A/N: Some people asked for a chapter so I typed up this short one, it is late but I will type one tomorrow. “Harry,” a voice said to him. Harry looked around, where was that voice coming from? They were short whoever they were. “Harry!” The voice said more aggressively. It was coming from near the fireplace. Harry looked at the fireplace and saw: “Mum!” “It feels so nice to be called that,” she said, “it has been so long. Do you understand what I mean?” “I doubt it,” Harry said frustrated. So, now that he had parents, were they going to be popping in one his life every five minutes. It was already getting annoying. “Where are you?” “I’m in the room of requirement,” she said, “that is where we are sleeping.” “Really?” Harry asked, Lily smiled. “That is where I held the DA...wait, you don’t even know about that.” “What?” Lily asked. “Well, in my fifth year I started sort of a club called Dumbledore’s Army. It’s still going now, but there aren’t nearly as many people in it now that Voldemort it caught and all.” Harry said. “You said his name!” Lily said. Her voice was filled with half fright, half admiration, “you shouldn’t do that, he may come back.” “He’s dead, he isn’t coming back,” Harry said. “How are you so sure?” Lily asked. “A little prophecy told me,” Harry said, mocking the muggle-phrase ‘a little birdie told me.’ “Still,” Lily said, “you can never be to careful.” “Yes you can,” Harry said, “if I had been more cautious Voldemort wouldn’t be gone!” “Your just so young,” Lily said, “you don’t understand.” “I think I understand better than you,” Harry said, “I mean, I haven’t been locked in a vault for the past seventeen years now have I?” Harry knew that he had been cold, but he didn’t expect the reaction that he got out of Lily. She began to cry, actually extinguishing some of the flames that her head was sitting in. Harry tried to soften the conversation up a bit. “Why didn’t you guys ever tell me?” Harry asked softly. “Harry, we really wanted to,” Lily said, sniffing. This reminded Harry horribly of his fifth year when Ron and Hermione had told him they really wanted to tell him about the Order, and everything that was going on, but couldn’t. ‘Don’t get mad,’ Harry thought to himself, ‘you made that mistake once already.’ “But I mean,” Harry said, “you died to save me.” “Harry, obviously I didn’t,” Lily said. “But that is what I have believed for so long..that, well, I don’t want to believe that you wouldn’t tell me something like that.” Harry said. “Harry, we really wanted to,” Lily said. “I know,” Harry said, placing his face in his hands as his eyes were watering, “I know.” “What’s wrong then?” Lily asked. “Well, I always pictured that you had died to save me, and, it was just really heroic. Instead you cowered, and I don’t know...” Harry said. Then, Lily got very huffy, “oh, we COWERED did we?” “Yes,” Harry said, “I mean, Sirius died fighting, even SNAPE did!” “Harry, we had something valuable, you-know-who wanted it.” Lily said. “What?” asked Harry. “Now that I cannot tell you,” Lily said. “Why, it’s not like Voldemort is coming back,” Harry said. “Anything is possible Harry,” Lily said. “Alright Lily” Harry said. “What did you just call me?” Lily asked, “did you just call me by my NAME?” “Yes,” Harry said. “Why?” Lily asked, “we’re your parents for God’s sake!” “Well, to me it is more like you are my adoptive parents,” Harry said, “and I cannot help that I feel that way.” Lily gasped, “You used to call your Dad Dadda, and me Mumma, what happened to that?” Lily’s eyes were red and there were tears streaming down her cheeks. “Lily...” Harry said, “sixteen years of being alone happened to that.” Then, Lily made a sound that Harry had never even heard before, but he knew that it was bad. Then she disappeared looking angry, sad, and confused. Harry hadn’t meant to hurt Lily’s feelings, but it was the truth. He had known them for the first year of his life, then for sixteen years he believed them dead. How was he supposed to change his mind set back and forth so often? They should understand that. Harry placed his hands in his head in his hands. Voldemort was gone, his parents were here and he, Harry, was miserable. What a life. After a few minutes, Harry was just starting to drift off to sleep. Then he was startled by someone having a coughing fit behind him. A/N: Please R/R!

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