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A/N nothing belongs to me except the plot. The song “where you now?” was made by Britney Spears. WARNING TEAR-JEARKER! I was listening to my CD and this song came on and I thought it would make a great songfic sad story for this couple.


Hi my name is Hermione Granger and of course you know me as the best friend of Harry Potter and the know-it-all bushy haired girl of the Golden Trio. But there was more to me then anyone every knew. I fell in love with the least expected person ever. Draco Lucius Malfoy. Yes the Slytherin Prince himself. I fell in love with a pureblood, and guess what he fell back for me. Yes Draco fell for a mudblood. So many people were against us being together especially Draco’s father but we didn’t care we fell in love and soon we got married.

Calling out your name
Your face is everywhere
I'm reaching out to you
To find that you're not there
I wake up every night
To see the state I'm in
It's like an endless fight
I never seem to win


Draco soon went off to fight the war against Voldemort. I was really reluctant in letting him go because he was of course Draco Lucius Malfoy, son of Lucius Malfoy the reaspected loyal death eater of Voldemort. I was scared that I would loose him. But could you blame me? “Draco I can’t let you go!” “Hermione look I’m going to be ok I promise you. I will be back before you give birth to our daughter. I promise my love.” “Draco” he just smiled at me. “I’ll be fine.” “Okay I love you!” “I love you too.”

I can't go on as long as I believe
I can't let go when I keep wondering


That was the last I heard of him. Five weeks after he left for war he was pronounced MIA “missing in action.” I was devastated when I learned the news. I will never forget when Dumbledore came knocking at my door. Ginny came over to my house for a visit. Then I heard a knock on my door.

Where are you now, what have you found
Where is your heart, when I'm not around
Where are you now, you gotta let me know
Oh baby, so I can let you go


“Ginny you are impossible” I laughed. Ding dong 
“Albus how nice of you to come visit. Please come in.” 
“Thank you Mrs. Malfoy but I am afraid that I am here on “war” business. You see Mrs. Malfoy when I first heard you were getting married to Mr. Draco Malfoy I wasn’t really surprised because I knew you would be a perfect couple.” 
I smiled, “Albus thank you but are you going anywhere with this?”
 “Yes you see Mrs. Malfoy your husband, he is missing.” 
“Missing? I don’t quite comprehend” 
“Mrs. Malfoy we don’t exactly know where he is.” 
“Are you playing with me because if you are this is a cruel sick joke!”
 “No I am afraid I am not.” 
My eyes got teary but I acted as if it didn’t affect me. “Well thank you Albus for telling me the news.” 
He left but not before telling me that every thing is “Ok.” 
“Thank you Albus and please inform me if you find out anything about my husband’s whereabouts.” He nodded and left. I went into the kitchen and screamed. Ginny came running and saw that I was breaking every single plate in my house. I dropped down and cried out: “WHY? WHY HIM? WHY DID HE HAVE TO GO? WHY IS HE MISSING? WHY?”
End of Flashback

I can hear your voice
The ring of yesterday
It seems so close to me
But yet so far away
I should let it out
To save what's left of me
And close the doors of doubt
Revive my dignity

I never really found out what happened to my husband until yesterday night. 
Phone rings “Mrs. Malfoy?” 
“Yes this is she.” 
“Mrs. Malfoy this is Albus Dumbledore.” 
“Oh yes Albus how may I help you?”
“You see Mrs. Malfoy we have news on your husband’s whereabouts.” 
“Mrs. Malfoy, your husband was killed by the killing curse at the hands of Voldemort. We didn’t find out until Harry Potter came back to Hogwarts saying that he killed Voldemort, the war is over, and George Weasley, Ronald Weasley, Seamus Finnigan, and Draco Malfoy were killed. I am so very sorry for your loss Mrs. Malfoy.” No answer. “Mrs. Malfoy? Are you there? Are you—“ dial tone. 
I sat there crying in the corner. That was when my water broke.

But, I can't go on as long as I believe
I can't let go when I keep wondering

So here I am at the graveyard and watching my 3 year old daughter talk to her father’s tombstone and smiling. She was the exact image of her father. She had the same silver/blue-gray eyes, long blonde hair and beautiful white blemish-free skin. I will never forget Draco because he will always be with me in the image of our daughter, Lillian Jane Malfoy.

Where are you now, what have you found
Where is your heart, when I'm not around
Where are you now, you gotta let me know
Oh baby, so I can let you go

I went to the tomb stone and it said:
Here Lie, 
Draco Lucius Malfoy 
A loving husband, amazing Friend, a fantastic Father-to-be, and a daring young man who turned over to the good side because he fell in love

I should let it out, it's time to let you go
Oh baby, I just want to know,

I already know where you are. And I am happy to finally let you go and move on. I will always love you Draco. 
A breath of wind blew through my hair saying:and I will always love you my Hermione. Say hello to our daughter for me. I looked down at Lillian and I saw a big smile on her face. She knew it was her father.

A/N this is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one to the war. May they all rest in peace and I promise you, you will be reunited soon and remember their death is never meaningless it is immortal! Thank you!

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