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Chapter Nine

"That was the most pointless tryout ever."

Lily smiled at Abbey's lament, "Well, at least you made the team."

"Well, at least you made the team," Abbey mimicked Lily playfully. "No one else tried out for being keeper, it was probably safe to say that I did, in fact, make the team before tryouts had ever started. I don't know why James made me do all that work."

Lily shook her head, grinning nonetheless.

"But," Abbey linked her arm through Lily's, "I bet you enjoyed watching your future lover run around the common room, half naked, this morning, didn't you?"

"Abigail Battier," Lily warned, "If you make another joke about James Potter and I, ever again, I will . . . hurt you."

Abbey raised her arms up in defence as they walked down the corridor, "But I wasn't even joking about it. Actually, I think most of what comes out of my mouth is one - hundred percent truth . . . Lily loves James. See?"

"Ha. Ha," said Lily sarcastically. "Look, I don't know what you have with this little obsession about Potter and I being a couple, but you're going to have to get over it, Ab. It's not going to happen."

"You've been saying that since we were eleven, but you kissed him. So you can't blame me for seeing something my bestfriend can't."

Lily groaned, "Don't mention kissing him ever again, Ab. Do you know how hard that was just to sort things out? I mean - it was not suppose to happen."

"Oh ye`?" Abbey grabbed her bestfriend by her shoulders, causing the two to an abrupt stop in the middle of the hall. "Lily, you're can't sit here and play a god and say what's suppose to happen, and what's not suppose to happen. It either happens or it doesn't. You're not the one who makes those decisions. Life is about change, and taking risks. So do your bestfriend the biggest favor in the world . . . live life, and don't spend what you have wondering what might have been."

Lily stared incredulously at her friend, then out the nearest window as Abbey let her shoulders go.

"Ab? Where are you going!?" Lily cried in disbelief as she watched her friend quickly walk away.

"Just think about what I said, hon! I'm just going to go meet someone for a little, but if you do happen to see James, tell him I hate him for tryouts today!" She yelled back in response, "See you at dinner!"

Lily smiled faintly as Abbey's figure faded in the distance. She took a long, exasperated sigh. Just as things were starting to get normal, Abbey, had to make her life more difficult. So many questions she never even thought of answering. Like or love? Live life or reject change? And one that Lily put in on her own; talk to James or not talk to James?

* * * *

"Er - Potter?"

James sighed, he was relaxing peacfully on the edge of the lake, and someone just HAD to ruin it. He opened up his right eye, only to find himself looking directly below Lily Evans. This time, both of his eyes shot open.

"What are you doing?" She asked. "Aren't you suppose to be somewhere?"

Merlin, what am I doing, Lily thought to herself.

James leaned up on his two elbows, squinting at the brightness of the sun. He was still amazed at how nicely Lily had approached him. "Be somewhere?" He smiled, "I don't always have to be somewhere, Evans. I'm normal, I like to have some me time. Why? You think I have somewhere to be?"

Lily cleared her throat, "Well I'd thought that you'd be off on many of your famous escapades with your Marauder buddies." She looked down at him, almost apologetically, "Guess I was wrong."

He shrugged, was this really happening? Lily hadn't even wanted to have a decent conversation with him since last year. "You can't always be right."

Lily's expression changed almost immediately, "Excuse me? And what is that suppose to mean?"

James sensed her change in mood, "No, no, Evans. I didn't mean it like that. I just meant that - "

"That I'm stupid?" She acknowledged, cutting him off.

"No! No, Lily, you're brilliant. Wonderful, genius ! Fantastic !"

Lily couldn't help but crack a smile from the ends of her mouth. He was so desperate; and it amused her. Not in a bad way, in more of a flattered kind of way. "Uhm, well, thank you."

"I said I you weren't stupid, Ev - wait, what?" He looked up at her; this wasn't real.

"I think we need to talk," Lily said, sitting down beside him. Was she really going to do this? "Look, Potter, I - er - I know that I've been treating you completely horrid these past few weeks that we've been back in school, and I know that you're going to say that it doesn't matter, and that everything can go back to normal, but I don't believe that. Ever since . . . fifth year, I knew that nothing could really go back to normal, for me, anyway. And I know that that . . . kiss, mattered to you, and in a way, it mattered to me. So, I just want to call this a truce."

"A truce?" James raised a brow. "Really?"

Lily took a breath in, "Really."

"You're not lying are you? Because I happen to be a very emotional guy, and I can't be lied too with things like this." James stared; she had to be joking.

She chuckled, "I'm not lying. I've had a very long time to think about this, and very pushy people pushing me to think about this, so I'm pretty sure that I'm calling it a truce. It could make things better for the both sides, right?"

James blinked. "Can we . . . just let James process this for a minute?"

Lily smiled.

"Okayy . . well then, so a truce, eh?"

Lily nodded, "A truce."

"No jokes?"


"And that means I can talk to you?"

"Uh - yeah, why not. Just one thing; don't ask me anything that you already know I don't want to do."

James nodded, then beamed, "Fair enough. So . . . this means we're almost like - friends?"

Friends? Lily nodded. It sounded good. It felt right. Friends; nothing more. It was a good plan. She smiled and looked down at her sneakers, this actually felt pretty good. She wouldn't have to worry about avoiding him anymore, or hurting his feelings; instead, they could be friends. Lily Evans and James Potter, friends? Sounded just right.

"Oh," Lily added playfully, almost forgetting, "Abbey hates you."


Author's Note ; CHAPTER NIIIINE ! this is where the story title kicks in; you know, "More Than Just Friends", ehh? ehhhhh? LOL. dun dunnnn. haha. well, not THAT interesting. But i do kinda like it ... =D I know it's short. AND I'M SORRY. I promise to make chapter ten LONGER than this one. =) EXAMS ARE FINISHEDDD ! I, thank God, passed ALL my courses. so i have recieved EIGHT credits this yearr ! =D but anywayyy, sorry it took so long to get this chapter up and running though; apparently, this is one of the busiest times of the year on HPFF, so yes, even i've got to wait in line. =P and after reading this chapter, it wouldn't hurt to review, i'd really appreciate it anyway. =) THANK YOUU VERYYY MUCH (for your patience, and your reviews.) !

Disclaimer ; I own nothing of J.K. Rowling's geniusly thought out creatures, characters, places, items, ETC.

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