He was staring at the ceiling thinking about horcruxes when an owl he didn't recognize, though it reminded him of a school owl, tapped his window. He frowned and turned over and looked at the clock, it read 12:30. "Whose owl comes at midnight!" he thought to himself as he jumped off his bed to open the window. As soon as he grabbed the letter the owl flew off away from Pivet Drive. He opened it and it said;


Report to your headmistress immediately


He reread it and understood. This letter was a code that was telling him he had to go to Grimwauld Place, the Order's Headquarters, from Lupin but couldn't help but think that Lupin was a little thick. How was he supposed to get there, he didn't have floo powder, and he couldn't apparate yet, so what was he supposed to do, fly and have muggles stare at him as he did? No sooner had he thought this when suddenly Moody apparated right into his room.

Harry toppled over his bed in shock and Moody, seemingly oblivious to Harry, had started staring around the room.

" Good, good, no one must have intercepted the owl, those idiots. Sending a letter telling any dark wizard where Harry is going to go, and then trying to tell me it's in code. Don't take a genius to decipher some code, they coulda cracked the code in 5 seconds if you ask me, Harry coulda died ‘cause they think a little code will throw off dark wizards, just ‘cause they're dark don't mean they're stupid."

Harry listened to his rant before he interrupted. "Uh sir what are you doing here"

Moony snapped back towards Harry letting his magical eye wander around the room still. "Well I wasn't going to apparate outside of your house then knock like they tried to tell me to do, polite my ass, if I did that and then a dark wizard saw me, well he would have apparated right to Harry's room and killed him"

Harry dared to interrupt again. "uh sir?"

Moody glanced at Harry and snapped "No time for questions, got your trunk packed I see, (Harry had never bothered unpacking it), good we're off"

Before Harry knew what happened Moody had taken his hand and apparated him in the middle of a street that he did not recognize. Suddenly a door appeared in the middle of the two houses Harry was standing in front of. Then as the door was revealed Moody pushed Harry towards the door and Harry hesitantly opened the door. As Harry was pushed inside by Moody, whose magical eye was whirling wildly about roaming for spies, or just innocent muggles that might happen to be looking out their windows, Harry gasped. He was pushed inside further as Moody slammed the door shut.

The house was huge and dusty. There were no screeching portraits, or dark objects that could be seen or heard, but it reminded him very much of Sirius's house. The entrance hall Harry was standing in had a high ceiling, with a huge green musty carpet covering the floor, and a few paintings of flowers which were slighting swaying in the breeze on the wall. It was pretty nice but also looked very under furnished. To his left and right he saw two plain wooden doors.

"Where are we sir?" Harry questioned finally finding his voice.

Moody raised an eyebrow at him as if he just had an idea that angered him before responding snappishly "What's your cousin's name?"

"What?" Harry asked shocked, turning around to face the frowning man.

"You heard me, now answer the question, or I'll show you no mercy dark wizard."

"It's Dudley" said Harry quickly noticing Moody's right hand pulling out his wand.

"Hmph so you are Harry"

"Yes!" Harry said agitated. "Now where are we?"

Moody stuffed his wand back into his packet and answered.

"Owlong Place, it's the new headquarters. Could use a few more protective spells, but it's hidden well enough."

Harry furrowed his brow not understanding. "But if Grimwauld Place was better protected, why did we switch headquarters?"

Moody was not a patient man and snapped his response ready to move on from stupid questions. "Use your head boy! We now know Snape works for Voldermort, and Snape knows all about Sirius's place. We couldn't stay there, we would have had death eaters attacking it constantly."

Harry blinked and didn't realize why he hadn't figured this out sooner, but embarrassed for his slowness quickly changed topic.

"Where is Ron and Hermione?" Harry asked.

"Hold on., didn't that ruddy letter tell you anything? Go to McGonagall she's in that room right there" replied Moody before running off.

Harry was suddenly full of dread as he entered the room. He knew this was going to be about Dumbledore, and right on cue McGonagall said "Sit down Mr. Potter, we need to talk, and yes it's about Dumbledore."

Harry slowly sank into an armchair in front of McGonagall and shifted uncomfortably. He did not want to talk about Dumbledore. He quickly noticed the hearth, desk, and homey chairs and sofas in the room and wondered how many rooms were furnished and how many weren't.

"We really do need to know what he was talking to you about before he died."

Harry could feel anger boil up inside, he had already told them that this was HIS mission. Dumbledore told him not to tell anyone but Ron and Hermione and that was what he was going to do. Not bothering to hide all his anger he replied,

"I told you, I can't tell you! Dumbledore trusted me with this mission, not you. I really do think I should leave now."

And with that he walked out of the room not bothering to glance back at McGonagall who was leaning back sadly. She had been unofficially elected as the new leader of the Order, and she couldn't even find out what one of the most important missions Dumbledore had started was even about!

Harry was just coming out of the room when he bumped into Mrs. Weasley.

"Oh hello Harry, Ron is in the basement if you are looking for him. The stairs are behind that door."

"Thanks Mrs. Weasley" Harry said as he ran off to the basement which was nothing but a big dark room with two little rooms attached to it, both with closed doors.

There he saw Ron who was playing cards with Ginny under a faint light that was coming from a wand that was lying on the ground near them. At the sight of Ginny Harry tensed. She was still beautiful and his heart was thumping harder as he looked at her, but at the same time attempting to look away from Ginny. He wasn't having any success until Ron turned his head and broke into a grin as he saw Harry.

"Hey mate!" Ron's greeting snapped Harry out of his thoughts about Ginny and replied

"Nice to see you, so what are you doing down in the basement?... Oh No! Don't tell me we are supposed to clean this place!" Harry said now extremely worried as he looked around at the mountains of dust and cobwebs, not to mention all the little creatures probably living down there. Ron and Ginny broke out laughing at Harry's expression.

"Nah, actually they finally gave us a real job, we're guarding!" said Ron beaming.

"Yeah, guarding a door" said Ginny a little put off.

"Well what's behind the door?" asked Harry.

"They won't tell us, only said to guard it!" Ginny pouted.

Harry frowned at this, he hated people keeping information from him. Ron looked at his watch and smiled.

"Hey our shift is up!" said Ron.

"Good, I'm tired" said Ginny yawning and then collecting the cards.

The three of them headed up the stairs chatting about Quidditch when they heard Kingsley Shacklebolt's voice from the kitchen. They all stopped talking and paused outside the door trying to listen.

"Mark my words, that boy is going to be awake tomorrow, I checked on him before supper and he was sleeping but conscious, we need that list of questions by tomorrow, actually it's 1:15 so later today. We only have a little Veritaserum so they have to be good"

He kept talking but the three teenagers had heard footsteps coming from another room heading towards the basement to do their guard shift and so they rushed up to the third level of the house where the bedrooms were not wanting to be caught spying.

Ginny followed Harry and Ron into their bedroom and as soon as the door got shut they all looked at each other then started talking.

"Who were they talking about?"

"They said questions, do you think that the person knows about Voldermort? Don't cringe Ron!"

"Why are they only waking up now?"

"Could it be a death eater?"

"Maybe it's a muggle"

"I bet Hermione could figure it out" finished Ron.

Harry had totally forgotten about Hermione.

"Where is she?" asked Harry.

"At home, she said she'd apparate here tomorrow though" replied Ginny.

After that they all fell silent and Ginny left to go to her bedroom. Harry felt a pang of regret at this, he had wanted Ginny to stay, but said nothing. Both boys feel asleep Harry thinking about Ginny, and Ron, well he was thinking about waffles.

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