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Chapter 11 Midnight Marauder Madness By the time I made it up to the dormitory I had a sudden burst of energy. I ran and flung my self on my bed, picked up my pillow and began pounding my fist into it. I had so much steam to let out. Right now I hated James Potter more than anything, more than Liver and Onions, and more than monthly experiences. He was scum and as far as I was concerned he could just roll over and die. He’d be doing us all a favor. After 10 minutes of continuous pillow pounding our dorm was covered with feathers. Finally Maggie and Addy decided the pillow had suffered enough, Addy took it out of my grasp and Maggie was performing a clean up charm on our room. “Alright Lily… calm down… and take a deep breath.” Adele said soothingly “I hate him!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “I’m sure he didn’t know.” Maggie suggested “STOP DEFENDING HIM! MAGGIE GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD HE’S SCUM!” She looked hurt, but she needed to understand. No one understood. Did they not know? Could they not see? “Lily, I know your upset, but yelling at us isn’t going to make anything better.” Addy said sounding sympathetic but frustrated “Adele… I…I…” I broke into tears again. Dinner arrived… I was still crying… so I didn’t go down. Maggie and Addy brought me some food though, and a nice warm bottle of butterbeer. “And Remus sent you this, said it would help.” Maggie held out a bar of honeydukes chocolate. I carefully removed the gold wrapper and bit into it. I suddenly felt very warm inside. It felt like all the sadness and pressure came off my shoulders. As if an invisible person was gentling rubbing my back. It felt wonderful, and for the first time in 2 weeks a smile came across my face. I dried my eyes and went over to Maggie and Addy and hugged them. They had been overly patience with me today and I was grateful. Over the next few weeks the pressure of OWLS was beginning to show. Teachers were giving more and more homework and I was to busy to be sad. Remus and I formed an unexplainable bond. He was like the older brother I never had. I trusted him, and I knew I could tell him anything. He had stood up for me, when I needed it most. He set one of his best friends in his place, and I owed him big, I just hoped I could one day be able to repay the debt. There were two people who seemed upset by my friendship with Remus. James was furious for two reasons, one he was mad that his second best mate had betrayed him… and second he was jealous. In result of this, his head inflated to an even larger size and he showed off more. His hair always looked as if he just came off his broom and that stupid little snitch was out more than ever. One day he flew his broom into the great hall and right over Snape’s greasy head. How stupid can you get? McGonagall was on the case instantly and James lost 30 points for Gryffindor and got a weeks worth of detention. The other person I would have never expected to be affected by the green eyed monster. Adele was burning with jealousy too and she did the most unexpected thing in retaliation. She attempted to befriend James… of course we all know that befriending potter and keeping your lunch in your stomach is an impossible task… well unless your a marauder. This friendship didn’t last long… she gave up after a week. He seemed to have no interest in her. I think he actually found her a nuisance. Potter ignored her and walked into her as if he didn’t even see her. Then sometime in February Remus confided a secret in me. We were outside, bundled up and playing in the newly fallen snow. James was busy building a fort of some sort, Sirius was charming snow balls so that they would continuously hit me and Maggie. Adele was somewhere creating what she called snow ice cream. “Remus… is there anyway you can stop these snow balls?” I pleaded “I would but…” “Please?” He stopped building his snowman and pulled out his wand “dejar parado” “Thanks.” “No problem” “Need a hand?” I offered as I began forming a snowball for the head. We worked for a long time until the sky had darkened. I looked up at the moon it was almost full and ever so pretty. Nobody else was anywhere to be seen. “The moon is really pretty tonight isn’t it?” “I guess.” He said almost is disgust. “Is something wrong?” “No… nothing.” “Don’t give me that!” “Seriously…” he said uneasily “You can tell me.” “But there’s nothing wrong.” Something was very wrong though and being the persuasive girl I am I got it out of him. My heart sank when he told me. This guy… this perfect marvelous absolutely wonderful brother like guy had the worst possible secret in the world. “Lily, I’m a werewolf.” At first I didn’t believe it, it couldn’t be true? Could it? I mean werewolves were horrible and hideous. I’d seen pictures of them in Maggie’s “Monster book of monsters” for care of magical creatures. “I’ve never told anyone before… Well sure James, Sirius and Peter know… but they figured it out on their own.” I just stared at him. “Oh no, I knew… I shouldn’t have.” “No, no. It’s ok…” I said shaking a bit. “I thought you would have understood??” he said “I do, I do I’m just taking it all in.” After a moment of complete silence I looked at my furry friend and told him. “Remus, I don’t care what you are. You are still one of the sweetest guys here.” He smiled and all was good. “And, you’re secret is safe with me. You know you can tell me anything.” We went around and gathered sticks for the arms and rocks for the eyes. Our snow man was complete. A week later around midnight I heard an outburst in the common room. “Moony what the heck were you thinking?” James shouted “Are you crazy?” Sirius added “Evans has it in for us!” James yelled even louder I hid in the shadows. “I’m surprised the whole school doesn’t know by now!” “James… Lily doesn’t have it in for us… she has it in for YOU. Notice the hornets didn’t hurt me and Peter.” Remus said coolly “How could you be so stupid!” Sirius’s face was blood red “She knows? Then all of our work for the past 3 years has been wasted Moony! WE FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! And now you’ve gone and ruined it?” “SHE DOESN’T KNOW THAT PART!” Remus yelled “That’s your secret not mine!” I was really curious now… what “secret” were they yelling about? “We’re doing it all to help you! DO YOU REALIZE IF SHE GOES TO DUMBLEDORE WE’RE GONNA GET THROW OUT OF HOGWARTS?” James face was 8 times redder than Sirius’s. “How can she go to Dumbledore when she doesn’t know anything?” “Well she’s knows the first part… so she’ll probably find out the second! Geeze Moony just because the girl of your dreams waltzes in you go and ruin EVERYTHING!” Sirius said angrily “What? Me and Lily? We’re just friends.” “Moony Evans is too pretty to just be friends with… 10 galleons that by this time next month well be catching you two snogging in closets!” James said trying to act calm… it wasn’t working. “It’s not like that… she’s like a sister.” “Sure” Said Sirius winking “but did you really have to GO and tell her THAT just because your crazy about her… and stop denying it! We know you have a crush on Evans, every guy in this school does! It’s just she’s such a little firebolt that nobody can seem to tame her. Until you… notice you’re the only guy she doesn’t spout off at? Look what she does to me and James… she sets hornet on us, uses that muggle defense crap! Even after James retrieves her wand from Bellatrix and selflessly saves her from newts!” “I wouldn’t call that selfless Padfoot” Remus said slyly “I call it perverted” I saw Sirius shake his head in disgust. “Moony it’s her or…” “Don’t even say it James! I’m serious.” “Well what else have you told her? The map? The one eyed witch? The house elves.” James shouted “nothing! God, I told her MY secret! It’s not like I spilled everything about us. I told her MY secret. NOT OUR SECRETS” “It’s only a matter of time… You know I should have kept Adele around longer… just so I could know how much they know.” “James that’s awful.” “She was only spending time with me though cause Lily was spending so much time with you.” “Even so…” “It’s you and Lily who’s causing all the problems.” Peter squeaked “Not you too.” Remus groaned “Yes… me too! I agree with James! I finally figured it out! It took forever! If we blow this… it’s all been wasted. Look I can do it.” He said a little louder than before I peeked around the corner, peter disappeared! Where had he gone? Where could he have gone? What was going on! A few seconds later the little plump man appeared right where he had been before. “See I can do it!” “I know you can... I don’t get what the whole big deal is though…” “WE COULD GET THROWN OUT OF HOGWARTS!” James face was now purple. It looked quite funny really. “…but not if Evans keeps her mouth shut… which is like a 1,000,000 to 1 chance.” Sirius chimed in. “She said she wasn’t going to tell!” “Remus it doesn’t matter if she tells Dumbledore your secret… he already knows that one! But this! Look at this!” My eyes completely deceived me as James slowly transformed into a gorgeous brown stag. He looked so proud, and beautiful. He raced around the room a few seconds, then he changed back into his horrible self. “WE could get chucked out! This is ILLEAGAL!” “James… you might want to keep your voice down… I’m surprised you haven’t woken anyone up yet.” So James was an animagus and from what I had over heard I’m guessing that Sirius and Peter were too. I still didn’t understand though… what did any of this have to do with Remus being a werewolf? I moved my ear slightly closer it was harder to hear now that he had stopped shouting. “Just promise me no more secrets! There’s no telling what Evans will do with them.” Sirius said in a low voice “The only worse person to tell would have been snivilus! I still think you’ve lost your mind moony!” The boys threw something at the fire that made it go out and they headed back up into their dorm. I sat in the hallway trying to comprehend what I had just heard. Every guy in the school has a crush on me? James is an Animagus? I’m a firebolt? James is an Animagus? Remus has a crush on me? (well according to Potter) James is an Animagus? Dumbledore knows about Remus? (Well he seems to know everything.) JAMES IS AN ANIMAGUS?!!?!!?!?!? Now the only question is… how do I use this information? I crawled out of the corner I had made myself so very comfortable in, then stood up and walked down the long hallway that led to my dorm. Maggie, Adele and the three other girls we shared our room with were all asleep. I pulled down my covers and crawled into my bed, and thought about everything I had just heard. First things first… how did gits like Potter, Black, and Peter pull of magic like that? Animagi is the most complicated form of transfiguration… sure James was better at transfiguration than anyone else but still he’s only fifteen even grown wizards can’t do that! It does explain though why Potter is always in the library. After much thought I decided to keep that to myself, I didn’t want to get Remus in trouble. I gritted my teeth… if I wasn’t so nice I could have Potter out of my hair and as far away from here as possible. The one thing that was holding me back was that as much as I HATED AND LOTHED POTTER Remus and him were still mates… “ten galleons that by this time next week we’ll be finding them snogging in closet.” Sirius was such a little perv. Both him and James… which is all the more reason to go to Dumbledore… no I can’t! I owe it to Remus. I can’t believe they think this… does every guy? Why did they call me a firebolt? AND WHAT DO THE MEAN TAME ME! The thought of that made me furious. I am not a lion… well I’m in Gryffindor but that’s not the point… I don’t need taming! Everything I do to them they deserve, but guys talk? Is that why most guys don’t seem interested in me… are guys afraid of me? I tossed and turned all night… ideas forming in my head… not knowing what was true… and what I should believe. And when I finally fell asleep and I dreamed more than I wanted to. It started off Addy and I were flying on a hippogriff… and then out of jealousy she pushed me off… …I fell… I landed in a dark place, I moved my hands and felt around trying to figure out where I was. I felt something long and cold in front of me. When the darkness faded and lights began to shine I realized I was in a cage and I was frightened. Then I heard someone laugh… I spun around and it was Sirius. He was on the outside of the cage holding a whip. Sensing my fear he laughed harder. He hit me with the whip and everything in the room began spinning. When the spinning stopped I wasn’t in the cage anymore… the bars were gone, but it was still cramped. There wasn’t any light. I felt around, I could feel hard and soft things. Then my hand finally hit a switch. Lights came on and I was in a closet… Remus was sitting on the other side. It was awkward… just like I knew it would be. Nervously I got up and flung open the door… …I was on Hogwarts quidditch field. And James was up above flying on his broom. He flew down to the ground and began to walk toward me. He messed up his hair and pulled out the stupid snitch, when he was a few yards away he put it back in his pocket. “It’s just you and me babe.” I looked around and he was right. It dawned on me that this was the first time I had ever been alone… with just him. He was closer now. “It’s you and me babe. That’s how it will always be” He was just a reach away. “When the cookie crumbles… well still be together.” I still remained silent. I didn’t understand. “Forever.” He leaned closer, put his mouth to mine and kissed me. He wrapped his hand around my waist. I didn’t pull back… His kiss surprisingly soft, and warm. It made me happy and… Then I woke up. I tried recalling what I had just dreamt, but it was fuzzy. I had a mix of emotions. Pain, fear, nervousness, and most of all a happy warmth, all four swirled inside me. The more time that went on the less I could recall the dream… I fell back to sleep. When I re awoke the next morning I couldn’t remember anything from it at all. Just the feelings. That morning at breakfast I was talking with Addy and Maggie. We talked about nothing in particular… grades, quidditch, etc. Then the marauders came and sat by us. James sat across from me and for the first time I didn’t groan or just get up and move. I didn’t insult him and I didn’t snarl a nasty remark… what I did surprised me. “Good morning James.” I said. WHERE HAD THAT COME FROM? I was polite to him, and I called him James? “Goodmorning hotstuff, hows my favorite little red head? You know if I had created the alphabit I’d put U and I…” “Oh shove it Potter.” I said as I dumped my milk on his head. I was over my temporary insanity. Thing were back to normal. The war was still on. “Thank you Evans! THAT’s JUST WHAT I WANTED.” “de nada” I stuck my tongue out and skipped down the halls. “If I was you prongs I’d steer clear of her.” I heard Sirius say “It’s gonna be me and her.” James replied I turned around and I saw him mouth to me the word ‘Forever’ Now where had I heard that before? I had no idea. END OF CHAPTER 10!! *~Authors note.~* Ok I kinda broke the Lily and James hate slightly during the dream… but remember that LILY DOES NOT REMEMBER THE DREAM. This chapter is 3x the size of my usual chapter. Which is your reward for helping me break 100 reviews. I gave Lily what is known as the "guy friend" let me tell you girls if you don't have one... you should get one. Mine is the gratest! He's always there for me. And girls never start to date your guuy friend when you break up your not as close as you once were. But I luv my dude like a brother and we get along great. I luv you all! *Jeannie

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