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DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter and his world is owned by J.K. Rowling. This is merely fanfiction and authors here (that's me) only own plots, and original characters that they make up and only appear in their stories.


To anybody looking up at the sky it seemed like a normal night. If they squinted really hard though they would see a blob of air flying in the sky. This blob was Remus Lupin.

He was shivering like mad. As he flew he wanted nothing more than to land his broom right then, plop onto the ground, wrap himself warmly in his cloak, and sleep. It felt like he had been flying for ages. Though it was June, the air high up was bitterly cold. Wind whipped against his face and hair, and his cloak was being whipped behind him giving him no warmth, but instead stung him when it slapped his back, which happened very often. His eyes were tearing from the cold and wind, and as he reached up to wipe his eyes, he saw his hand. He quickly put his hand back down on the broom handle and stared straight ahead. He hated being under the Disillusionment Charm. Whenever he saw any part of his body, or rather whenever he looked but couldn't see his body, he felt like he was going to plummet right to the ground as he couldn't see anything attaching him to his broom.

He started thinking about earlier that day. Just this morning he had been at Dumbledore's funeral, he still couldn't believe he was dead. But not wanting to think of that he willed his mind to think about his assignment. Really it was a pretty direct assignment, not much to think about, but it was the only thing keeping him from thinking about Dumbledore. That afternoon Minerva had told him to search for any death eaters. She was extremely worried that with Dumbledore gone, Voldermort would be moving faster. She wanted as many death eaters captured as soon as possible.

So that was what he was doing now. Despite looking for signs of death eaters all night, he still hadn't seen any. He might have stopped looking by now had it not been for Snape. Lupin didn't care to much about capturing any old death eater, he wanted Snape. Lupin's hatred towards Snape had reached an all-time high. He wanted revenge on the man who had killed Dumbledore, and he wanted it bad.

Just then, Lupin's face flashed a crazy smile. He saw it! About a mile in front of him was the death mark hovering in the sky. He leaned forward and sped towards the mark while lowering his broom. Once he saw two figures on the ground he stopped and hovered over the treetops slowly bringing his broom down lower into the trees so he could hear the men's conversation.

Two men in black cloaks were standing on the ground admiring their handy work. The shorter one was giggling madly. "How do you think he will reward us?" The taller one smiled at his excited partner and said "Don't know, bet it will be good though". Before the other could respond both men furrowed their eyebrows and their right hands flew to their left arm, tugging back the cloak sleeve revealing a glowing tatoo on their forearm. They stared at it for a few seconds then both broke into grins. "He's calling us! We'll get our reward tonight!" squealed the shorter one excitedly.

Lupin heard the men and as they pulled their cloak sleeves back over their arms Lupin zoomed down grabbing the short man's arm as the man had just started to apparate. No way was Lupin going to give up the chance of going to a meeting where Snape would be.

The short man felt the tug on his arm but not wanting to risk splinching himself he finished the side apperation, intending to kill the thing that grabbed him as soon as they had apparated. As he landed on the ground he spun around to kill whatever had grabbed him, but there was nothing there.

The taller man noticed his partner pause and yelled at him to move. The short man glanced back at the trees searching for something that would have tugged him, but seeing nothing turned around. He quickly forgot about the mysterious tugger and ran to catch up to his partner who had already started walking forward. His brain was now focused on not wanting to be late so his master wouldn't get mad.

Lupin had flown off into the trees as soon as they had apparated, the trees' shadows hiding him to make him completely invisible. As soon as the men started moving he silently followed them on his broom for half a mile through trees when suddenly he saw figures moving in the trees ahead. Going towards the figures he flew into a clearing where a large group of black cloaked people stood silently. Panicking he quickly reversed back into the trees where he sat on his broom watching the clearing from a safe distance.

Staying in the shadows of the trees he squinted at the cloaked figures trying to find Snape. They all looked the same though. All the figures wore identical black cloaks and had their hoods up. He gave up trying to figure out who was who, and was about to start firing hexes at all and any of the figures when a slithering voice suddenly boomed out from the opposite end of the clearing. He almost feel off his broom as he heard the angry hissing voice. The voice had taken him by surprise, making him turn his head quickly trying to find the speaker. The sudden shift of weight as he turned made his body lean to one side almost making him fall off. Luckily he was able to lean his body to the other side evening out the weight again. Him falling off his broom and smashing into the ground would have alerted the death eaters to his presence and would have ruined everything. After regaining his balance he looked for the speaker and paled when he saw the horrible face of none other than Voldermort.

"SNAPE!"Voldermort thundered. A single black cloak broke rank and took reluctant steps towards Voldermort. "Yes Master" he said frightened.

"I DID NOT ASK YOU TO KILL DUMBLEDORE, THAT WAS MALFOY'S MISSION! NOT ONLY DID YOU DISOBEY ME, YOU BLEW YOUR COVER! I can no longer use you as a spy, so tell me what am I supposed to do with you now? Oh I know, CRUCIO!" As Snape was punished all death eaters stood unmoving just glad it wasn't them. All except for one who was young and wasn't used to Voldermort's cruelness quite yet, however he just cringed as Snape was punished, not daring to make a sound.

At first Lupin cringed at the screams of this poor helpless man, but he couldn't supress a bubble of joy rising in his chest. Lupin watched all this happen not being able to take his eyes off the screaming black cloaked figure and gave a grimacing smile. Lupin of course grimaced at the pain this man was going through but smiled knowing that he deserved it. Snape was getting punished and Lupin couldn't be happier. Snape was suffering just like Lupin wanted him to. Sure, Lupin wanted Snape to suffer for killing Dumbledore and Voldermort was punishing him for disobeying orders, but either way Snape was in pain. Then Snape's screams stopped and he lay panting on the ground.

The silence snapped Lupin back to his senses and he silently scolded himself before quietly gliding away. "How could he have forgotten to get the other aurors?" He wondered to himself. When he was at a far enough distance not to be heard he quickly memorized the place he was, using birds' nests and an odd clover shaped tree as markers, and apparted back to The Leaky Cauldron. Sitting, or rather collapsed at the tables were aurors, and all of them had fallen asleep, some snoring quite loudly! He grumbled and yelled "Up! up!" The aurors had been waiting for Lupin all night but at first being half asleep, just stared blankly at him. As Lupin tapped his foot impatiently, the aurors woke up more and regained their senses. As soon as they were awake enough to remember why they were sleeping at tables in The Leaky Cauldron they rushed over. "Took you long enough!" growled Moody, the others obviously thinking the same thing. Lupin rolled his eyes thinking "good thing they don't know I almost gave up looking and would have left them here for hours longer". Then Lupin grabbed aurors worrying the death eater meeting would be over by the time they got there, and by doing a side apparations he transported the ten aurors to the forest by the meeting.

From that meeting they heard the screams of two women, and Voldermort's voice shouting something about performing an unbreakable vow above their screams. A minute later as all the aurors performed Disillusionment Charms on themselves they heard Voldermort screaming about how young Malfoy failed to perform his task and how he should remind them why they should never fail him. As the aurors walked quietly towards the death eaters they heard Draco's screams. All of the aurors cringed at the blood curling screams that seemed to Lupin to last even longer than even Snape's screams.

As they approached they saw Voldermort entirely focused on his victim. Being careful to stay in the shadows of the trees Moody shot out a curse at Voldermort, trying to take advantage of Voldermort being distracted, but it missed. As the stream of purple flew through the night sky above the death eaters heads they all looked up following the curse with their eyes but not moving. As it hit the ground harmlessly the death eaters snapped out of their daze and became very alert, scowling and screaming into the night for the cowards to come and fight. At first the death eaters had been shocked at this curse that seemed to come from nowhere. Now though they had very angry death eaters flinging curses towards the trees trying to hit their attackers, since no auror had been stupid enough to leave the shadows of the trees. The aurors were shooting more curses out, and more accurately since the death eaters were visible targets but the aurors were not. Of course no aurors were using unforgivables, and therefore no death eaters were dying, only being disarmed or mutilated. Two death eaters had rapidly growing limbs, three had turned green and purple, and one was one the ground and couldn't stop laughing. Voldermort saw their disadvantage before too many spells were shot and commanded "LEAVE!" and in two seconds all the death eaters, even the injured ones, and Voldermort had apparated themselves away to god knows where.

At this Moody let out a string of curses and apparted away, and almost all aurors followed suite. Lupin was about to do the same when something caught his eye.

On the ground was an unconscious Draco Malfoy.

The Crucio curse had been to much for him and he had blacked out. Lupin shouted for Tonks who was still there and after lifting the Disillusionment Charm off himself so she could see him, pointed at the unconscious boy.

Tonks felt a pang of sadness. She knew that they had to bring the boy with them and interrogate him, she just prayed to heaven he would cooperate, and they would not be forced to hurt him. She didn't know him but he didn't look totally evil, he was too young. She was about to ask Lupin if they could just bring him to St. Mungo's to make sure the curse didn't do any damage when she saw Lupin pick him up, and then both of them vanished. She sighed and aparted away too wondering if her bat bogey hex had hit anyone.

Lupin though saw this boy as bait that might lure Snape to them. Oh how Lupin wanted to kill Snape, and this boy might help him do it. He grabbed the unconscious boy and apparated to Owlong Place. He tripled checked to make sure he was unconscious before dragging the boy inside the house once the door appeared and then to a small dark room with no windows that was located in the basement. They would have to make sure Draco never became aware of where he was, otherwise he might find a way to contact Voldermort and tell him where The Order's headquarters was. He sighed, thinking how much time they would have to spend guarding their prisoner when an idea hit him.

With Dumbledore gone the members of the Order had a lot to do. The only thing that had been done so far was they had changed the headquarters secret-keeper to McGonagall and had changed their headquarters to Owlong Place. But he was sure Harry and his friends could do guard duty, they would be happy to do anything other than clean this place like they had cleaned Sirus's house he thought to himself. He smiled at the thought that he wouldn't have to waste days guarding a door, and though he had intended to stay alert and guard the door for tonight, the days events caught up with him and he fell into a deep sleep.

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