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[[Disclaimer:: I own nothing. If I did, do you think I'd be wasting my time on fanfiction sites? Everything you recognize belongs to the fabulous JK Rowling, anything else is mine. Thanks for reading :].]]

{A/N:: Thank you to my main reviewers for this story:: a_shooting_star, LovelyMioneWeasley, ravenclawqueen522, Playfan505, Redheads_4ever, dreamseeker, FleurWeasley, Redheads_sis, dance10191, Kimberly, 'Mione, Michelle, and presi. If I missed you, I'm sorry!

"Do you have everything?" Lily Evans' mother, Marie Evans, asked for about the twentieth time.

"Yes, mum," Lily replied, giving her mother a kiss and proceeding to board the Hogwarts express. "Stop worrying. It's not like I've been through this six times before or anything."

Marie Evans smiled at her daughter and watched her board the train for the last time. She got a bit teary as she stepped back to watch the train chug away.

Lily dragged her trunk through the narrow aisles of the train until she found the compartment that her friends occupied.

"Jade! Rose!" Lily pulled her trunk into the compartment and attacked her two best friends with hugs.

"Lily!" They both exclaimed. They hadn't been able to correspond much with their best friend over the summer. She lived in a muggle neighborhood and it would seem suspicious if too many owls were flooding in and out of her house.

The tiny red head took a seat next to Jade and looked out the window at the countryside zooming by.

"Have you seen the Marauders?" Jade asked, giggling madly. Lily rolled her eyes with a smile. Out of the three girls, Jade was the only one with a soft spot for Sirius Black, James Potter, and Remus Lupin. Peter Pettigrew made the group a foursome, but he wasn't like the other three. He was untalented, pudgy, and just plain annoying.

"Could we please not talk about bigheaded Potter and his followers?" Lily begged. It was enough that she had to suffer from Potter asking her out every chance he got; he'd been doing it since 2nd year. She didn't want to have to listen to Jade obsess over him.

"Oh, I forgot," Jade said with a giggle. "Lily's sensitive in the Potter department."

"Did I hear my name, ladies?" Just then, James Potter and his three friends glided into the compartment and took seats next to the three girls, Peter Pettigrew sitting slowly in a corner.

"Go out with me, Evans?" James asked, wrapping his arm around Lily's neck.

"Get off me, Potter!" She lifted his arm off of her shoulder in disgust and scooted closer to Remus.

"Ooh, seems Lil Miss Evans has a thing for our very own Moony," Sirius crooned.

"Shut up, Black," Lily snapped, narrowing her emerald eyes. "Anyone's better than Potter. Well, besides maybe YOU!"

He placed his hand over his heart and placed an expression of hurt on his handsome face. "That hurt, Evans. I thought we were friends!"

"The day I become friends with you or Potter," Lily said coldly, "or go out with him for that matter, is the day pigs fly!" With that, she fled from the compartment.

"Should I go see what's wrong?" Rose asked, beginning to rise from her seat.

"No," Jade said running her hands through her flowing, black hair. "She'll get over it soon."

The group was used to Lily's anger at the Marauder’s expense. It was no secret that she hated Sirius and James. She was friends with Remus and Peter, but she couldn't stand the other two.

Sirius stole a glance at Jade. She looked very much like him. She had big gray eyes, and long black hair. She was tall, and thin with beautiful pale skin.

James then threw a wad of paper at Sirius' head and gave a cough. The whole compartment had noticed that he was staring at Jade. He smirked and wrapped his arm around her waist. "Well, your friend won't go out with James. Will you go out with me, Jade?"

She smiled and scooted closer to him. "It'd be your honor."

Everyone around them rolled their eyes in disgust. It was only a matter of time before those two got together. It was no secret that they'd liked each other since their third year. They just hadn't expected it to happen so fast.

"I think I'm going to go look for her," James said suddenly, rising from his seat.

"What?!" Sirius said incredulously. "She hates you mate. It's not a good idea."

"Well, she has to stop hating me sometime." With that, James glided out of the compartment and began searching in haste for the beautiful red head.

When he finally found her, she was sitting with a group of 7th year Ravenclaws. He let himself into their compartment and took a seat across from her.

"Hi, James!" One girl by the name of Areida Chang said enthusiastically.

He gave her a nod of his head and nailed Lily with a look. He didn't even notice that every girl besides Lily in the compartment was obsessing over him at the minute. "Evans, I wanna be your friend," he said with an adorable smile that would've made any other girl melt.

"Yeah well, it's going to take more than that for us to be friends, Potter! I hate you!"

And with that, she again fled from him. James stared after her in disbelief, his heart stinging. She had said many hurtful things to him, but never said she hated him.

"You can stay with us, James!" One of the Ravenclaw girls said, clinging to his arms.

He gave her a weary look and let himself out of the compartment, making his way back to his own very slowly. Lily hated him? How could she hate him? He had changed for her over the summer. Why, he hadn't even ran his hand through his hair since last year! And she still hated him....

James walked slowly back to the compartment that his friends were sharing with the girls and took a seat. The five Gryffindor’s exchanged looks. James looked as they had never seen him before. He looked as though he'd start crying if anyone touched him.

Sirius cleared his throat. "Umm... where's Lily?"

"I don't know. It doesn't matter..." James ran his hand through his hair for the first time in so long... Well, Lily hated him anyway, so it didn't matter if he'd changed or not.

"Um," Sirius said slowly. "Can you girls excuse us for a moment? We need to talk to Prongsie here for a minute.

The girls shrugged and stepped out of the conversation, planning to see if they could find Lily and get the story out of her.

"Mate, what happened?" "What's going on now?" "Are you okay?" The three Marauders bombarded him with questions.

"She hates me..."

"Well, you knew that!" said Peter, laughing a bit. He was silenced by Remus' words, "Peter, don't be an idiot."

Looking offended, Peter let himself out of the compartment.

"When has that stopped you before mate?" Sirius said jokingly.

"No..." James said his expression unreadable. "She really hates me. I never knew she really HATED me like that... I didn't even get to tell her I made Head Boy!" He pulled a golden badge out of his pocket: James Potter Head Boy

Remus stared at the badge, mouth open. When he hadn't gotten the Head Boy badge, he'd figured that it had gone to Amos Diggory of Hufflepuff. "Good job mate," Remus said after a prolonged silence. He didn't care that James had made Head Boy instead of him, it was just a shock.

"Prongs, Prongs, Prongs," Sirius said, obviously not even caring that James was the new Head Boy. "It'll be fine. She may hate you now... but who do you think the new Head Girl is?"


"Right," he said, speaking slowly as though he was speaking to a five year old. "And who will you get a share a whole common room with all year? And a bathroom? And be with at all times?"

"Lily..." Both James and Remus answered this time, trying to see where this speech was going.

Sirius smirked. "Just be yourself. Let her get to know you... Lily will be yours!"

James arched his brow and looked to Remus for a second opinion, who nodded. "I hate to say it," he said with a chuckle, "but it looks as if Sirius is right for once!"


"...I'd like the new students to know that if you have any problems, you may go to the Prefects or our new Head Boy and Head Girl, James Potter and Lily Evans!" Albus Dumbledore smiled warmly at the couple and gestured for them to stand up.

Lily's jaw dropped as she stood up, looking around to see if James stood up or if it was just a joke.....

"No..." she said under her breath, wondering if Dumbledore had finally fallen off his rocker over the summer. James couldn't be Head Boy... That'd mean that she'd actually have to talk to him!

"I'll take the boys to their new dormitories," James said, approaching Lily after the feast. "You can take the girls. Then we'll talk more about our duties when we get back to our new common room.

Lily narrowed her eyes. "Fine. But I'm only talking to you because of this! I don't even know what Dumbledore was thinking! Making YOU Head Boy!" With that, she stormed away to gather up the first year Gryffindor girls.

"Maybe that's all it is now," James whispered, staring at the beauty of his dreams. "But you'll change..." He hoped.

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