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A/N I know that I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters. I wish I did thought. You probably wish you did too. If I am wrong, you may hold it agensed me, but please, don't hold it agensed the story.

Confessions of a Teenage Ron
Chapter One:
What Lavender was Doing

The end of the year was coming fast. The trio was in their seventh year at Hogwarts. They had just finished off Voldemort. The day after the whole school was having a party in the Great Hall. It was much like the yule ball only not very dressy.

Ron and Lavender had been on and off during this year. Ron was having problems sleeping at night too. He had loved Hermione since he saved her from the troll. 'Why am I going out with Lavender?' he thought. 'Tomorrow I will explain to her that I love someone else and can't ask here to the dance because it wouldn't seem right. Yes that works.'

Ron tried to get some sleep that night but he couldn't. He kept having dreaming of Lavender storming away and Hermione already taken. He woke up in a sweat twice and crying once!

"Ron" Lavender called, "I have been looking all over for you!"

"Is everything alright?" Asked Ron like he really didn't care, witch, he didn't.

"Well, um, no actually." she replied. "I can't watch the last Quiddtich match. I am really sorry. I promised Tracy that I would visit her in the hospital wing on that day." Lavender was lying through her teeth but Ron didn't know that and really did not care. "Are you even listening to me?"

"Hum? What? Oh, oh yeah. Of course." He said. The truth was that he wasn't and was staring at Hermione. Her beautiful puffy brown hair, and her warn chocolate colored eyes.

"Then what did I just say?" She asked, knowing that he wasn't listening at all.

"A, something about not seeing me in the last Quiddtich match." Came a dreamy response from Ron.

"Good. So I will see you after the Game right?" She asked.

"Yeah. It should be over by five. I will see you in the common room then. Bye Purple." Lavender had enforced pet names. Since her name was Lavender, or another shade of purple, that was her pet name.

"O-K then. Bye Won-Won!" said Lavender, and they went their different ways.

'At least Hermione will be at the match. She can watch me save every goal!' Ron thought. 'That is who I want to be there!'

The Quiddtich match went just as Ron thought! He saved every goal that came his way! Every time he did so he looked up at Hermione and saw her cheering louder than ever! This made him try harder to save the goals each time too.

The match was over in an hour and a half; an hour earlier than Ron's guess. He was the first person in the common room, and the only one too. Or so he thought! Ron looked over and saw Dean snogging someone. He didn't realize who until he came up for air, not even noticing Ron.

"Lavender?" Blurted out Ron, "I thought that you were in the hospital wing with Tracy!"

"I was, and then Dean and I set up a privet time for snogging! We wanted to be alone for while and, well he doesn't like Quiddtich anymore and really, I don't either. Do you have a problem with that?" Lavender Burst. Along with that tipped Ron over the edge.

"No! No, I don't have a problem with that!" Ron said, and it was perfectly true too. " As long as you don't have a problem with this: We are over! We are getting off the roller coaster that is us and we will never get on again!"

"Fine by me! Now who do you have to snog now, huh? Are you going to cry to your little Mudblood friend?" Lavender said.

"O-K, maybe I do like Hermione, but I never cheated on you! Now I really don't care! I will ask her out now that I am free from you! Oh yeah, and if you ever call her a Mudblood again, you will regret it the rest of your life!" Ron finished. To him that really felt good! Lavender just said O-K in her nasty tone and went back to Dean.

Ron went back up to his dormitory and started scribbling on a piece of parchment:

Dear Hermione,
Meet me by the lake for lunch today. Don't show this to Harry, I will tell him something. I want to ask you something then but I want it to be the two of us.
The next morning before breakfast he gave the letter to Pig to give to Hermione at breakfast. Ron hoped that he could trust Pig. At breakfast he did well. The letter was only a bit big for him.

A/N:I know that it is a short Chapter, but I already sent in the next chapter! Please Review! I really want to know what you think of my first story! I probably need a lot of help! Pweeese (as my brother would put it, LOL)review ! now i don't even care about reviews, just finish the rest of the story! i only have one more chappy to put in! i have 600 reads for the first chapter and only 75 of those 600 finished reading it so far!!!! i am really diapointed! br />

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