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Chapter 4

Draco couldn’t help himself anymore; he took off the invisibility charm, the untouchable charm, and the silencing charm. He had been watching Faye lay unconsciously and bleeding on her bed. She stirred twice only to fall unconscious again. He walked to Faye slowly and touched her for the first time. He pushed the stringy and blood caked hair away from her face. Draco had been quietly stalking Faye for about a month and had never touched her.

“Faye,” he said quietly. “Faye, wake up,” he didn’t want to use magic to wake her up because his magic could be easily traced by Voldemort or even Order members. So, he shook her lightly.

Faye stirred; her eyes opened slowly and she looked up at him with fearful, unfocused eyes.

“Faye?” he repeated.

“Who are you?” she mumbled trying to sound threatening.

“It doesn’t matter. Are you alright?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know,” Faye replied still eyeing him. She kept blinking and staring unsurely up at him.

“Can I ask what happened?” he asked as his blonde hair fell into his eyes.

“I’m not supposed to tell,” she said and turned her head from him, only to watch him suspiciously out of the corner of her eyes.

“I understand,” he nodded.

“Is my head bleeding?” she asked after a few moments of silence.

Draco helped her sit up and parted her hair to find the source of blood. She had small cut above her ear. There was much more blood on her than what could come from her small wound. The thought that some of this blood was not Faye’s crossed Draco’s mind, but he ignored it.

“Yes, it’s bleeding. But, you’re going to be OK,” he said sitting next to Faye.

“Are you a magic person, too?” she asked suddenly.

“Um, yes,” he replied.

“Are you going to hurt me?” she asked fearfully and moved away from

“No, I’m here to protect you,” he half lied.

“Well, you’re doing a lousy job,” she muttered, looking away from him.

“It’s complicated,” Draco sighed.

“You’re lucky I’m weak, I would have attacked you when you woke me up,” Faye stated.

“I have a wand,” he replied simply.

“I feel very dizzy. How much blood do you think I lost?” Faye asked.

“Probably not much. It’s just a small cut. But, here,” he said and took out his wand. He didn’t care if his magic was traced anymore. Voldemort wouldn’t mind Draco keeping Faye alive.

Faye eyed his wand suspiciously. After he healed the cut on her head, he healed the smaller ones on her hands, arms, and legs. He skipped over the cuts Faye had made herself. She watched him as he healed her, and she was unfazed by the use of magic.

“Why didn’t you heal my arm?” Faye asked quietly.

“You put them there, so I figured you wanted them there,” Draco shrugged. He knew that wasn’t the case.

“Heal it, please,” she whispered, staring at the cuts.

Draco did and when he finished he pushed up his sleeve to show Faye his Dark Mark. She gasped and ran her hand over it. “It’s just like mine!” she said.

“Yes, it is,” he replied.

“But, you can’t see mine,” Faye said looking at him strangely.

“Actually, I can,” he said.

“Why? What is it?” she asked.

“I’ll explain everything another time. Go to sleep. You have school in the morning, and you didn’t finish your math homework,” Draco said.

“How do you -“ she started to ask in astonishment, but Draco shushed her and made her lie down. He covered her with her comforter as she stared at him strangely. Then, he waited for her to fall asleep.

He waited impatiently for Faye’s alarm clock to go off at 5:30. He had put all three of his charms back on after Faye fell asleep. When the time came, Faye woke up with her alarm’s first ring. She sat up, turned on her light, and looked around her room. When she saw nothing out of the ordinary, she searched in her closet and even under her bed. Draco smirked knowing she was looking for him.

“Crazy dream,” Faye said to herself, looking at her healed arm and feeling where her head injury was. Draco quickly removed his charms and when Faye turned around she was face to face with him. “Oh!” she said, looking shocked.

“Good morning,” Draco smiled.

“Yeah, right,” Faye rolled her eyes. She turned back to her closet and began looking through her clothes. She pulled out a pink T-shirt.

“You wore that last week,” Draco stated in a bored voice. “The brown shirt looks better on you anyways.”

Faye turned slowly to him. She gave him a suspicious look. “OK stalker, what’s your name?”

“Draco Malfoy,” he stated.

“Like the dragon?” she smirked.

“Yeah, just like the dragon,” he laughed.

“And, what are you doing here?” she pressed.

“To protect you,” he replied a little less sure of himself.

“Yeah, but you let me get hurt by- him,” Faye sighed.

“Like I said last night, it’s complicated,” he sighed.

“Complicated how?” she questioned as she pulled jeans out of her dresser.

“It’ll take more that forty-five minutes to explain everything,” he said
looking at the clock.

“I wont go to school,” she stated simply.

“You have finals coming up. And, there’s only four more days of school. You’re going,” Draco stated forcefully.

“Excuse me for a moment,” Faye said smugly as she exited the room. She walked down the hallway into the bathroom and shut the door. Draco heard her vomit into the toilet. She came out of the bathroom and called out “Mummy?” in a shaky voice. “I threw up.”

“Alright, go back to bed,” came her mother’s tired reply from her bedroom.

Faye went back to her bedroom and locked the door. Draco put a silencing charm on the room. He didn’t know how she would react to the facts.

“You’re bad,” Draco laughed.

“I try,” Faye shrugged.

They sat cross- legged across from each other on Faye’s floor.

“OK, so explain yourself,” Faye demanded.

“I’ll start with some basic facts,” Draco said and then told her about the magical world.

“So, you’re a wizard?!” she asked excitedly.

“Yes, and you’re a witch,” he smiled.

“I’m a WHAT?!” she screeched.

“I’ll explain that later. That man that was here last night is one of the most powerful and feared wizards of all times. About twenty years ago he was causing a lot of panic among the- good people. He had many followers called Death Eaters. And, their main goal was to kill all muggles, non-magic people, and all mudbloods, half blood witches and wizards. Basically, anyone who wasn’t pure blooded magic. His followers willingly took the mark that you and I have. I know you didn’t willingly take it, but everyone else did.”

“Even you?” Faye asked, looking hurt.

“Yeah, more about that later,” Draco looked at the carpet and
continued. “His followers never revealed their identity to anyone. But if they are caught, they are put in prison. Believe me, wizard prison is much worse than muggle prison. Anyways, there was a- good side called The Order of the Phoenix, led by my school’s last Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. They were no threat to the
Dark Lord.”

“Wow. Obviously, that monster didn’t win, though,” Faye said, interested.

“No. Because about seventeen years ago, that monster was at the home of James and Lily Potter. They were two Order members. They were killed, and then the Dark Lord turned on their baby and tried to kill him. The curse backfired and struck the Dark Lord. It did not kill him but left him in a form that not many know of. The curse backfired because Lily died protecting the baby and her love was stronger than any magic.”

“Aww,” Faye sighed.

“That baby is now our age. His name is Harry Potter and he is my school enemy.”


“Well, we just don’t get along. Mostly because I’m on the Dark Lord’s side and he’s on the Order’s side.”

“Why are you on his side?” Faye questioned, giving him a nasty look.

“It’s a family thing and it’s irrelevant,” Draco brushed off the question. He did not know the answer. “I am one of the Death Eaters and my task was to come and watch you. I’ve been invisible, untouchable, and silent for the past month. I have never once left your side. Except for last night. I am supposed to be protecting you from the Order. While now I realize that you needed to be protected from the Dark Lord. I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright... I guess. But, why does he want me?” Faye rested her hand on Draco’s knee.

“You were adopted from a muggle orphanage, but you had magical parents. He killed your parents, who were Order members, and hid your powers from Albus Dumbledore. He wanted to train you to be his successor. The Dark Lord says that you have great power within you, and he wanted to teach you Dark magic. But, then he disappeared because of Harry Potter until about two years ago. He stole blood from Harry, a hand from a faithful follower, and a bone from his dead father. With those ingredients he was able to make a potion to return him to the form he has now. He ordered the murder of Dumbledore soon after and Dumbledore was killed almost three months ago. So, the Dark Lord is most powerful, once again.”

“This is horrible! I don’t want to take after him!” Faye cried out.

“I know. I can see that. But, what we’re going to do now, I don’t know,” Draco said slowly. He was still fighting with the thought of turning on the Dark Lord and his family to save Faye.

“Wait, so you’re a good guy now?” Faye asked looking at him hopefully.

“Uh, well, I’m not sure yet,” he stammered.

“Since I’m a witch I can make you do good things,” Faye joked feebly.

“The Imperius Curse. Faye, did the Dark Lord make you do things?” Draco asked, a concerned expression on his face.

“Yeah, but I can’t talk about it. Now, you know almost everything about me. I need to get to know you,” Faye changed the subject.

Draco nodded and understood that that was a sensitive topic and let the subject change. “I am almost seventeen. I attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when I was eleven until just recently. But, I was involved with the death of my Headmaster, so I’m most likely not going back for my last year. My father, Lucius Malfoy, and mother, Narcissa, are both from wealthy pureblood families. They, like me, are Death Eaters. Umm... I don’t know what else to tell you.”

“What’s your favorite color?” Faye questioned.

“Silver,” he answered with a small grin.

“Me too! Favorite food?”




“Ew. Song?”

“‘Dance Like a Hippogriff’”

“A what?” Faye raised an eyebrow.

“Magical creature,” Draco laughed.

“Favorite article of clothing that you own?” Faye laughed with him.

“Silky boxers.”


“You asked.”

“True. What’s your reputation at school? While you attended, I mean.”

“Slytherin Sex- god.”

“You wish. What’s Slytherin?”

“The school is divided into four houses based on morals and personality. Slytherin is one of them,” Draco explained.

“Oh. So, what did you do to earn that title? Or did you just make it up now?” Faye teased.

“What do you think?” he chuckled.

“Yeah, uh-huh, OK. I bet you never snogged a girl before,” Faye challenged.

“I have. You sure like to challenge people,” Draco observed.

“What do you mean?” Faye didn’t understand.

“I’ve seen you challenge people many times while I have been following you. You’re always making people prove themselves, or cause a fight. I was there yesterday during your fight,” he explained.

“I didn’t fight her,” Faye defended.

“Good, because I wouldn’t have healed those wounds,” he smirked.

“Thanks for that,” she said quietly.

“It’s no problem. I’ve formed a brotherly attachment to you. That’s probably why I’m so open with you. That and I’m really stupid for making this risk,” he confided and shook his head.

“Thanks for that, too,” Faye grinned.

“So, what’s your favorite animal?” Draco quizzed.



“Rice Krispy Treats.”

“What are those?” he asked.

“Only the most yummiest food ever,” she declared.

“OK. Favorite article of clothing?”

“I don’t like clothes. I’d rather be nude,” she joked.

“No, I’ve been here a month and I have not seen any nakedness, thank Merlin,” he laughed.

“Well, maybe it was while you were asleep,” Faye suggested.

“I slept during your classes and while you were sleeping,” he answered.

“I like laughing with you,” Faye stated suddenly.

“So do I. I’ve never laughed like that with my friends from school. They
were always easily offended. Plus, I was a stuck up prat and I knew it,” Draco said.

“Let’s be friends,” Faye offered.

“Definitely,” Draco agreed.

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