don’t think we came this way,” hissed Sirius.

“It might be a shortcut,” said Bellatrix. “If not, we’ll just go back.”

The children walked into the alley. As their eyes adjusted to the darkness something in front of them come into focus. There were two muggles in the alley.

For the first time in her life, Bellatrix understood why they were called mudbloods. The muggle was holding up the other by the throat with his bare hands. His hands were dirty, covered in dirt and something red that Bellatrix couldn’t recognize. To their horror, the muggle turned around and saw them.

“Wot the-” he slurred.

He dropped the unfortunate man and started towards the children. Bellatrix and Sirius screamed. The muggle seized Sirius by his robes. Bellatrix kicked him hard in the shins and he released her cousin.

“RUN!” she cried.

But the muggle was far too quick for the too children. He had just caught hold of Bellatrix’s arm when a jet of green light hit him right between the eyes. Abraxas Malfoy, who had fired the curse, pocketed his wand.

“Your very lucky that Andromeda had the sense to tell an adult where you were,” he said quietly.

He caught the two children by their arms (Bellatrix’s arm was already bruised so she winced with pain) and steered them back to the house.

The moment Bellatrix and Sirius reentered the house they knew they were in serious trouble.


She slapped Bellatrix hard across the cheek and caught Sirius by his ear. She steered them towards the cellar and pushed them inside.

“If you ever go outside again you…”

Words had failed Sirius’ mother. Bellatrix whimpered as the door was slammed shut.

The two children were enveloped in darkness. The boards under them creaked with their weight and it was icy cold. Bellatrix began to cry. She hated the dark and she hated being locked up.

“Bella, don’t cry,” said Sirius. “I’m sorry I got us into trouble.”

Bellatrix sniffed in reply.

“I h-hate this p-place,” she stammered. “It’s like t-the whole w-world’s left me.”

“I won’t leave you Bella, I promise,” said Sirius whilst putting a hand around her shoulders.

The two Black children snuggled up in the damp prison. The fact that they were together made the punishment a little more bearable.

My apologies to the validators for sending you all the dodgy chapters. I finally fingured out what you were talking about. Thanks LogicalRaven.

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