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Hermione boarded the train with her band and four best friends. This summer had been different from others, with her new intrest in music.  Ginny was the drummer, a Gryffindor Sasha was the bassist, a Ravenclaw Brian was the lead singer and lead guitar, And Hermione was the background singer and the other guitar player. The band was called Nighttime. Hermione was the person who usually wrote the songs but sometimes had help. They also used muggle music for special occasions. Brian pulled out his guitar and Hermione followed, they started to play while everyone else relaxed in the seats.

This year Ginny and Hermione were a little different. Hermione's usually bushy hair was sleak and soft and almost to her butt. Her wardobe consisted of mostly skinny jeans and hats. She loved hats. Every tee shirt she own was black and she always had a woven necklace around her neck. Ginny had cut her hair short and had taken up the tomboy look. She was beautiful still though. The baggy jeans and longed sleeved shirts fit her well. While residing at the Borrow they had both taken up the bad habbit of being very lazy. Hermione didn't care much for her grades this year and they most of the time didnt take no for an answer. In Ron and Harry's opinion both of their voices were booming louder than before and they were not in favor of it. And when they weren't yelling they were blasting the stereo or playing their wretched instruments. They both had learned quick that it didn't matter how late at night it was, never to touch the volume of the radio. Harry hadn't been as dumb as Ron on the event that Ron unplugged the amp. They still loved the girls, it just took some getting used to. 

Back in the compartment Hermione stopped playing to fix the tune on her acoustic. Brian’s fingers barley brushed the strings as he dragged his hand over them with his head back. Ginny stood and reached up to get her bag, she pulled it down and began rummaging trough it. She pulled out her board and a screw driver and started to play with the wheels. Sasha reached into her pocket and was about to pull out her iPod when the compartment door slid open. Draco Malfoy stood there with his hair falling into his eyes and a smirk playing on his lips.

“What is that ridicules piece of crap in you’re lap, Mud blood.” He sneered at her. Hermione looked up at him and kept on tuning. She wasn’t paying attention to what her hands were doing any longer, she just glared up at him while her fingers spun the knob round and round.

“Get out of here Malfoy.” Said Ginny.

“Don’t speak to me Weaslette.” He hissed back not taking his eyes off of Hermione.

“Don’t tell me what to do you filthy arrogant pig.” She retorted.

“Why you insuff-“ But Malfoy was cut off by a snapping sound, a crash and a swear. Hermione had not been paying attention to her string and it had broke in half, flew back and whipped her hand which was now bleeding, she had them flipped her guitar over onto the floor in surprise and sworn. All eyes were now on her. Hermione stared at her guitar and then at Malfoy.
"Do you know how expensive that is!?" She then darted for him. 

Malfoy took a step back and Brian grabbed Hermione’s waste. Malfoy started to laugh and Hermione broke free from Brian’s grasp and landed a punch right below Malfoy’s eye. He stumbled backwards onto the floor and the whole compartment broke out in laughter. Hermione spit on him before she slammed the door shut.

After the laughter died down Sasha spoke. “You know he’s going to try to get you back.” She said.

“Yeah I wanna see him try” Hermione replied and rubbed her slightly bleeding hand. They all laughed and went back to what they had been doing before Malfoy had rudely interrupted them.

The train slowly stopped and the four stood and reached for their belongings. They each tumbled out of the door with at least five bags each. Brian and Hermione were carrying all of the band equipment while Sasha and Ginny were carrying everyone’s personal stuff. There wasn’t enough room for all of them to go together with all of their stuff so Hermione and Brian took the band stuff in one carriage while Ginny and Sasha took the rest in another.

They unloaded and dragged their stuff to the Entrance Hall. Brian dropped his guitar case and sighed. Sasha threw the last of the stuff into the pile and plopped down onto an amp. People were staring at the way Ginny was dressed and Ginny gave them the finger. "Damn first years." She muttered under her breath.

“We have too much stuff.” Said Ginny and they all nodded in agreement before standing and making their way towards the Great Hall. Hermione had a strange feeling she was forgetting something but brushed it off.

The four walked into the doors and Hermione tripped Brian. They all laughed and when he stood he playfully pushed her and she tripped him again. Draco stood over by the Slytherin table and watched them, wishing he could have what they had. He sighed and took his Head boy badge out of his pocket and pinned it to the front of his robes, wondering who the head girl was.

Brian left the three girls to go sit at his house table while the girls went to meet Harry and Ron. When they reached them Ginny kissed Harry and Ron hugged Sasha. Hermione, for just a moment, was a bit jealous of the girls. They had wonderful boyfriends and she had no one. She smiled a fake smile and sat down with them.

Dumbledore stood and the Hall fell silent. He smiled. “Welcome new and welcome back to the old! I would like to introduce the new teacher this year.” He said waving his arm behind him. Tonks stood and smiled to the school. “Our new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher.” Dumbledore said and Tonks sat back down. “I would also like to introduce our Heads this year.” Hermione froze were she was. She remembered then. “Shit” She breathed. “From Slytherin, Draco Malfoy!” The Slytherin table cheered loudly and Draco stood up and smirked at the rest of the school. Everyone else clapped politely. “And from Gryffindor” The rest of the school clapped loudly while the Slytherins glared. “Miss Hermione Granger.” Only five people stared at her in astonishment while everyone else clapped loudly as if they were all expecting it. Hermione slowly stood avoiding the stares coming at her. “Dig in” Dumbledore shouted with a twinkle in his eye.

Hermione sat down again and started to eat. “Why did you tell us?” Sasha asked.

“I forgot.”

“How could you forget?”

“It wasn’t important”

“This is important.”

“Its not.”

“It is”

Hermione slammed her fist onto the table and stood. “I don’t want to be Head Girl, its just another step to becoming who I was last year and all of the years before that. I don’t want to be smart and looked up to and I don’t want to be Head Girl but I have to be.” She stormed from the out of the Great Hall, her hair flying behind her the whole way. Ginny and Sasha looked at each other. “She’ll calm down.” Harry said.

Across the room Draco sat astonished at what he had just heard. "Granger, not wanting to be smart." He mumbled to himself, a little amused by it. 'She bores me.' He thought to himself and went back to not thinking about her.

Hermione stormed though the halls and up to the Head common room. She realized she didn’t know the password. A small piece of parchment, tied with a purple ribbon, appeared in her hand. Hermione opened it. 

‘Good evening Ms. Granger,
Im sorry that you could not stay longer at the Great Feast this year.
Your portrait is set so that you can pick your password after only 
two knocks on the bottom of it. 
Also, you will find a kitchen inside of your common room. 
Make sure to feed yourself!

Hermione looked up at the portrait. It was of an old maid. Hermione knocked on the bottom of the frame twice and the maid's eyes opened. "Password?" She had a thick accent. 
"Fattore." Hermione spoke clearly to the lady on the wall and she swung open. 

The Common Room had an earthy theme, with greens, browns, and tans. Its not something Hermione would have picked out herself but she enjoyed it still. On opposite walls were two plaques with her and Draco's names written in curvy handwritting. She opened the door with 'Hermione Granger' writte on it. Everything was black laced with gold. This is more was she perferred. All of her stuff was neatly piled in the corner. She walked over to it, shrugging off her robes and laying them on the bed on the way. Guitar pics were the first thing she grabbed. The second was her acoustic. Hermione noticed that her missing string had been replaced. She'd have to thank Brian.

Hermione moved back into the Common Room and onto one of the dark brown sofas. She slid her shoes off and curled up to be warm since the fire wasnt going. The moments dragged on as she tuned her guitar. Her stomach growled but she was much too lazy to get up tp get something. And much too cold. 

More time passed and she was growing bored. Hermione began to play a song she had made up in the summer. One she hadn't been too fond of. It had no lyrics and so she just started to sing, putting words that felt like they should go together with her music. Draco walked in at that moment but Hermione was oblivious. At first he only listened to her soft voice matching the guitar's volume then he started to move through the Common Room silently towards his room.

Hermione let the sound fade out. She put her guitar onto the floor and laid her head down on the sofa. This is where she would sleep tonight.  Draco still stood there unnoticed, he watched as long silky strands of hair fell into her eyes as she drifted off to sleep. He didn’t know why he did it but he then conjured a blanket and laid it over Hermione and walked into his room.

A/N: Hello everybody! I wrote this story when I was young and now my writing skills are better in my opinion so I am rewriting the whole story. It will still have the same plot lines and same events to occur. I just hate reading stories with poor writing styles and I dont want anyone to experience that on my story! Please enjoy the new version. Im sorry if the whole thing takes some time to get up but I am trying to go fast and to finish the story! Thank you for reading.

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